The Eric Andre Show "Lizzo Up" (S05E04 - Full Episode) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Stu 2020.
Eric welcomes Dermot Mulroney and Diane Guerrero with overweight musical guest Joey Bada$$. Lizzo debuts a surprise spinoff show.
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  • You should consider reading the torah its full of racist anti jewish people rhetoric

  • I seriously can't believe how hard I'm laughing at Bird down! It doesn't make any sense. Man that parrot face is killing me!

  • When Al said "My work here is done," I genuinely believed he had some larger role in all this and I will never _stop_ believing.

  • 0:09

  • Why is no one mentioning when Wale said that shit 🤣🤣🤣

  • "I wanted to sit in the chair"

  • Dude the in studio segments just aren't as funny without Hannibal

  • Tif tof Disney mickey與taito、grumpy face、adult swim,又或者toonami 、南夢宮、卡普空、tif tof Disney mickey x king of the hill、tif tof Disney mickey x 犬夜叉、tif tof Disney mickey x 蠟筆小新同時生效的機會甚微(但仍有可能)

  • These comments spoil everything and nothing at the same time

  • this is a fever dream

  • "i missed that whole part...of our culture"

  • Can someone please tell me if the guests are in on this. My sons are always trying to show me clips of this show and i get it, i used to love adult swim when a teen but i justdont get this lol. Im old alright

  • The way Dermot Mulroney comes through the curtain at 3:13 reminds me of a created wrestler on an N64 game lololol. Catchy song playing too!

  • Buy the torah yall


  • "...a desk. Hey it's time to scream."

  • YOPP

  • I cannot believe they got Wale on here...

  • Wtf Eric is stuck in cement and they go get him a ice cream! 😂🤣

  • Yo how does he know all these people he’s so weird Lmaoo wale Joey badass I love this show

  • this is disturbing to view but that is just the whole show

  • Eric Austin is black now? Maroon, Maroon and shiny


  • Boof

  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Eric boofed a cheesecake 🤣🤣

  • i need haim on the eric andre show

  • This still makes way more sense than MSM ever will.

  • I love the new bird up

  • I just found out about this and im stoneee i had to check with a sober person if what im watching is truee or im just trippingg anyways best showw ever

  • I am looking for the music bumps where it say'' some CONSPIRACY THEORIES. imply CONSPIRACY THEORIES are in fact. CONSPIRACY THEORIES designed to discredit the very existence of CONSPIRACY THEORIES''. It's a nice beat but I cant find the bumps nore the beat.

  • The first segment was the funniest especially when it ended with the We Past screen freeze.

  • Diane Guerrero is as hot AF.

  • This guy is first person in existence to score an alignment of Chaotic Chaotic

  • I wished I can start over with someone right after I shoved some cake up my ass.


  • This is fine television.

  • Why is there no comments on Dermont lol

  • Not gonna lie the whole cocaine thing made Dianne even hotter


  • Was that a dont hug my im scared reference....

  • amazing

  • the fuck is this acid trip?

  • stupid


  • How to summon Weird Al: 1. Fat ass 2. Michael Jackson

  • Who is the guy that always has to be peed on?

  • There's commitment, and then there's shoving a handful of cheesecake up your ass in front of Diane Guerrero commitment

  • "I missed that whole part of our culture" AHAHAHAHA

  • Eric looks like ray allen

  • Weird Al Forever!

  • 3:21 is Eric a hodler??

  • My work here is done.

  • What if Lizzo really is Michael Jackson and that's the real conspiracy.....?

  • What is this and why is it entertaining?

  • its not its some bodyels

  • *liZZo up* *BIrd UP*

  • Don't give up Eric, good things are just around the corner.

  • Everyones favorite Random show

  • i would like to know wha that intro was

  • ok, this is not weird at all

  • This the best episode. Joey Fatass the goat

  • 4:40 That is so cute

  • Eric has balls of steel. I could never imagine doing any of this.

  • When Blannibal shushes the guest,it was really inspiring

  • "I'M SAVING THIS MAN'S LIFE THE ONLY WAY I KNOW HOOWW... Do you listen to conscious Hip Hop?"

  • is hannibal really gone? 😭

  • This show really went down hill. It lost it’s charm.

    • I agree now it feels big budget and all the random shit feels unfunny. I liked when it felt Low budget and funny

    • I eat 9 food

  • 4:35

  • Diane holla at a playa

  • They did hannibal and bird up dirty

  • Lizzo the bid for that😭😭😭

  • hi eric

    • put me in your show eric

  • Try stumbling upon this show on accident when you’re high.

  • 1:31 What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative

  • *This guy managed to make 11 and a half minutes feel like an hour.*


  • Damn, he totally had a date with that girl and then he went and shoved something up his ass.

  • You gotta keep him injured or there is no story🤣🤣..... Kick

  • Yea, i could use some sprinkles.

  • Merry Xmas Eric Andre

  • Everytime im watching Eric Andre Show I feel like its sponsored by Old Spice

  • Lizzo didnt have to go that hard lmao!!!! She's my new favorite everything!

  • 10:50 closing bit is a little on the nose, isn't it?

  • I thought the credits might just be too sane

  • what is the name of the band?

  • Idubbbz long lost sister

  • It's his last day

  • Wow this was made on my birthday...

  • I feel like this is what you'll find on inter-dimensional travel.

  • In a weird way it's heartwarming that random people on the street are defending what they think is an injured businessman and working together to try and help a worker in peril

  • Blannibal lookin like a bloated coked out Patrick Ewing in Kevin Harts clothes.

  • perfect use of weird al

  • I came here for Lizzo and stayed for the crazy shit lmao

  • Every time he goes in for that mouth kiss. Lmao.

  • Goddamn Diane is hot. Also love that they got the crow to land right in her hands

  • Why is he orange now🤔

  • Lizzo up for life.

  • Bruh wierd all at the end

  • nice to finally know that Hannibal has a brother with Jax's arms.

  • Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa