The Eric Andre Show "Hannibal Quits" (S05E02 - Full Episode) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2020.
After only one and a half episodes, Hannibal quits the show and is poorly cloned into a giant mutant version of himself named Blannibal. Eric survives a plane crash and welcomes Saweetie and Shanola Hampton. Jasper Dolphin, Taco, Pi'erre Bourne and MadeinTYO get tortured on Rapper Warrior Ninja.
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  • There’s no strings on that harp!

  • Saweetie and Shanola Hampton are two guests I’d like to “interview.”

  • 1:28 Everyone look Hannibal's Eyes and watch it. what happened Reply to me :) (BONUS MEME) [FUNNIEST MOMENT] 0:14 - 0:24 - 1:17 - 4:21 - 7:50 - 9:30/9:53/10:12/10:25/10:35/10:59

  • this is what psychosis feels like

  • i bet those Japanese people think this is a good ass show

  • Saweetie saying bye to hannibal got me

  • I didn't know who Shanola Hampton was but I'd hang with her, she seems genuinely kind and fun

  • the lexivan adds are his source of income

  • Saweetie is so durn cute.

  • he gave life to the show

  • Sweet blessings to you my divine chocolate prince 😂😂💀

  • 1:38 oh shit.

  • 3:01 6:26 9:30

  • Lexivan : Sides effects may include Nausea, Diarrhea, Nocturnal Emissions, Sexual Deviancy, Hair Loss, Foul Body Odor, Sudden Weight Gain, Skin Discoloration...

  • lol the younger lady just stood there screaming multiple times, watching a old man in a wheelchair fall down stairs. she needs to learn from the elder lady.

  • What the f*** did I just watch?!

  • I was wondering what happened to Hannibal

  • Dang, Eric's still got it.

  • What's the name of the song when Saweetee enters?

  • i stated my case that the band personels are illegal immigrant

  • How to clone Hannibal

  • Wow talib kweli for 5 seconds 😂

  • So I think it is time we talk about the inevitable. Eric Andre is def gonna end his career by killing himself on stage like his hero G. G Allin said he was gonna do. Thing is, we all know Andre well by now. He REALLY WILL. He is Andy Kaufman crossed with Ledger's Joker. on copious amounts of DMT. and I wanna start a support group NOW, cuz I respect the fuck out of him, but will never be ready for that, though I know it is inevitable as season's changing.

    • @Kafir Named Mutt Okay. Not gonna lie, this made me laugh. Not a creepy murder stalker, but well played regardless.

    • This reads like the start of some obsessed fans dive into insanity, that leads to you inevitably confronting and murdering eric andre, and saying some weird shit like "WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER ERIC ANDRE!!!!! IT'S FOR THE BEST, JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LET ME DO THE REST!!!! IT WILL ONLY HURT FOR A SECOND!!!!"

  • Shanola Hampton is so god damn beautiful

  • 7:55 you're welcome baby girl

  • 0:25 *Eric Andre single handedly defeated both the Japanese and the Germans in WW2 Confirmed...*

  • Wheres is kraft punk?

  • I.don't trust like that

  • Awe I missed his old hair style

  • No ads that’s what’s up ⬆️

  • Eric andre gets his Medal of Honor

  • The looks on the guest faces during random acts are priceless

  • Lmaooo dude talib and danny brown omg so much going on this episode

  • I like how he just scream at tha start of the show that is so 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I miss Hannibal

  • DANNY BROWN!!! i knew he was behind this somehow....


  • I am looking for the music bumps where it say'' some CONSPIRACY THEORIES. imply CONSPIRACY THEORIES are in fact. CONSPIRACY THEORIES designed to discredit the very existence of CONSPIRACY THEORIES''. It's a nice beat but I cant find the bumps nore the beat.

  • “What’s the worst that could happen?” Is such a open ended question LOL

  • My fellow nerds, peep 4:52. Turbografx-16, one of the most obscure and overlooked consoles, placed amongst the most popular consoles of the last decade.

  • Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh

  • Farted so hard he broke the window.....?

  • sad the drummer is always getting kamikaze 34 seconds later a grenade landed on him r.i.p drummer in some miracle eric over there made him alive again.

  • Why does he look like tyler 1

  • When we getting season 5 on Hulu?

  • The music when seetie shows up is perfect where can i get it?

  • 2:04 lol how was she helping what a bug

  • Pierre Bourne rly shouldn’t have come out here

  • Eric Andre é O Último Programa do Mundo com orçamento

  • They damn near assassinated MadeinTYO

  • Saweetie's attitude towards Hannibal is mad negative

  • It looks like they gave this show a budget

  • I've seen bad t.v. in my time... example everything david hasselhoff did except knight rider of course, but, this is completely mindless nonsense and I now see why the youth are so far down mentally... it's because they consider this to be entertainment and it's nothing more than a schizophrenic cry for help from an adult who has a 3 year old's mind....dear lord, how did this garbage ever become something anyone would actually sit and watch?? I can find humor in most things but this trainwreck is beyond any redemption in any comedy setting....Eric Andre should barricade himself away from the public and never show his face again...I'm just saying.... this shit sucks horribly, horribly,bad!!!!!!!

  • I dont know why but this hardest i've laughed watching swim since David Chapelle

  • Longest 11 minute video I've ever watched in my life.

  • you can tell Eric really liked having Shanola on the show, she was so chill ❤️💕 I love her

  • need me some lexivan, what’s the worst that can happen?

  • Are those even real 5 dollar bills?

  • The vegetables are there to represent the state of my brain

  • It's not you, Eric, it's us.

  • fart splosion could easily be a real show

  • I like how hannibal asked " are you on psychedelics" she says "no" and then they proceed to prove her wrong.

  • this fool just copied TOM GREEN.....

  • I just got here and became an instant fan! Hail hail the politically incorrect! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Use this microphone 😂😂

  • Are you on psychedelics? No. Prove it.

  • the set coil dropper!!! and Filipe Esparza!!

  • I love this show

  • What stinks in here?

  • RWN is the best thing ever. I need a show of nothing but that

  • These jokes are sick. I love it

  • this is litttt

  • Sorry Mr. Andre but lemme just say I would not pull out! Oh that goes for Saweete too!

  • Yo Pi'erre

  • The girl from Shameless 🤘🤘

  • The Asian lady completes me

  • Why do I feel like I’ve never actually seen a full episode of Eric Andre..

  • I love this show.

  • the amount of chaotic energy is fucking insane

  • This episode is sooo good hahaaha

  • Adult swim dropping N BOMBS at 10:12 dohhhhh

  • I need lexivan

  • this show used to be based. now it's just not funny anymore.

  • Lmao loiter squad cracked me up hahah Jasper

  • Any chance the song around 7:09 for felipe's entrance is a real song? It actually sounds cool af.

  • Felipe Esparza isy soul animal

  • So people watch regularly?? Lmaooo

  • You gotta get Gordon Ramsey On this shit

  • 2m n my insanity are not alone.

  • why

  • Wtf is this

  • Eric sliding through assorted stock footage on a banana peel was a delicious touch

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Oh my gosh this is nuts 😂😂😂

  • RIP Hannibal, the show won't be the same without him

  • Based boomer Brad just completely unfazed by anything

  • Eric Andre now looks like an incomplete clone of Vin Diesel. Like they pulled them out of the test tube chamber a couple of days too early

  • Can you bring Beetlejuice on the show?

  • 3:33 took me out!!!

  • Ive deadass met that Brad guy before and I don't know where or when but ive talked to that man