Toonami Special Edition (Live Panel) | Adult Swim

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
*18+ Panel*
Check out a special episode of Toonami Pre-Flight, with Gill and Jason featuring a TOM and SARA piece about the Playstation 5 console and Demon's Souls. Plus a Q&A with fans.
The Adult Swim Festival two-day, global event taking you virtually closer than you’ve ever dreamed and packed with your favorite bands and comedic talents. Experience never-before-seen Adult Swim exclusives without the hassle of leaving your couch! It’s everything you love about Adult Swim in one place.
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Friday (Day 1) Playlist:
Saturday (Day 2) Playlist:
Post-Festival Survey:
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  • "Good music" Sure, Jason.

    • It certainly was good!

  • After 7 years for Fox Filmworks not releasing an English Dub of The Fruit of Grisaia, Funimation teams up with Toonami to dub the Fruit of Grisaia for the weeknights Cast: Josh Grelle as Yuuji Kazami Stephanie Sheh as Amane Suou Estelle as Yumiko Sakaki Grey Griffin as Makina Irisu Bob Bergen as Sachi Komine Sarah Stiles as Michiru Matsushima Jamie Marchi as Kazuki Kazami Brianna Knickerbocker as JB Kate Miccuci as Principal Tachibana Leah Clark as Chiara Farrell Christopher Corey Smith as Heath Oslo Jeff Bergman as Keji Sakashita Nikki Manaj as Chaiki Sakashita The girls from Amane's past voiced by black american female actresses Meowmel by Real cat sound effects Mike Henry as Michiaki Sakaki Deedee Mango as Milliela Stanfield Dina Meyer as Asako Kusakabe

  • We should have a community funding program for toonami. These corporations motives are wraped.

    • @Vincent Romei thanks for the correction.

    • Warped* (sorry) but you're right, they are

  • Why is this the last preflight?

    • @R Flani really???

    • All of adult swim Streaming got fired. Blame Covidada (play on Blame Canada *South Park)

  • Well these guys really don’t like each other, the chubby guy is a bit of an asshole smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Where is the pocket morty event?

  • When will Toonami be a weeknight block, I hate when its always on Saturdays, but please change Toonami from Saturdays to weeknights, the upcoming anime for the weeknight is The Fruit of Grisaia, Josh Grelle as Yuuji Kazami

    • @Alex Egerev no I meant for the weeknights from 8:00pm to 12:00am, than why is anime always on Saturdays, oh I don't know it's because there's no anime network in the US to watch

    • According to DeMarco, it won't be a weekday block anymore. Even in a Tumblr promo in 2013, SARA said that Toonami is fully Adult Swim. So... nah. It won't be coming to CN (Cartoon Network block) anytime soon. It will be ONLY ON [as].

  • Do I see JoJo Bizarre Adventure golden wind JoJo bizarre ocean and JoJo Bizarre Adventure

  • i have to unsub adult swim, you're flooddding my subscriptions way too much

    • Ok

  • 10:05 - 11:00: SSSS.GRIDMAN coming to Toonami in January of 2021!

    • @Yuuji Kazami Nope, not yet.

    • What about the Fruit of Grisaia English Dub, I know Fox Filmworks licensed the anime but didn't Released an English Dub

  • Bring Black Clover back screw this new Saturday line up.

    • They will when there's a buffer of dubbed episodes. They don't want a repeat of MHA where they have to replay the last few episodes over and over again due to FUNi having trouble dubbing episodes.

  • Dang.....sorry about the loss. 😔 May the fallen be blessed in the digital afterlife....Amen.

  • Toonami Beyond

  • No one cares about Tom 4 🤣🤣🤣 we still don’t have answers !!!

    • I mean, we kinda do. We know that TOM3 split off into TOM3.5 and TOM4 and that The Intruder slaughtered and absorbed TOM4 and his sidekicks years ago.

  • Toonami has been back since the Ps3 and the Ps4 now the Ps5!!! I love it it’s going to be revived longer then when it first aired

  • This “festival” was a mess. No type of organization at all.

    • @satanbakesale adult swims hq is in Atlanta, Georgia. It was 3am there when I made the comment

    • @lobso123 it’s not 2am everywhere dummy

    • @New Kid I’m not mad at the content, just the fact it didn’t seem like they thought it through that much. Like why have the panels at 2 am

    • i enjoyed it. Im glad they put this together for us! Thanks a bunch Adult Swim

  • Wasn't awake to ask anything but could someone explain who wrote the tom and sara sensor room segment for the UK toonami channel when it was alive?

  • I will resub when this trash is over... I'm sick of seeing 50-100 new uploads on my page everyday...

    • Cool story bro

  • Need more smiling friends

  • Revive ed edd n eddy !!!

    • What does that have to do with Toonami

  • It really is a shame season 2 of mob psycho can’t come to toonami it’s definitely one of the greatest new generation animes

  • I could watch them bicker back and forth for 30 mins, I don't even care what the subject is. It was my favorite part of preflight. Are there still new episodes of game humpers?

  • Why is Toonami Pre Flight going again???

    • Adult Swim has been heavily cutting down and streamlining their livestream content lately, so this isn't too surprising

    • Money and at&t

  • Awesome Toonami Special Edition Video.

  • I gotta unsub because my feed is filled with adult swim stuff I don't want to watch

  • Thanks guys. You're great

  • R.I.P. Toonami: Pre-Flight: February 27, 2015 - November 14, 2020

    • @Brasil Translation: A moment of silence, please

    • F

    • Por favor uma hora de silêncio

  • Okay Ladies and Gentlemens, Pop n Music Toy Partner has a From Moose Toys Action Figures Plushies and Others A Brand New Episode "Save Your Badges!" of Robot Chicken "Bitch Pudding Gets Kissed by Mirai Yumeno" Cast: Bitch Pudding Mirai Yumeno (Kate Micucci) Fuzzy Fozzie Fox (Seth Green) Ziggy Zoggy Zebra (Dee Bradley Baker) Douggie Dog (Seth MacFarlene)

  • Smiling Friends

  • TooNaMi is s0 awesome 😎 can’t wait 4 uZUmaKi

  • The ending was perfect 😂

  • 20:17 Uzumaki

  • Got any snacks? 😁

  • Steve Blum

    • Oh I hope so