THE NON-ESSENTIALS "Sourdough" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Stu 2020.
Created by Briana Pozner, Justine Lupe, Colin Lupe, and Josh Duvendeck
Starring William Jackson Harper and Ali Ahn
New episodes of The Non-Essentials will be available every Monday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT through November 30.
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  • 0:04 it's that lady from NeXT!


  • I love these episodes, because most shows are about what an idiot the guy is. IME, thats not always or usually the case.

  • That last sentence of hers was golden

  • How did he not got a stomachache

  • how did they get billy woods to do this

  • I'm speechless... this is fantastic

  • real life small talk in a nutshell

  • Beat It tastes like a box

  • these non-essentials are getting better

  • I'm 45 seconds in and I physically can't

  • Hmmm how did they get this perfect

  • It tastes like a box.

  • Didn't This Guy Get Whacked Over The Head With A Mallet & Later Burned In A Cult Temple?

  • William Jackson-Harper was AMAZING in "Midsommar", he fuckin nailed a hardcore PhD student perfectly.

  • Ay that guys from midsommar

  • Chidi should have talked about that paper on that Swedish cult he’s writing

    • Electric lectric company!

  • Who else has seen this actor on a TV show? *crying laughing emoji*

  • So, this is Chidi's after-afterlife, I suppose

  • Anyone else notice homegirls mic on her shirt

  • william jackson harper is an international treasure

  • Heyyyy Chidi! 😆

  • 😄😄😄

  • Midsommar guy?

  • As a professional artist, I felt this HARD

  • she got the loaf

  • I was waiting for the never came

  • Every date i ever had. Me: soooo.. Do you like.. doing.. stuff?

    • Imagine complaining about having dates

  • Electric company!!!!!!!

  • Oh my god this arc with her being the catalyst to a huge awkward moment is so great.

  • I needed that laugh

  • The mic

  • I really enjoy these

  • Running a bakery > baking at home. 2 b yt, oof

  • Hey that guy was in that electric company show on pbs


  • Please please make this longer i need this to survive the new year pls

  • White people vs every other race 🤣

  • Simone Giertz should stick to engineering and leave bread making to the philosophers.

    • @The Pepperoncini This is a youtube comments section, everything is a joke

    • @The Pepperoncini Identity theft is no joke Jim! It affects millions of people each year!

    • Just making sure that you know it’s not actually her and that it was just a joke?

  • This hurt me physically to watch and I couldn’t look away. Like a beautiful trainwreck.

  • when he says it tastes like a box does he mean cardboard or.........

  • Offensive

  • Is that the girl from izombie? Or the girl from agents of shield?

  • Im so glad Chidi left the good place started taking part in dignified shit

  • This is why Chidi went to the bad place

  • I love William Jackson Harper- Chidi Anagone

  • Sam hyde

  • Cringe comedy done right.

  • Dude looks like King Bach and Deez Nuts guy had a baby

    • Got him?

    • also got the hair and facial hair of Donald glover lmao

  • I was getting tense. Always impressive when a video can genuinely make me feel uncomfortable. Funny stuff!

  • Who knows him From the good place? 😂

  • Holy Shit! It’s Chidi!

  • Damn I'm hungry now

  • Chidi!

    • @You Sup THE TIME KNIFE!!!

    • @You Sup Ariana Grande?

    • @eDDy L Chidi anaconda?

    • Is that a soup

  • Hi