Stormy Daniels (feat. A Surprise Return) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Pro 2020.
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  • "I'm kinda a sure thing" ~nasty chin skin flops around~

  • Wow this is bad

  • grea

  • I came here to see Stormy Daniels, ended up watching 5 seconds clip of her. Disappointed

  • Why do I feel so emotioned

  • The intros always get me so weak hahaha

  • Jillian Barberie! Jillian Barberie!

  • All jokes aside Stormy gives incredible exposition on her character in the first two lines of dialogue. That was some David Fincher shit.

    • @Taejon haha wym?

    • This deserves to be a top 2 comment... What year is this again...

  • 1:23 Did Jay-J dye his hair orange?

  • EPIC

  • bro the white bike, flowers and candles fucking killed me!

  • Next season have the new Hannibal be Mark Normand.

  • This type of shit show takes a lotta talent

  • Ew potato bug lol

  • Wow, they got Alec Robbins creator of hit comic Mr. Boop.

  • It took me this episode to realize how the show has less to do with the interviews and more to do with the madness behind the method (yes, the madness behind the method)

  • So glade this got recommended to me today.

  • Eric’s super close with his parents tho.

  • Señor Felipe se merece mucho mas que esto.

  • This season hit new heights

  • So Andre did 10 pounds of acid and hallucinate of Hannibal that whole time

  • Wow he managed to get George Clooney and Reese Whiterspoon for the last bit!

  • Was that George Clooney?!

  • When Hannibal just lived in erics mind then where is blannibal comming from ?

  • 0:50-1:00 was lit af!

  • Why do Hannibal look like he got no eyebrows, even tho he still got em?

  • Hannibal is a mirage?

  • Life is stupid, do whatever, you could die or live forever. What to do now, we just don't f*cking know. Cause that's all we had planned for the show!

  • The fucking white bicycle after Hannibal disappears lol

  • I think you guys should have J. Prince or Boosie on the show

  • Was that the real Dog the Bounty Hunter?

  • He was Kermit the whole time.

  • Imagine that this poor girl was sitting through the entire thing.

  • Omarion you are great

  • Cup Man back in effect


  • lol Felipe Esparza: "bien chingona" 😂😂😂

  • boom BOOM *TO THE DOME!*

  • I’m scared if there’s a murderer on Christmas

  • Stormy Maniels put on some serious poundage...

  • Im blown away people enjoyed any moment of this season. Its so bad.

  • that bien chingona gets me every fucking time 0:33

  • So hannibal was mirage all this time...

  • Is this the woman who bit the president?

  • Follow @chrisblawson instagram 🤘🏻

  • 1:08 when you die in crash bandicoot

  • 😂😂 always funny!

  • She was so bland.

  • If Hannibal isn’t real, is the “show” just a figment of Eric’s imagination?

  • just curious... has eric andre been spray tanning? cuz he looks kinda tan/orangeish... on purpose?

  • Kraft Punk?? I thought he was dead!

  • Anybody notice the Starcraft sound effect in the beginning? Givin' me flashbacks

  • hall of fame butterface

  • Felipe Esparza saying "bien chingona" and then sticking his tongue out was a cute underrated moment

  • This show is so brain dead lol

  • The show has lost it's edge.. I want to see guests being tortured until they cry..

  • Anyone know the song at 2:04?

  • lol This is the closest Stormy Daniels has got to interracial aside from Keiran Lee & Tommy Pistol.

  • They're a married PA couple

  • but if hannibals not real, and is in eric’s head, how did the rest of the group acknowledge him when he returns?

  • I have not idea what I just watched.

  • Did anyone else catch Dog the bounty hunter singing at the end?

  • Life is stupid Do whatever You could die or live forever.

  • I see DJ Dougpound

  • You know he asked Asa Akira if she ever felt like hurting herself. That with his joke about Stormy pulling a 9 on her parents because she never sees them, it seems like he has a pretty strong opinion about porn stars

  • music in the 0:48 second?

  • If Hannibal doesn't exist, who will give a quick shoutout to christina applegate?

  • I left here feeling inspired

  • I’ve never seen this show before and I have know idea what the f is happening

  • I miss his hair.

  • He asked her two questions: -Do you keep in contact with your parents -I read that you were homeless (so i guess he asked her one question


  • I need more Kraft Punk................Also did you know he can not die. 🧀 🔫

  • Man this show sucks. Hope they don't make more

  • No one's talking about the Ghostbike 😂😂😂😂😂

  • That’s the most words Blannibal ever conjured up I think

  • Maybe the real Hannibal was inside us the whole time.

  • Who’s the Asian guy w/ orange hair at 1:23 ?


  • Yo is that Dogg the bounty hunter

  • He'll be back, there's way more he wants to do with the show. please remain calm

  • For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 1 John 2:16 KJV

  • Too bad Jay Z and Beyonce couldn't make it, they must have been busy.

    • @Imanol Pulido boom Boom To the dome

    • @Royal Rosei I was wondering if that was him with dyed hair. Nice to have this confirmed

    • Beyonce died but Jay showed up at the end

  • I wanted season 5 to be as good as the first 4. That didn't happen for me. I'm hoping it stops now before what happened to Family Guy happens to this show.

  • Someone in the writers room is a big muppet movie fan

  • ¡Bien chingona!

  • I knew Hannibal wasn’t real, if you look closely in previous episodes you can see that there was no one

  • i love

  • Hannibal being Eric’s Tyler Durden actually somehow makes sense.

  • Felipe esparza..sup fool

  • Best show ever!

  • yo was that actually Dawg??? xD

  • What a complete old useless leathery tool bag of a human being

  • The best interdimensional cable there is here


  • Nihilism

  • ok but she can get it idc

  • Did they just parody the ending to the original Muppet Movie?

  • Haha love how they get her on just to point out that she's trash

  • The greatest trick The Hannibal ever pulled...was convincing Eric he had never existed...