THE FAE | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Pro 2020.
Created by Abby Jame
Starring Abby Jame, Cajai Fellows-Johnson, and Julius Myth
Animation by Peter Chownsmith
Coloring and cleanup by Abby Jame
Music by Alex Ashmun
Additional sound design by Mason Brown
Special thanks to Sophie Koko Gate
Artist Info:
Abby Jame is a 29 year old NYC artist and writer. She is inspired by the crushing weight of being alive, flavored lip gloss, pop stars, and the fall of Rome. Abby is also the art director for the upcoming Adult Swim series Teenage Euthanasia created by Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting.

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  • "okay, but I thought that you were chill" hahahaha genius

  • Yes

  • I’m ready for the series please 🙏

  • (눈‸눈) what in the fuck

  • Millennial fairies.

  • Stoner fairys is kinda funny. But the cussing is obnoxious -_-

  • Make this into a show lmao

  • Real wiccan hours

  • They are not wrong about these phones...

  • This is awesome, I wanna see more!

  • I thought they were gonna be lesbian

  • Please make this a shoooowww

  • i love it it should be a show but it also kinda made me sad

  • I felt a secondhand high watching this. ✨ 🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Only junkies and potheads would like this

  • the way i would love this as a series

  • Immensely disappointed that I can't click on the capybara

  • Please please make this a series

  • I really want to see more of this, please green-light it for a new series :)

  • the animation style is so sick n trippy 10/10

  • this would be such a good show tbh

  • Please make this a seriesssssss

  • Idk if anybody caught that she was going to the Enchanted River (E.R) lol been there sister

  • i need this to be an actual show like right now

  • i thought this was gonna be about neopronouns but this is really cool

  • Ugh, no please dont make it a show. Animation was cheap, characters shallow, voiceacting bad and it makes more than swearing and drugs to make a good adult animarion show.

    • Omg cuz like everyone agrees w u and everything

  • YOOOOOOOO 🙀 I am so excited Abby Jame got picked up by Adult Swim! I’ve been waiting for her new stuff, basically memorized The Teenage Condition and the Fae. I’m only in a minute and it already somehow feels trippier than her usual stuff. I’m so excited for this! Congratulations!

  • 1:55 big mood

  • I'm not high enough to understand this

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is literally just me & my friends

  • I've watched this at least 10 times please gimme more

  • Man I'd love to see a full season of this

  • ok im loving this i definitely would watch 10 minutes of this or more every week

  • Ok but I NEED this as a series

  • "It taste like misery"

  • Probably made people in the rave scene

  • good to see the fae finally getting the attention they deserve 🧚🏾‍♂️✨

  • This was so like....a drugged out kind of way....

  • Please make it a show 🥲

  • this my third time watching this because the music at the end is nice

  • Can this be a show 😭

  • I'm totally one of the dudes. Those chicks trippin.

    • Uh ya that’s the point lmao

  • Needs more cowbell

  • 2:50 I hear a guitar riff that sounds familiar. Anyone know what song?


  • Please make more or this

  • I don’t like the altered high voices for the girl fae but not the boy fae. They should all have normal deeper voices, it’s less creepy and annoying

  • Abby (creator) has more shorts on her channel! @AbbyJame


  • I went to the website... is this not a show yet? I'm addicted, need more

  • 2:39 anyone else notice her moon is missing then reappears...?

  • Would watch

  • I wish this was a show....

  • please make this a show omg

  • wish this had a show


  • we need an entire series of this !!!

  • More fae

  • Psyches are better used for reflection

  • More please


  • I need more of this in my life.

  • Yo I LOVE THIS. I want a whole show!!!

  • 10/10 would watch a series of this

  • I need more of this in my life

  • Nope, nope, hard pass, this whole show feels like a bad vibe

  • I want more. Please god please more!

  • This needs to be a show

  • Believable

  • Ohmygosh, i-love thaat

  • We need this as a series

  • more of this please

  • This video does a wonderful job of conveying the misery that I feel round drugs, relationships, and media. When I watch this video I felt like I was having a bad high. Props to creators.

  • I'm diggin the concept, but something about the way they sound or the way they move is really annoying too me, like it hasn't been polished yet

  • Lol a show where I get to see shit things happen to shit people. Yeah I'll totally watch that and I looks cool too

  • I thought I wasn't gonna like it, but... The characters are very unfiltered and I love it . Would watch more, I'm curious to see what else goes on.

  • I want more

  • Luv di$

  • this needs to be a fucking show

  • I’ve literally watched this five times. Can we get a series?

  • Love this

  • Oh I love this already please give us more

  • The phone is 💩 because people are 💩 and the 💩 is the town not me and the phone can get fixed when I leave 📜🧾💰🕯️🧹✨✨✨✨💖👰🤵👩‍🎤🐆🍑💦🍭😂

  • Loved this

  • Anyone else not like this? Like the voices are bad, the art is....ok and the characters are really unlikeable.

  • I want to see moreeeeee ✨✨✨✨

  • I.... I would watch this. Dammit. I would. I really would. I'm going to be bugged by not seeing it through. Short story or not it should have a conclusion or some shit.. right? ..... more. Need more.... dammit.

  • obsessed

  • Knowing Adult Swim, they'll greenlight this for a series before Smiling Friends.

  • I neeeeed more of this

  • I don't like the art style too much, but the concept, colors, and everything else is soooo cool

  • I fucking love this so much I shit my pants holy fuck wheres Episode 2 I will rip my fucking LUNGS OUT IF IT DOESNT COME OUT SOON WTF

  • When Rhea gets lit about the possibility of shrooming


  • i love this so much

  • Idk y i love this as much as i do but i need MOOREEEE

  • We stan Abby jame!!!! Good job girl

  • Who tryna do flower water w/ me 👀

  • Love it