THE NON-ESSENTIALS "Haircut" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Stu 2020.
Created by Briana Pozner, Justine Lupe, Colin Lupe, and Josh Duvendeck
New episodes of The Non-Essentials will be available every Monday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT through November 30.
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  • Napoleon

  • Genios!

  • Tris makes me think about how Would be Beth and Jerry in real life

  • tryhard attempt at comedy

  • this should have 2 millions views! Stupid HRdown algorithm :(

  • This is just a dull couple talking about a haircut. What's the point?

  • This sucks. You suck. Bring back quality like Venture Bros, Smiling Friends, Metalocalypse, the list goes on.

  • Ah jeez. Pretty poor

  • So relatable.

  • And this is why "Samson's Law" (named after the Biblical figure) needs to be created with the express purpose of banning any and all scalp haircuts for everyone. And for the record, the girl's hair looks much more attractive.

  • Would it be funny if one time she was the butt of the joke? Or she just gonna make that face in every video to everyone else's foibles?

    • @Clayton Anderson New episode has her as the butt. It's refreshing to see. Now I can feel like she is humanized with the rest of the cast.

    • I made a similar comment on here about him being the butt of the joke and I was told to shut up and was butt hurt. There is another episode were her dad is lonely and crazy doing TikToks and you guessed it, She's the rational, well kept daughter but not a single joke back on her. This show is trash.

    • Just wait!

  • Too real 😂

  • Willa from Succession!!!

  • idk how women get in this situation and dont go "why tf am i in a relationship with this weirdo"

  • This was worse than watching a Christian improv troupe at a team building exercise. “Get it? Haircuts??”

  • The dentist elf from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer comes to mind.

  • bruh. she's into McPoyles. just go.

  • These whole series looks like a good prank by [AS], I can't wait till it ends up


  • That haircut went horribly great.

  • Haha, I was thinking he looks like "the lost McPoyle brother" and then he shows a picture of Jimmi Simpson. Close, but not WW close. More, It's Always Sunny. Sorry.

  • Ryan Gosling hairstyle

  • She's a wee bit fit.

  • Even if it's bad, you should support him, cs doing this by ourselves is highly unrecommended but is sooo good to our growth. Also fun.

    • Yeah, thought the same thing. The way she's acting is kinda mean... although she doesn't mean it that way.

  • One other commenter described this as more akin to College Humor and yeah that's pretty accurate... But I dig it? All the over the top wacky shit waaaaas getting a little stale anyway

  • Millenials ruined adult swim. What is this shit?

  • This is the type of comedy I would expect from CollegeHumor or Comedy Central, not adult swim.

  • This guy is more self-conscious than the Kanye West "All Falls Down" song 🎵

  • The human experience

  • I do not know how they did it but Adult Swim need to get that hidden camera out of my apartment NOW

  • looks like tintin

  • this 2 minutes keep me alive for the rest of the week

  • White people yo

    • "we built the cities you destroy" = not victim mentality "ok karen" = victim mentality. This is your brain on inbred alabama DNA

    • I'm white and this show is trash. Just a quick corporate grab from Adult Swim to stick onto something popular now. Make the episode were the gf is the butt of the joke.

    • @HootHinge How long do you think this professional victim card is going to last?

    • @AkioAkemi ya'll went from 0 to David Duke real fast up in here; guess Adult Swim knows what demo to chase these days

    • @HootHinge keep saying that when those cities/businesses which were destroyed don't come back, yo.

  • The guy needs to fucking accept he's going bald..bringing hair from the back of your head and having it lay down to cover up your receding hair line looks awful. Also there was no bowl cut so not a quarantine cut.

  • Meh .


  • These are non-essentials are incredible. Keep them coming!

    • @Reder yes please don't stop guys. Quality content!

    • Please don't

  • The new comedy of 2020 and beyond. Simp bf as the butt of the joke, he's stupid, soy boy and weak in every way. The wife is bold, hilarious, honest, and STILL miserable as ever. Stick with cartoons Adult Swim.

    • @Matt B Duh Bro Brah duhhh Brah Bro! imagine a man who shaves everyday, got that one completely wrong. Also Matt I am a intellectual now that you mention it because I don't find this garbage funny. This show is cringe for men and if you express an opposite opinion the simp army comes to tell you other wise. Did your gf find this show hilarious and couldn't stand to see one comment against it? You soy boy foot soldier.

    • @Clayton Anderson YES. You can see their comedy just isn’t the same with their cartoons. Even their random instagram and twitter shitposts are funnier than these skits. And you absolutely nailed it, I don’t really like straight couples, they should put more gay couples on screen (the acting would be better, plus gays are typically more entertaining to watch.)

    • @Clayton Anderson Bro your comments made me cringe harder than this show. Big neckbeard "im an intellectual" vibes. Pull yourself together.

    • @Rick and Morty Gay Edition Yeah just keep the cartoons coming. I don't need couples comedy, I'm a single man. Where's that single man comedy? Make an episode where you cut your hair in silence and you go back to whatever you were doing. Show could be called "Peace" hahahahha 😆

    • @L. King You're right its not new, I guess this trash started with Ghostbusters 2016 and that's all it's been now ( weak man, cold woman) She would not talk to a chad like this and so there would be no comedy. In this series she has absolutely no respect for this man, she walks all over him as she sits on her phone probably looking for better. This is not even a comedy, its just a depressing state of what some men have become but this show is just another step into the new agenda. The old model of fat husband, hot wife needed to go as well but not butthurt. You can't share an opposite opinion anymore without others having a witch hunt of all their enemies. Adult Swim mastered the art of awkward late night cartoons for adults and they should stick with that. This garbage here justs looks like a quick corporate attempt of trying to grab onto whats currently popular for fast and easy hits and money.

  • That post haircut 'wth did I just do' feeling is almost universal

  • I have no idea what to say so here’s an emoticon :/

  • first

  • Quick shout-out to Christina Applegate

  • Nice

  • What's worse is when you're both the people in this conversation and still hacking away.

  • Dear Adult swim you can make a members thing for your channel where people can pay to get -perks -early acsess -behind the scene and more. can you do so -[Alex Ortiz]

    • The video player on the adultswim site sucks, you'd have to pay me to use it over youtube

    • they don't offer enough good free content what makes you even think they'd be able to provide quality paid content LMFAO.

  • The guy is just superman

    • Looks like boss baby

  • Sweet

  • 1

  • that curl in his hair is built like he’s clark kent/superman but the rest of his body is built like he works at a bestbuy