Stupid Horse's Fingies | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2020.
Strongburg's finest are back. Lazor Wulf season 2 airs Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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  • I wouldn't be surprised if people thought stupid horse was the main character

  • ok but did laura les punch a guy for him?

  • Fingies.

  • Did King Yeti steal the X-ray monitor?

  • So cute!! !


  • [adultswim] is getting out of hand with new content.

  • Hilarious! 😂

  • 🤣

  • Who's Stupid Horse?

  • Is this a new series or what?

  • The word “Milwaukee” gives me mixed emotions

  • his fingiiiiiihihihies !

  • Good, but i want SpaceMan!

  • Qué divertido saludos cordiales desde Lima Perú 🇵🇪📹🔞👷

  • Worst tv show ever?

  • I keep waiting for this show to tell a single joke and it never does. I guess it's just vibes??

    • Yeah, but I laugh at it sometimes personally


  • Writers havent tried in years

  • And there go the fingees

  • WTF is happening bruh?

  • jesus christ is this show still on the air?

  • It reminds me of the deer's fingies from adventure time

    • Idk if this idea was stolen, but the deer wanted some sugar

    • That's where they stole the idea from This is cartoons for black youths You will notice a lot of stolen themes and ideas

    • Ohya that buck had mega poo brain. I freaked out when he stomped Fins legs in half lol i was like yoooo that escalated quickly...

    • Nuuu dont give me nightmares

  • Do you remember a time when horses wasn't stupid...... Pepperidge farm doe's 😁

  • amazing how just 4 fingies can support the weight of an entire stupid horse.

    • Actually, 20 fingies are required to support the weight of this majestic beast

    • Stupidity have negative mass.

  • I see adult swim is branching out to make kids shows.

  • Well it's not as disturbing as I thought it would be.

  • This show is garbage

  • does every AS show have to be black influenced now? This channel has lost its touch

    • @Isa But why does it matter? It doesn't come into play that often from what I can tell

    • @Jordan Loux the quality isn't good, but yes to the second one as well

    • So to make sure I understand, the problem you have isn't the show quality, but the fact that the shows are black-coded?

    • @Ame's Burrito Stash for something i care about, sure

    • salty much?

  • stupid horse I just fell out of the porche

  • this isnt 100 gecs

  • It is my sincere hope that this will ruin the word fingies for the internet forever.

    • fingies fingies fingies fingies fingies nope still fun.

  • I feel like adult swim is going back to its weird golden age self.... I Dig it.


  • Is this season 2 ? Episode 3 HAHA

  • Reverse centaur if it was an product of incest

  • Lazor wulf underrated af

  • this was funny i now sad again

  • 75

  • bet my money on a stupid horse I lost that so I ran out to the track to get my cash back

  • 16th here and what the hell is this

  • Fact : I don't search this video 😂😂😂😂

  • Therapist: Don't worry, Horse's with poseable thumbs aren't real Horse with poseable thumbs:

  • To the Early Squad Reading This: Always stay safe and healthy *Mrbeast commented on my new video 🍃

  • It's a hand history

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Yo, the artstyle got downgraded heavy

  • Jejkke

  • Pilot twist: *Dont even ask about me im not just first already liked the video*

  • Shrek

  • Uhhh well hi

  • That's nice

  • Rick and mortiy 5 sezon

    • You'll have to wait.

  • First!

  • Oh, I’m early

  • First

  • hey

  • This is a piece of History

    • Yeah, for some strange reason, he's back in Milwaukee, and Laverne and Shirley are back in Colorado.😬😷