This is Branchburg | Episode 20: Would Anyone Like To Be My Wife?

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2020.
The Branchburg Volunteer Fire Department has an announcement. It’s time for communion. And a man had a pretty amicable relationship with his old mailman.
Written and performed by Brendan O’Hare and Cory Snearowski. Sound by Alex Gilson.
Produced by Tim Heidecker and Dave Kneebone.
“Would Anyone Like To Be My Wife?” composed by Gabriel Gundacker.
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  • Hey Adult Swim can we have some more Truthpoint please!!

  • I have the wife song stuck in my head since last night. Thanks a bunch.

  • Keep. This. Going. Please.... Please


  • These are honestly underrated. I've been watching Brendan and Corey for a couple years now and they are perfect for AS

  • i love this and please keep making these

  • hey this is brendan and cory from this podcast. this episode is the finale for season two. thank you all for listening!

    • By far my favorite podcast series. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks for all the entertainment!

    • lovely job fellas, please keep it up!

    • God they’re here

  • Since I dont get away from my story being a man... Then I want to remind you about the bride of Jesus. ... Only 5 women had their oil ready to come to christs Wedding. .. So I Jesus take my Five thank you im wery gratefull. When??? Hvor er min Kone? Jesus ble litt utolmodig i alt spetakkelet... Jeg er jo Jesus! Kom med min KONE nå!! Im the will of God, where is my wife?

  • Who's been good today? 😇

  • What i did not remember making.. Antlers~ Gevir. Gever=rifle... to get (i)(e) Riveg~ride road, reveg~ re'road/re'way.

  • Rick and mortiy 5 sezon ??

  • Irrelevant fun fact: Armadillo shells are bulletproof

    • that is why i cover my body in them, that and the kink

  • This is beautiful!

  • What the fuck did I just watch

  • Superjail is the best adult swim cartoon ever made then rick and morty in 2nd place

  • I fuckin love this audio medium. Don't ever stop you goddamn American heroes!

  • Как мало лайков а подписчиков дохера

  • Лол

  • hi.

  • The Nightvale vibes are strong with this one

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  • HRdown is working ✅

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