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Datum objavljivanja: 9. Pro 2020.
Strongburg's finest are back. Lazor Wulf season 2 airs Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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  • The animation style alone makes this a pretty cool show, doesn’t have to be crude humor and bloody to be on adult swim

  • Seriously, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, could you give us less bullshit like this and give us back the best show on t.v. ever: The Venture Brothers? THAT show is fantastic...the other shows you've given us the last few years pretty much suck (there are exception like Tig Tone and Dream Corps LLC but they are few and far between). Lazor Wulf is just badly makes no sense. The Shivering Truth is just plain bullshit...that 'stream of consciousness' stuff gets old 30 seconds into every show. It's's HORRIBLE. Gēmusetto Machu Picchu is supposed to be a parody but, as with The Shivering Truth, just comes across as complete bullshit. Please give us more Toonami and less stuff you guys do until you can do it right.

  • is no one else notice lack of animation of lazor wulf throwing the drink tray and just appearing on the floor with a glass shatter?

  • This show is severely underrated, I love it

  • K but like... Talk about a glow up-

  • Stupid Horse is the best part about this show. Dude is freakin' hilarious.

  • “Well, this shit is REFRESHING!” Lmaoooo.

  • Always saw commercials for this and was on the fence. God this show is lack luster

  • Japan gets animation by Studio Ghibli. In America, we get......this dog shit.

  • yeah this looks awful damn

  • The artstlye is great but where's the joke? Seriously it's like someone's trying to poorly imitate the dry humor you see in British comedy but completely forgetting the joke part or how to be funny in any way.

  • “VIP isn’t VI when you’re the only P in it”

  • This gets a season and smiling friends doesn't? Yeah, ok.

    • 🙄🙄🙄

  • No Cap I didn't know this show was back and now I'm happy as hell this gem has received a second season... ✊🏿❤🖤💚

  • Last time I saw the name “laser wolf” was in a movie about Jews singing

  • Love this show

  • I despise this art style

  • 😂

  • God: “Why am I crying?? I was having so much fun.” Wallace: “Cause homey, it’s the Clurb. No matter how good it’s going, it always ends in tears” That’s some real truthful sad shit right there

  • you know if lazor wolf keeps trying to upset god, he might get promoted to the point where he'll make a fortune doing nothing whether they fire him or not

  • You don't get unemployment if you get fired.

  • Pretty shitty.

  • Incredibly not funny.

    • 🙄🙄🙄

  • Wtf is this show?

    • It's an adult swim show that aires at 12 AM on Sundays

  • Damn this is bad

  • That’s awesome

  • Ngl, this show is way funnier than I expected. 😂

  • People think hitting the club is a good time when actually hitting the clurrhhb is way better

  • Now we need jellies s3

  • why does a show have to be a falling off your seat type of comedy all the time. The show is fun to watch and the animation is pretty tight. Ya'll Rick and Morty fans really annoy tf out of me.

    • @koro sensei I like Rick and Morty aswell but the fanbase really sucks.

    • @koro sensei robot chicken is unwatchable, it’s as bad as the shivering truth, that show is just something else tho.

    • @xxx _ g3tr3kt _ xxx robot chicken is the second best and bobs burgers sucks

    • tbh i do fell it could use a bit of work mabie add more fight scenes their powers are only used to destroy random objects some times and the jokes could use some work but i still like it

    • I'm a Rick and Morty fan, and I despise this show because it's simply not funny. No 'dry' humor at all. It's badly written and the animation is lazy. The characters aren't developed. I tried to find something funny in this show, but I guess you have to be under 30 to find anything remotely humorous here. Sadly, this isn't the worst show in the last two years on Adult Swim.

  • Stupid Horse might be annoying, but at least Lazor and crew don't have to hang out with Gawd.

  • Forget The Clurb, who remembers The Cloughb?

  • Is this show just made for LSD?


  • Not too sure how I feel about this show. But word to Vince for landing the role.

  • here b4 6000 views

  • Clurb

  • I'm sorry, was there a joke in there somewhere? Or is this to advertise filler-content?

  • the hell is this?

    • @BluJean6692 Tell us more, man. I need answers.

    • Some 19 year old's latest half-baked get-rich scheme... Nobody at AS had the courage to fire him so they're frantically trying to ad-bomb it. It sucks and nobody likes it. If you don't believe me tally up the "likes" from LW's recent youtube ads: averages about 1 like per 1,500 views, which is pretty pathetic for an adult swim show on it's second season...

  • .

  • Damn, this show is so cute and funny.

  • this is garbage in every sense!

    • 🤦🏾‍♂

  • I dont see how people hate this show, it has baku vibes

    • @BluJean6692 You want to check your math there pally?

    • 1 like for every 1,000+ views: the numbers don't lie sorry. It's crap.

    • Some people like this show and some people don't care for it. Me, I love this show.

  • So awesome

  • I smiled.

  • This Show sucks

    • @Nas T It does Suck Bland Characters and jokes fall flat

    • 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jangling keys in front of a child except it's an adult.

  • Please adult swim, give us a Rick and Morty season 5 official tralier, it's what's we what.

    • @HyperSonicXtreme not anymore the creators say season 5 is done and that the show is more on schedule than ever

    • It takes 2 years for a new season of Rick & Morty.

  • When are you gonna put The Simpsons on your network?

    • When Disney collapses under the weight of its greed.

    • I'm afraid that's never gonna happen.

  • oh hey, it's god!!!:D

  • I hate this

  • From the same animators who brought you Dennis Rodman breaking his dick 3 times, Lazor Wulf.

  • A very cringe attempt at the dry awkward humor that's supposed to be funny. Voice acting is very like. Just reading.

    • @pain I know it uses Facial Tracking but it still moves like Shit

    • @SoulReaper 85 I personally like the artstyle, the way it's made is actually really interesting if you're open to checking it out. It's facial tracking I think

    • @Jordan Loux I care since Visuals factor into my Enjoyment and I seen better Fantasy Comedies with Better Animation, Tigtone looks Rubbery As Fuck and Characters move so them Awkward like their Digital puppets

    • @SoulReaper 85 Who cares how it looks? The original Simpsons shorts look ugly as sin and now the show has over 30 seasons.

    • @Jordan Loux No it looks like Shit

  • Urp inda clurb

  • I watched the first episode of this show yesterday, really wanted to give it a chance. It was so funny that I forgot to laugh...

  • Hi Homies And I Demand to speak to a managerbis my fav lines

  • I might be too uninformed because I have no idea what the fook I just watched but I loved it

  • Two people saying first is beautiful

  • i thought his show died a while ago

  • Fun fact: In 2013, Lazor Wulf first appeared in an online comic series. In this series he was a black wolf.

    • @BluJean6692 He's probably doing that so more people can see it, bots do really stupid things like promoting

    • I can’t escape you, every comment section you’re just... here...

    • Stop being in every video I watch

    • you making this same comment on every LW clip supports my hypothesis that most positive comments for it are bots -_-

    • Funfact in fiddler on the roof he is a fat guy

  • So Cute! Sorry for Coming late love you bro ❤❤❤❤👌👌👌

  • I'm a big fan of the lighting changing the color scheme in separate sections

  • I love this

  • Saw this once and I am still kinda confused by it I love it tho

    • @Andrew Kovnat listen, I was high when I saw it and I was still confused. Maybe a tab might help.

    • It's the "Lazor effect," I think the confusion stops after a few re-watches... or a few hits of the mary-jane

  • Imma come back once these comments ripen

    • I've come to let you know, the comments aren't as bitter

  • Here before a thousand views gang

  • 😅

  • Nice

  • Lazr walf

  • :)

  • "Malfunctioning pisswhistle"

  • A frog approved.

    • Pepe the frog was spotted on the West Side of Flint Michigan earlier this week allegedly buying crack from a known crack house while someone appearing to be the “dentist elf” from Frosty the Snowman Christmas special waited in the car outside. So far no one will come forth with any eyewitness corroboration, due to the strict “NO SNITCHING” unspoken rule of the ghetto. I will update you all further as the facts come in. That’s it for today HRdown, now here’s Tom with the weather.

    • thank god, now I can enjoy it💚💚

  • This show seems pretty funny ngl

  • That’s how they doin

  • Hi

  • Press the ad to get a * Free Virus! *

  • The clurb

  • Vince Staples is a voice actor on this show and I respect that.

  • First

  • First

  • Claim your "here before a million views tickets here"