Tuca & Bertie (Full Panel) | Adult Swim Festival 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
Join us as we welcome Tuca & Bertie to the [adult swim] family. Season 2 is coming in 2021, but why wait? Hear from series creator, Lisa Hanawalt, and special guests on what they’ve been up to and what fans can expect from the new season! Plus a never before seen sneak peek of season 2!
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  • I adore everyone in this video!!! This show is amazing and close to me like BoJack Horseman. Thank god Adult Swim saw the genius and potential in this show, Netflix for insane reasons did not..


  • So thankful that Adult Swim decided to pick up Tuca & Bertie. Loved the first season and was sad to see it got cancelled on Netflix. Can’t wait to see what season 2 brings. huge props to Lisa for giving credit to the animators for all the visual gag ideas, they were a huge part of what made the first season special and its good to see a show’s creator that values their team like that

  • I didn’t know they’re getting a season 2 until right now!!!! So happy right now!!

  • I cannot wait for Tuca & Bertie season two! I am pumped! I love everyone who is working on this masterpiece, they are so passionate and fun. I love them and I love the show!

  • Ah I love this SO much and can't wait for season 2 ❤️❤️❤️

  • GOD I SERIOUSLY LOVED THIS SHOW!! I'm glad Adult Swim picked it up, because I feel Tuca & Bertie to be just as good as BojackHorseman except for different reasons. For one the show deals with a lot of similer lssues as Bojack except that Tuca and Bertie is way more on the fun, zany, whimsical side while the former is more cynical also depressing at times. Like Bojack Horseman is about mental health/ cultural critique of Hollywood problems whereas Tuca & Bertie focus on adulting as well as covering the nuances women face in every day life in a enjoyable funny yet respectful way, it deals with an more female perspective side of things that is very relatable also fresh on so many different levels which is something you don’t always see within adult cartoon series at times which tends to be mainly male focus or heavily guy-center most of the time.

  • Nice, stoked for season 2! Glad the show is getting another chance, I dig it

  • I'm in!

  • I am SO excited about this!!!!!

  • This was a great panel and I'm so excited for Season 2 of Tuca & Bertie!! Thank you Adult Swim for picking it up!!

  • I'm so excited for season two. Thank you Adult Swim for bringing back this amazing, empowering and fun tv show.

  • I never enjoyed tuca and Bertie...

  • This is my absolute most favourite show ever. I'm thankful Adult swim picked it up, love the story, love lisa's work and all the casts are so great

  • Steve❤️❤️❤️

  • 17:57 Michaela Dietz?

    • Yeah, I think that's her.

  • I'm so glad this show is getting a 2nd season, I love the crazy fun, silly animation style and emotional moments that brings it back down to earth.

  • Michael Mills Productions

  • I had no idea adult swim picked this up I’m so hyped now

    • 100% this. Really hope they let them keep the 26 minute format and don't bust them down to 11.

  • TUCA & BERTIE!!!!!!

  • :D

  • So happy for season 2! One of the best animated comedies. Great facial expressions, funny and relatable! Love speckle and Bertie

  • I’m so excited for season 2, Tuca and Bertie appeared during a time where I was low and it gave me everything I needed

  • Episode 2??? what?? 😯. Am I missing something?? 🤔 i was really looking forward to watching it. I haven’t seen any animated shows with birds and thought this was very unique and adorable! but nothing was aired.🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Season 2, season 1 had aired on Netflix but then Netflix didn't want to continue the show

  • Thank you for bringing it back!!!

  • Thank you Adult Swim for bringing us Season 2 of Tuca and Bertie

    • @TheCoolTeam Netflix said because of the algorithm, workers (also from BoJack) say it's because they tried to unionize (BoJack's succeeded and after that it was also the last season they made).

    • @Nicholas Barnhill Venture Bros has nothing to do with this.

    • @Andrés Asla why was it canceled?

    • Venture Bros died for this....

    • Definitely! I was so sad when was cancelled originally, and specially knowing why it was cancelled

  • Can’t wait

    • I can't wait too.


  • 17:35 The season two sneak peak!!

  • This over Smiling Friends... What a waste.

    • @Diomedes Vegapunk Honestly though, I'm pretty sure that Smiling Friends will be pick up and greenlit sooner or later, just because it hasn't happen yet doesn't mean it won't happen. Also your sounding like the typical, incel, troll awful attitude white guy male fan I so often see or hear of within adult animated fan-bases or any fandom for that matter. While I do love Tuca and Bertie I get that's its isn't for everyone taste and that's fine...but to call it so-called "woke garbage" then I guess that's makes BojackHorseman "woke garbage" too right? Because Bojack dealt with Issues like mental illness, trauma, child abuse, addiction, toxicity within Hollywood & our media, abortion, sexism, and etc...so what's your point & how exactly is Tuca & Bertie "woke garbage" when its basically deals with similer problems like Bojack except more relatable towards women and told from a more female point-of-view of things which obviously "certain" male fans wouldn't get or understand.

    • @Nas T Nah, I'm gonna be rude when dealing with shit like this... Don't like it? Cover your eyes and/or stop replying.

    • @Diomedes Vegapunk That's because you were talking smack and you started insulting other people too! You don't have any right to act all pissy. Can't you just say "I'm not a fan of this, sorry." instead of all those rude comments?🙄

    • @Nas T It's you who started insulting me. Not great being in the receiving end, huh?

    • @Diomedes Vegapunk Okay fine, but you don't have to be a prick, okay? Stop with the insults.

  • Amo Tuca e Bertie! Venha logo season 2 😍

  • Super excited for this.. though I have no way of watching it after cancelling Adult Swim

    • @Vile Nightmare lol stacktv

    • Pirate it like everyone else. AS isn't in canada, guess how I'll be watching it?

  • Wait does this mean tuca and Bertie are coming back?

    • Oh my goodness it does! I thought the show wouldn't last past the first season at all! What a pleasant surprise.