The Eric Andre Show (Full Panel) | Adult Swim 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Stu 2020.
The making of The Eric Andre Show has forever been shrouded in mystery ... but now you can finally see the blood, sweat, and ranch that goes into it. Join Eric Andre, Kitao Sakurai, Dan Curry and moderator David Gborie for a special panel where they’ll be sharing behind the scenes details and taking your questions LIVE!
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  • I've gained weight too this season... On purpose, just like Eric, yeah...

  • I hope I meet Eric one day. It would be cool to play some music with him too

  • Hell yeah! This is all I wanted.

  • why does this not have a billion views??

  • Pinche loco

  • One epic zen poem I’ve written for ya- “aaaaahhh hell my head is on fire 🔥. Exploring explosive gastrointestinal disturbance. Yes, I’ve shat myself laughing. There. Are you happy now. Well I guess that’s my zen moment for the day. Thanks 😊

  • Yeth

  • You could have called me and bring my 9 y/o son give ideas for this show lol

  • Really, regretting the bear? That's one my fave bits in the whole series. I also understand why they don't do those Lance style bits anymore, but I also love those little instances where you see Eric break character, that just added more unpredictable humor to the show, like no one is really in control makes it more funnier, I think.

  • Guys If you hire, send me a message. Got some fart ideas

  • I just wanted to let you know that a video keep interrupting your ads.

  • I actually liked my expectations being subverted and not know who was getting pranked and who was part of the skits. I felt like the show was pranking the viewer too, everything was just more WTF.

  • i have that same death shirt!

  • And my man with the beans

  • Eric holding the teddy lol. He looks like a big baby

  • Holy shit I didn't know Doug wrote for this show too, I met the guy last year in Texas he's super chill

  • Hahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa

  • Soo amazing seeing the behind the scenes, as a huge fan of the show its awesome to see content like that 😊💜 and his parents are precious!

  • Happy Eric is getting credit on HRdown. It sucks when people post his vids. It hurts his show. So pass up all secondary offers. So we can support him

  • eric andre is the reason why white supremacists say never to marry interracial


  • Hey, that's what Kraft Punk looks like folks !

  • Sorry Eric, but I think that the Lorenzo Lamas bit was really great and fitted perfectly in the show ! Prank or bit, it doesn't matter... as long as it's funny and fits with the spirit of the show !

  • I wouldn't like to see the show becoming a parody of itself, so maybe this should be the last season... Anyways, I just can't wait to see what Eric Andre is going to do next ! I mean, the man is amazing, and I think we didn't see that much of what he's capable of yet !!!


  • I didnt know his level of commitment, but now I do.

  • The chick at 1:11 that goes sproinky sproinky is wearing a Death shirt.. Chuck schuldiner lives!

  • Is Hannibal "almost 40"??? Damn... I´m 43 and he looks like my father! Take care, bro!

  • Never heard of Lizzo til now

  • To think all this stupidity is actually thought of beforehand LOL 😂

  • Seeing Eric drives is wack af ahaha

  • Eric Andre, Nathan Fielder and Kraft Punk. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  • I hope they release all the stuff they cut one day, I ain’t bought a movie all my life but I’d pay cash for that

  • We didn't get enough kraft punk

  • Love Eric Andrehes a fuckin Genius

  • Just let me know when they mention the band

  • I love how everyone involved seems to do the show more for their own enjoyment than that of the audience

  • David looks like Rufus from Kim possible

  • if i never see another adult swim , i would not want to live

  • Hannibals 40!

  • Amazing! All the love to Doug. I have been a big fan of yours since the GI JOES over dubs. So much love to all of you.

  • 09:34 Freddie Gibbs lmao

  • i wish i could work on that set

  • One of the best shows not only on the adult swim but on TV in general 🙏♥️♥️♥️

  • i love this so much- designed sets and props for the show must've been fun

  • It would be cool if they released the whole interview, unedited and everything

  • I just wanna know where I sign up to join their ridiculous team. Seriously, I'll play a desk for an entire season--hands and knees, mooing sporadically.

  • I was thinking; Eric meditates everyday. He's basically a zen master, that's why he can calmly put himself in danger. You can st*b this guy and he won't make a sound.

  • They are doing god's work, trully. This is what life is about

  • I swear o thought Eric andre freestyled this shit

  • I'm disappointed there was no behind the scenes shots of the band!

  • I like how the only thing Eric’s dad did was putting his bag on and said “Nice talking” like all he was just desperate to get out of the interview

  • why isn't Belipe part of the panel??

  • Ok lizzos pretty cool in my book now.

  • Wave of future sucks. Won’t be able to watch, Two entire tea. Fconvid

  • David Gborie should replace Hannibal if they do another season

  • I’m honestly here for David Gborie

  • hehe. Holy Mountain reference.

  • 5:04 "you are going to edit this aren't you?" Doest edit it.

  • Adult swim . Thank you for uploading this season to youtube ❤️❤️

  • Éric Andre's dad is wild

  • I hope you guys get Zach Kalefanekis and Borat as guests.

  • 4:26

  • What a bunch of cool weirdos

  • I didnt wanna see who Kraft Punk is :(

  • Yo....Lizzo fucking killed it. Really hope she remains the host for Bird up.

  • Eric... Love it all. My son and I watch. go!

  • Thanks for your outrageous show, Eric. You always got me laughing hysterically. New season is no exception.

  • I can't believe Eric Andre has a safe word. This show is literally BDSM

    • I love how the shit happens so often they had to use a SafeWord

    • 😭😭

  • 2:53 Lizzo wearing a green suit casually asking the PA a question is the perfect chaotic energy. I'm a fan of her now

  • What's the shirt the editor blurs at 9:00 in?

  • 😂😂😂

  • Fucking kraft punk 😂🤣

    • did you know he cant die? 😂😂

  • 19:20 Dan still wanted to answer, fucking pissed now.

  • Hate hannibal

  • Should’ve called it Dick & Bush


  • The director/executive producer and Eric sound exactly the same so it seems like their dubbing over each other all the time

  • eric should get absolutely ripped for season 6.

  • Boston's full of assholes! They think it's awesome! I don't know why!

  • I thought some was wrong wit da guy da first time I saw his show lol he crazy ah 😂😂

  • 34:57 the mod was a terminator the whole time.

  • I used to think everybody on this show poured 3 kilos of crack in their coffee before they came into work but now I see a lot of writing goes into this show

  • I love that Eric's dad just wants everyone to go to medical school

  • His parents make him make so much sense - I’d bet good money he spent his youth trying to get a rise out of people who are that quiet.

  • Sick Death Leprosy longsleeve


  • Wassup Sarah Squirm!

  • They got captain riker on the panel

  • Eric makes sense of 2020. Total legend and not forgetting the writing team. All amazing people and I wish I lived next door :D bird down

  • 5:05 Sun Ra? Angels and Demons at Play? Like Harpo Marx, when Eric plays his instrument his face becomes calm and serious, all the manic frontage fades...

  • omg i can’t believe we get to see kraft punk

  • Wait, Zach Fox is a creative consutlant to this show? Damn, no wonder they got Thundercat in the past season.

  • They regret the bear skit? That was the best one. :( ... It was my favorite at least. :)

  • Eric come collab with me. We are made for each other.

  • "You're going to edit this I assume?" What's there to edit? You guys are comedy gold.

  • Writin for this show must b tha easiest job in tha work. You can literally throw a turd at any wall in that room and it will stick

  • uuff sarah squirm, uuuuuppphhhh sexy

  • Florida man

  • These ridiculous pranks sound even crazier when they're actually do a read