The Eric Andre Show "A King Is Born" (S05E01 - Full Episode) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2020.
Eric & Hannibal are back! Eric welcomes Judy Greer and Adam Rippon, and befriends a lost rat on the subway, trying to find its original owner. Also - beer chugging musical guest Anderson Six .Paak!
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  • And where back with Judy greer🤣🤣

  • Looks like deathlock

  • imagine getting joe rogan on this show. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow PRAISE TO THE LORD

  • This show is a gift from God

  • 6:02 is when you could tell Hannibal knew he wanted to leave

  • Sounds like those people on the train are pretty good people! Angry mfers

  • hilarious

  • It's the Erect Andre Show!

  • I've never seen bird box

  • Funniest stuff ever


  • 5:59

  • hannibal looking good

  • Yooo Judy Greer be checking Hanibals 😏😏😂🤣

  • What the fuck is this 😂

  • Is this show forreal?? I just started watching this show and I'm just amazed at adults swim airing this random show Late nite soo weird...

  • I’ve never laughed this hard and been so stressed out at the same time.

  • Why’s Hannibal look like Gucci mane

  • I think Hannibal is a serial killer on the low

  • The floutist is fucking hillarious

  • 5:13 lmao she's def been to prison.

  • 6:42

  • Judy actually looks so cute when she's stressed out.


  • “I have a crush on you too” -biggest plot twist of the century

  • Bro this guy is gonna hurt himself really bad one day lmfao

  • Fuck Kramer. Eric Andre is next level physical comedian. Hannibal is a masterful straight man. Love these guys.

  • What if they got hayden christensen tho

  • Spoiler alert: everything was not okay

  • I feel like I should be paying money to watch the entire season on HRdown.


  • This man has never been embarrassed

  • As an brazilian I get shocked with the Bro-zil shirt

  • Andre is genius.

  • Hannibal?

  • People actually like this and think this is funny? How? Just how?

  • 5:40 Lmao

  • i wish i was eric andre

  • This is the first time I watched this show and I'm not really sure what I just watched. All my brain did was copy paste WTF and then it froze.

  • Did anyone else feel like the cantaloupe bit was genuine?

    • @Lee Wud With Hannibal at the end. Like someone came out of the break room eating his cantaloupe.

    • What cantaloupe bit??

  • This is just glorious

  • Hilarious yet disgusting

  • 3:51 that look tho

  • Tf is this insanity! 😂

  • My dream is to be on this show

  • Oh fuck he does.

  • Ewww lol wtf

  • You have spicked shoes you’re supposed to be fearless

  • Bald Eric is a fever dream

    • And so is Hannibal with hair

  • Quick shout out to Christina Applegate

  • 8 years later, same old Eric, same old cheap but gold humor. 😆

  • Juddy Greer was extremely scared

  • i legit wanted to kill myself and watching this show convinced me not

  • Are we sure he is Eric Andre not Eric Young...?

  • Adam Rippon is so cute oml

  • this 11 minute video felt like an hour

  • this show doesn't even seem weird anymore

  • 0:53 i know the exact place of this reference 🤣🇹🇭

  • I always would change the channel when this show came on I totally regret it, this show is awesome 💙

  • Why do I find this show satisfying? 💀💀

  • i kinda hope that they only get guests that never heard of this show, kind of like how most celebs never heard of Hot Ones yet they show up cuz their agent is like "You have to do this show, cuz you're my lil bitch you piece of shit, you want more money and fame for the next 3 months you slut? do it" and the celebs are like so intimidated like "fine, i'll do it, what's the show like"?. "It's like Oprah, but not Oprah, let's go slave" YANK

  • I haven't laughed this hard since I watched Lil Dicky try to get his ass ate out in the garage while his friend pulls up the door.

  • 0:27 Stevan seagal

  • 10:15

  • do you guys hire the same actors, from other skits?

  • I feel bad for Judy

  • 😁😂 love it

  • Eric you're too beautiful to live like a person, we all know that.

  • eric fighting the martial artists fucking kills me every time

  • Have you ever been known, as Sideshow Eric?

  • Thank you Monica. NOW, PLEASE LEAVE!

  • what about brazilian t shirt?

  • O cara meteu uma camisa do Brasil do nada. Mano, o nível de non sense é absurdo.

  • 8:28 glitch in the Matrix

  • Ohhhhhhhh how I have waited.

  • The fact that the last skit disturbed every single person who passed by is just sublime

  • 11:53 Is this a motherfucking Brazil reference? 👀

  • Essa roupa do brazil me encantou

  • Adam Rippon is looking reallll cute.

  • WHAT IS THIS!?!?

  • Pp poo poo

  • Judy Greer is adorable

  • Hmm. Why hasn't Nicolas cage been on here yet??

  • 4:10 you have to claim everything when you go through Australian customs

  • On acid this is a normal show

  • 😂

  • If this was Comedy Central, this would be cringe af, but since it’s Adult Swim, it’s perfect

  • Lmao I would love to see a compilation of all the people that have been on Erics show to react to the episode they were in

  • 6:43 the moment he went from a whimsical clown to someone with mental problems.

  • You living up to those spiked boots 😆💀💀

  • The weirder my recommend gets the more I enjoy it at 3 in the morning

  • 3:36 the real beginning of COVID

  • Australian customs lol

  • Holy shit. I can’t believe the secret’s out.

  • The whole idea of terrorizing people as soon as they unknowingly lock themselves in a moving capsule with a lunatic for three minutes is just so damn funny to me

  • Poor Judy Greer, she looks like she is being held against her will

  • Lol they were so quick to leave him when he started shitting!! Wow this dude upsets you in a pleasing way.

  • "Sit your beautiful black ass down, Judy"

  • God bless Eric

  • Not digging this season.