TRUSTWORMY | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
Created by Kyle John Kenowski
Music by Kyle John Kenowski
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  • extremely cool. love the music and the animation

  • love

  • It's Kyle freaking Kenowski!

  • You’re a lier.

  • Any chance there's tab for the guitar in this?

    • @TwomillIan I'll let you know when I upload a video performance of it, then at least you can watch my fingers!

    • @Kyle John Kenowski Thanks for responding! Love the song, guess I'll just have to figure it out myself haha

    • Maybe someday, probably not anytime soon though.

  • This is both highly disturbing and spectacular. We're gonna need more of this! Very Midsommar-esque

  • My son made this, proud of my boy.

    • your son did an incredible job. Not a lot of animators out there that can do something like this.

    • He did an amazing job

    • Wholesome

  • As a person grows and matures in life, he/she realizes all nature carries the same face. All life, all animals, every cell in your own body is a hand reaching out from Mother Nature. She is within you, she owns you, she beckons you to do what she created you to do. You are her slave, you cannot deny her. The apple bite changes you, it transmutes you, until you are exactly what she needs you to be. The cycle of life completes with you giving back - after all, none of this was to nurture you, no no, you are just a small part of her at this one momet. The grand cycle is how Mother Nature sustains herself - the only way she can stay alive in the black inky void of space and time, all alone, as she desperately grasps for any shred of meaning but always finds nothing.

  • If Adam and Eve tripped out on bath salts

  • Absolutely love this. Especially like the artstyle and how disturbing it gets.

  • This is a weird adult swim animation that i can actually understand

  • Honestly, I loved every second of this. The music and the video.

  • Kinda meh~

  • This is absolutely magnificent. Completely in love with both the track and the video. Bravo, I hope to see more from you!

    • @Kyle John Kenowski Awesome! I check adult swims's channel regularly for more of the "small's" but I just subscribed to your youtube too so I will keep a look out on both! :) Looking forward to seeing what you post!

    • I’ll be posting another (very different) animation on my channel soon!

  • This is getting out of hand.

  • It's got that early animal collective feel.

    • @George Harrison unfortunately I do not have a say over what is posted in the info, there are a few things I would've liked to link. The album is out, it's called Need Disease, I technically can't post links either but it's on every streaming platform, and you can check it out at kylejohnkenowski (dot) bandcamp (dot) com. I hope you do because it sounds like it might be to your taste, and I am enormously proud of it.

    • @Kyle John Kenowski It s great work dude. You should consider linking your bandcamp in the info.

    • I take that as a huge compliment, ty.

  • Dave said these were supposed to be funny.

  • Adam and eve with a horrifying twist.

  • This is sweeeeet

  • Bring back ventur....... what the heck just happened 😳

  • You definitely made something timeless here. It cuts deep into reality, yet holds its head above the themes at the same time. Brilliantly laced work!

  • I just watched The Thing and this feels oddly appropriate.

  • I love this kind of psychedelia. That's why I love Adult Swim. Watch while high)

  • I hope you follow this path, this is very original and creative, music and animation..

  • This is the most beautiful unsettling thing I've ever seen

  • Wow...this is so good...

  • When bae gives you the clap

  • Remember Robin from one piece

  • When the hands turned into a tree from his insides out it reminded me a bit of horsehair worms with the retracting and all. Scary stuff!

  • Ok.

  • Thank you Kyle, very cool!

  • Nice

  • anyone notice the frog telling the guy not to eat the apple and that he will die

  • That's why you shouldn't trust strange women lying on ponds, waiting to hand out free items to you.

  • Gorgeous from start to finish

  • this video's a lie where are the worms, dude? the tittle is so clickbaity smh

  • Cheers anon

  • Worm odyssey

  • The weirdness of it is one thing, but I'm giving major props to this Kyle guy for how beautifully animated this was.

  • maybe I'm just trying to be too deep, but what is the underlying meaning?

    • Posted a set of clues somewhere in these comments, hope it helps!

  • The music is amazing

    • Thank you! There's a parent album it's off of you might like, it's called Need Disease and it's up everywhere! Don't feel obligated though, I'm just eager to share.

  • Some clues for deciphering it’s meaning: 1. Which hand is the apple in shot to shot? 2. What color are their eyes? 3. Who is the liar, and how? 4. How many hands are there total? 5. What does the title mean to say? 6. How long is their kiss? 7. What kind of frog do you hear, and do you see? 8. What key is the song in, and do the notes ever deviate from its foundational key? 9. How does this song fit in with the larger themes at play in its parent album, Need Disease? 10. In the book of Genesis, what words are spoken between the characters? Discuss, ask your big brain friends to weigh in, and have fun! Hope this helps! Kyle

    • Anyways, you guys can do whatever you want, but my point still stands.

    • @flamemik I don't think you believe what you're saying

    • @Meeminator I do not have the time to study frame by frame the meaning of every single thing in the video but i can appreciate what the artist is trying to convey and I can appreciate the help he provided by leaving clues in the comments for his own view of the work he created. You can view art in your own way but it is important to see the way the artist perceives it because it can also alter the way you see it too.

