Tia Carrere (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Stu 2020.
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  • Making her wear farts 😂😂😂

  • im here for relic hunters

  • She is still fine.

  • When I show Eric Andre Clips to my parents: My Dad: 1:08 My Mom: 1:22

  • Eric: How do you know? Tia: I’ve done oxygen.

  • I’m confused. We’re 5 seasons into the show and a lot of guests clearly know who Eric Andre is, but they don’t know what they’re getting into when they go on the show?

  • Damn, she got old fast in the last ten years.

  • Damn, she's 89 years old and still looks gorgeous!

  • I made out with her at burning man.

  • You want some thermometer?

  • the best band moment of all time and nothing can change my mind

  • Dream weaver...shwing!

  • Gotta say watching this season makes me feel there was at least some structure to the first 4..now hes just trying to hog all the attention, guests might as well not be there at all

  • Oxygen on Cartoon Network only in 2020!

  • “Cuz she’s BATSHXT CRAZAAYY”

  • best interview ever

  • 😰😰😰😰

  • damn she aged like fine wine

  • This show ends careers of bad publicists.

  • I feel really grateful for the existence of this show (:

  • Damn I laughed hard lol.

  • Omg tia has a fat neck. So gross....go on the keto diet

  • 1:47 With the beat of a drum, old asian dude turns into young asian dude

  • Tia seems cool

  • that suit

  • This man is a legal Joker

  • 1:12 👄🌡️😲

  • i fucking love this guy.

  • Oh shit it’s the leaked footage of Tom cruise yelling

  • They all think........ what have i got myself into!....ahh! Am I right or what! Ahhhh yeah...

  • Funny af Eric andre it the peak of human existence 😂😂😂👌🏽

  • I just edited this comment, so it doesn't make any sense.

  • Only an Eric Andre "full interview" is routinely under 3 minutes 😂

  • Damn, she still looks great.

  • This is like being interviewed by Satan's younger, more wildcard and unhinged brother, Andre

  • Quality video. 11/10

  • Holsome in a word

  • I love it when somebody gets shot.

  • I had the biggest crush on her when she was in relic hunter...the only reason id skip nap time after school lmao

  • Waynes world....waynes world its party time.......

  • So great

  • She got old. She’s almost reached that age where Asian women shrink two feet and get fat.

  • “That is fucking unprofessional” Proceeds to beat the shit out of the boom mic guy

  • Every time you see one of these works of art you can pinpoint exactly when they realize this ain't your mama's interview.

  • Give a quick shout out to christian swiffer mop

  • Eric you’re my hero

  • Full interview. Two minutes. Gotta love this show.

  • this was actually a normal interview until Eric started doing jedi mind tricks

  • This might be the greatest interview ever filmed.

  • I think Eric sitting back in his chair, reacting to his own magic, is the funniest thing ever. So smug! "Hahahaha.... What!?"

  • “She’s a good guest”

  • 00:52 best question ever.

  • I've returned to this masterpiece a dozen of times, and only now noticed how at 1:45, they abruptly edited out the "bonk" sound effect because he used the microphone as a weapon. It's these little edits that make everything so much funnier

  • 0:53 when you take too big a bong rip and the homie asks "you good?"

  • Imagine if one of the guests had a gun

  • What's wrong with being bald

  • She’s a babe

  • Tia Carrera is a hot tamale

  • It's quite ironic though, the only thing that keep me sane from this year is the pure insanity from this show

  • lol drinking a thermometer, how the hell did he come up with that?

  • Is it bad this is my exact defeniton of what a flawless TV show is

  • Wait when did Christian Bail take over for Eric Andre?!

  • Tia Carrere you have no business looking that amazing

  • Tia Carrere 😍 🍑🦊

  • Lol the dude smashing the drummers face into that drum freakin killed me

  • i love this community so much 💀💀💀

  • they forgot to shave his eyebrows for this ep.

  • I love the Fact that I hate the Fact that I Love this Show.... Say What........

  • she looks terrible...

  • Can't stop laughing at all the noises he makes at 0:52

  • She's 53

  • The asian band is definitely the defining feature of this season

  • 28 years later and I still have a crush on Tia.

  • Eric Andre is the 2K1 Space Ghost Coast to Coast

  • Wow, I still love Tia Carrera... I always will

  • This show is awesome 😎


  • Let’s get mike Myers ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love that the band introduces her by calling her batshit crazy.

  • the comments are always funnier than the bits lately lol (yes, lol)

  • Let's not forget she also played the bad girl in True Lies.

  • Eric is not himself when he drinks thermometer...

  • Hey! Why are there cameras in here!?

  • In 2020 this is now normal.

  • Nothing matters and we're in a simulation

  • FULL INTERVIEW. 2 minutes xD

  • Asian women are hot as fuck.

  • Idk why, but this is probably my favorite interview on the show. Probably b/c of Eric using magic and how it ends with him throwing the camera on the ground and shooting a camera guy 😂

  • It’s kind of boring once you learn that every person on the show is fully prepped for what is coming. It’s just they they don’t know EXACTLY what will happen.. but they know it’s fake and it kinda ruins the whole show.

  • Tia Carrere is still in my Top 5... just amazing!!!

  • *kiss* “Are you on peyote?” :D

  • what thee f*ccck dude that ending lol

  • I bet Eric had the fart in his mask too... just for the sport

  • Why does the drummer get rekd every time 🤣

  • We'll be right back

  • Where hannible at

  • “At least the temperature dropped “ yeah, now it’s only 80 degrees in there😂

  • You guys need to be wearing masks who else agrees

  • “.....at least the temperature dropped” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What utter garbage is this?