The Eric Andre Show: The Making of Season Five | Adult Swim Festival

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Stu 2020.
The making of The Eric Andre Show has forever been shrouded in mystery... but now you can finally see the blood, sweat, and ranch that goes into it.
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  • his head has bumps on it, my guy

  • the eric andre show makes you sign a legal agreement that you wanna read first

  • *casually talks to mom while naked*

  • Id do Erics stunts for him. I look nothing like him so Id be a perfect stunt double for the show

  • It’s so comforting to know there’s an entire team of people with my exact sense of humor.

  • bro zach fox is there😂 what a legend

  • Season 5 styling: "Marlon Brando, 5 weeks before his death"

  • Ranch is the best thing that's ever happened to us, we must all get together to legalize it, who's with me?

  • I know this sounds weird but Watching this kinda makes me feel a little bad with how much this man sacrifices just to make us laugh tbh

  • So we’re supposed to move to Philly, buy a loft, and paint when we turn 40? 😂

  • Can I just work here this job is the best

  • Andre filled that randomness loss from Frank for many of us. even Andre health is shit because he star in it.

  • I hope these “people” aren’t paid well. Makes me sick.

  • Oh dang Eric is a bass player. Who knew?

  • they even got zack fox in there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Child hood memories man I like the creation of the Eric Andre show. Well forever be my favorite show in adult swim.

  • No lie really glad to see this

  • *and then he pissed in the cup* lmao

  • seeing lizzo play the bird up theme on the flute put a smile on my face :)

  • Fuckery.🤣

  • 4:10 never knew Eric could look white as well

  • His parents 😂

  • Imagine that they were actually acting even in the behind the scenes.

  • sarah squirmmmmm

  • is it me or do some of them sound like him?

  • Seeing so many full time employed creative professionals work on bringing the Eric Andre show to life is really something. If Eric's crazy ideas can be brought to life with an organised and well funded team, so too can your ideas and dreams. If you ever doubt yourself just remember people get paid to write "Eric pees into a cup and drinks it".

  • Best comedy show ever

  • In all fairness his character of the host ALWAYS seems like he’s concussed.

  • I love how normal his parents are 😅

  • so it’s really hannibal’s last season?

  • Going to become famous in order to be an invited guest on this show

  • Eric should NOT shave his head for this show because of the constant danger to his head. His Afro could provide a cushion

  • “You wanted me to go to medical school too....boring” His mom is great

  • Mom: "Yes, everything you've heard about Eric is true." Dad: "But, it's funny though" Eric: "There's a whole market you guy's aren't tapped into."

  • I wish I could erase this from my memory

  • Eric is the only person who can do this

  • This really helped me respect the show. I always liked it but I understand it now. Great job guys!

  • The way they make every episode feel like some sort of BAD ACID FEVER DREAM is the true genius.

  • You wanted me to go to medical school.... boooring. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ngl Sarah Squirm is T H I C C

  • My respect for Eric has risen to the top so fast it set a new bar as benchmark over the previous limit

  • Is that DJ Doug Pound

  • What i like about his show is that is just that..... A show. No agenda, no politics, no shamless plugs, nothing but entertainment. He doesn't give a shit about your celebrity status. When you are in his show.... You are just another prop. Thats just how you fit in.

  • Thanks for this

  • Yo Bad Brains reference!

  • Dude sounded just like Eric

  • Hannibal with glasses > Hannibal without glasses

  • the band is not really part of the set it seems

  • I love seeing how much intelligence goes into making something so stupid.

  • And then my man with the b e a n s

  • I will never understand how they’re making a profit

  • 100 season of Eric 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I wonder if any other talk show hosts need a safe word

  • Jackass and The Eric Andre show, two shows that changed my life for the better....AB-SO-LUTLEY

  • Freddie Gibbs is genuinely pissed off lmao

  • Eric andre is gods greatest creation 😝👌♥️

  • and the man wit da beans

  • warframe

  • This is depressing.

  • These guys have sooooooo much unused content, I wonder if someday we will get to see it all from all seasons

  • Another Half Breed, desperate for acceptance. Sad

  • They straight up took Cosby down that's hard as f***

  • The Andy Kaughman of our time.

  • Eric Andre FaceTimed my mom once at a live performance. She has a parrot and said "Oh, I just put my bird up!". So Eric was like BIRD UP BITCCHHH and long story short I was grounded. Im 28.

  • These writers do God’s work!

  • He gained weight?? damn that's kinda top level dedication

  • I don't know if everyone pays attention to it, but i've noticed Eric Andre is also pretty concerned about racial issues and stuff. I don't know if Eric has any influence on it, but his creative team and the employees are pretty diverse in that regard. Pretty cool i think. If he does have an influence on it, it just shows how he actually might be a level-headed person outside of his character.

  • Kinda didn't wanna know any of this.

  • I'm shocked there is this much put into making these episodes. I knows theres alotta stuff moving behind scenes but I'm shocked they rehearse is an shit lmfao

  • This was filmed before covid. Makes sense. I was wondering why his guest weren’t scared off when he coughed.

  • How the FUCK can I be a writer for the Eric Andre show? This is absolutely my life’s calling.

  • How many "bro thats cringe" ideas do you think have been suggested

  • Eric

  • Hannibal is gold on his own. The new season is random to annoyance and I kinda went with it til now knowing that a whole team is behind the randomness. Half of it is just infantile bowl of word mash ups. Not funny infantile, just boring crazy pepper no herbs.

  • Eric got his vag waxed? Cool.

  • It's so cool to see the behind the scenes. Anyone can do chaos. But to make it look good, be provocative, funny, interesting, cringey, and thought-provoking at the same time takes real artists.

  • And my man with the beans

  • Of COURSE Eric choses the "PRESIDENTIAL PACKAGE" @ the spray tan salon 🍊 🍊🍊🤣

  • 3:57 and he said in the season finale that he doesn't talk to his parents What a loving mother

  • I’m gonna miss Hannibal😕

  • Anyone get a weird ad before this haha

  • I wonder if the concussion gave him more ideas for a possible season 6...


  • he cares so much, he cares so fucking much, sacrificing his body and soul for our entertainment, a true showman

  • Wow I've never seen Eric with a good hair cut before

  • His parents are wonderful. They should get a show.

  • Eric is hilarious. I wish I could date him!

  • I love how there’s such extensive planning for the show and then they just have Hannibal show up to set and let him do his own thing lmao

  • I love eric's dad so much

  • His parents made me cry with laughter, comedic timing just runs in the family. "yeh you wanted mé to go to medical school too..." ... "..boring" I'm fucking dead.

  • Eric's parents are exactly and also the opposite of what I was expecting, at the same time.

  • why does Derrick Beckles seem more Eric Andre than Eric Andre

  • Confirms look was based off El Topo lmao dude looks exactly like Jodorowsky

  • This is the swan song of The Eric Andre Show. What a production. Blessings to all the staff that made this possible.

  • 0:31 why Eric Andre looking like Chantel’s dad from 90 day Fiancé?

  • I wanna see the hour long interviews !!!!!!!

  • I can't imagine a world without Eric Andre. This man is a gift upon this world.

  • I will miss Hannibals dry wit to offset Erics madness.

  • sarah squirms leprosy shirt is on point

  • My all time #1 favorite TV show! heals my depression and I forget my shitty childhood