    • @Meeminator yeah I will and im not saying I won't. But how about we have the artists meaning AND our own meaning. Instead of just our meaning. I'd feel less restricted that way and more people (the artist) can give their interpretation as well. I personally don't want to deny him that ability of freedom.

    • @ironmaiden12369 yeah that's cool but you aren't gonna learn anything if you don't at least try to interpret art yourself.

  • why Do I understand This.

    • its about first man and first woman.

    • What does it mean

  • Pretty and freaky, my favorite combination.

  • She either set him free, or doomed him forever ♾

    • She doomed him forever, yk it’s Adam and Eve right?

  • Crazy

  • Uzumaki?

  • Pepe the Frog Sent me Here "Save jews Man" hes the good pepe.... Pepe Schindler

  • What really happened with Adam and Steve

  • Hello, I made this and hope you all like it! This is from my album Need Disease which is up everywhere you can listen to music. I’m really proud of both so thank you for watching, please consider following my channel where I'll be posting more animations soon!

    • You rock man!

    • This made me listen to music again for the first time in a very long time.

    • Caught you from Reddit. Keep up the good work!

    • Beautiful guitar, man. Loved it the first time I heard it.

    • Just gave the entire thing a listen and it's superb. Seriously

  • that was amazin

  • Hands with all the fingers. 🍎 Marvelous🤛🖐🤜 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hi

  • Perfect.

  • The directive, visuals and animation are genuinely really gorgeous! Everything progresses into a nightmare so beautifully

    • @Kyle John Kenowski It makes me so thankful that my comment means that much regarding the work I make! It also makes me very gleeful you perceive my work that way! Regarding your work released here, it's well done and unique within it's own right! Adult Swim made a good decision showcasing your short

    • @Ava Beyva I just peeped a couple of your videos and for what it's worth, you are obviously much, much more gifted in terms of animation and drawing skills. So I really appreciate the kind words, coming from you is extra meaningful.

    • @Kyle John Kenowski You're welcome!

    • ty!

  • So basically homie got tricked by some sort of nymph?

  • Actual footage of Worm Odyssey?

  • It's ok Adam, we all get played in the end. Now cover that junk, there's work to be done.

  • Note to self...don't trust beautiful bog women.

  • 0.o curage the cowardly dog space wormy named wormy?

  • "Your ego is your seed"

  • i hate when that happens

  • I think we've all had days like this.

    • I had hands crawl out of my skin before. Hate those days

  • jus t0oooo creeeepy

  • I was just trying to chill. Still dope tho

  • Beautiful art style.

  • guitar is too expensive

  • Trustworthy*

  • My cousin made this from the animation to the music! Amazing.

    • Your cousin is very talented

  • Make more

  • Now that was a really wholesome video, I think I'll show my little cousins this for Thanksgiving.....right before their bedtime to be sure.......

  • I will never eat an apple again

  • very cool!!!

  • That guys a simp chan

  • Liquid Television 2020

  • Never trust a beautiful woman, especially one who's interested in you. - Magneto.

  • M O R T I S


  • Wow dude i have his first AV work and was amazing, but damn he pulled something ELSE off

  • Once you go black

  • WHAT?!?!?! DOPE!!! Thanks AS for broadcasting!!! I love this song!!!

  • Wow I thought that was a dirty projectors song.

    • The vocal style sounds almost identical to me

    • More Nai Palm for me, but that works too

  • Trippy as SHIIIIIIIT.....O.O I think whoever made this is still hurt over a bad breakup....

  • UMAMI?

  • It is so great that I am a christian now

  • Huh that was handy

  • It’s pretty impressive that Kenowski had to do both the animation and music himself.

  • That kinda like Watermelon seeds growing in your stomach 🙂

  • An alegory to Eve tempting Adam into eating the Forbidden fruit... Also an alegory to the Lady of the Lake And of course, a clear message to all the gentlemen... Don't trust in any women who offers you something by her beauty and attractive figure. You don't know if it's a good person, or a crazy btch

    • I think the grasping hands symbolize materialism, constantly reaching for more and never having enough

    • Allegory or allusion?

  • that knee scrape though 2:02

  • What the fuck 😭

  • Its reminde me of a hungarian animation movie from the 70s. It has a lot of similarity and trippyness. The whole movie has this vibe! ( János vitéz 1973 )

    • I just watched it, it's fucking amazing. Thank you for sharing that with me, and the similarities are quite clear, I consider it high praise so I really appreciate it!!

    • I'll check it out, thanks for the rec!

    • yes, very similar

  • Im high af watching this.. now im gonna go to bed......

  • So, dont trust no female then??

    • at least not if they're rising out of a swamp in a throne made of hands.

  • I kinda like how psychedelic this looks!

  • yo that was pretty cool. i'm gonna sleep now. or... try to.

  • That toook a quick turn into disturbing territory.

  • This is the most beautiful piece of animation I have ever saw since Final Space, Primal and The Midnight Gospel.

    • This means a lot to me, thank you

    • @Taylor Khan I fixed the spelling.

    • Bro same. The Midnight Gospel was great but this is incredible

  • Yeah this is nice and trippy.

  • oh worm?