So You Killed Your Coworker | Dream Corp LLC | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Stu 2020.
Watch the season finale of Dream Corp LLC on Sunday at 12:30am on Adult Swim.
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  • Adult Swim... PLEASE continue this show. It's easily grown to be one of my favorites in your line-up... I have SO SO SOOOO many questions, and really love where it's been going. Hands down, season 3's episode 1 (S03E01) "Comin' in hot", and season 3's episode 8 (S03E08) are my ABSOLUTE favorites!! I _will say_ however, that one of my only _real_ complaints about the show is the "gross-out" bits. People constantly vomiting, or pissing themselves... though the worst (BY FAR) is Randy and his "cyst popping" activities.. as, that's quite literally the *only* episode I haven't seen/been able get through. But I have *so many questions and theories* regarding the show, it's characters, the building, and sooo much more.. that I've actually been kicking around the idea to make a handful of videos to cover these topics.. Just can't seem to find the time to sit down and write them though. All said.. I love the show, and absolutely can't wait to see more!! Another season PLZ! (PS; Also, another season of Black Jesus would be magnificent as well!! ;) As it's another one of my favorites. It was a serious sleeper hit for me.. as it wasn't until season 3 that I _really_ became interested in the show. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that you retooled the show for season 3.. but I can't imagine that it hurt. It was admittedly rather jarring, though, to go from watching season 3- where Shalinka is a bit of a sassy bitch, to going back and watching season 1- where she's the evil bitch from hell. Bit of "hood whiplash" going on there. :P lol)

  • Dreamcorp LLC is a highly underrated show

  • So Doc was telling the truth that they had the doll before 88 joined, as this video is dated 1988.

  • Please DNR

  • thats the girl from the turn down for what music video

  • This is very calming

  • This is probably the first time the show has confused me so much i had more questions than answers by the end of it. Margot was apparently a clone, but what happened with 88? Did he like "kill" his own consciousness while he had the experimental helmet on? How did he get a glimpse of his own future? Was he really dead, in a temporary coma, or was his body somehow separated from his consciousness?

  • I'm gonna miss Margot if the show ever gets another season, best assistant.

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  • What the

  • Excellent cast.

  • Suicide bag

  • Literally the best live action adultswim series

  • Brutal cause this seriously just happened a week ago a couple suburbs from my home.

  • 1ne time.

  • Well the story we learned here kids is dont take acid at work i guess

  • Reminds me of ghosts with demi moore when the doctor dies lol

  • I FOUND MARK PORCH!! HE's AT 1:18 !


  • What the fuck is going on

  • Im lost....

  • Why isn't this a show yet?

  • I saw that coming


  • I would give anything to be a part of these good drugs.

  • Watched the whole thing w straight face

  • Now who will ork my cows?

  • ... Yes *nods*

  • Who hasn't thought about killing their co-worke...loads at least 1nce? Not the people who disliked this video, obviously...

  • Sheesh, she could've at least brought doughnuts.

  • As long as you let me in on the action I really don't care, 'heim.

  • Milo!

  • If I had a nickle for every time I said that at the office...

  • Infact i did Joke

  • Not the best yo-yo trick but still up there

  • Pristine. VHS. Quality.


  • Try To Revive 1ne Time Remove the body foRget!

  • This is why we have unions

  • Ah Doctor Roberts, nice Beatles reference (:

  • The "I didn't expect that" channel never disappoints.

  • I hope this show gets 6 seasons

  • I’m so confused. But I guess that’s the point 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Awesome!

  • Death is nice, ain't it? TTR1TR

  • 🤘🏾

  • I think she overreacted a little. We have all killed someone at some time and it is not so bad.

    • @7r3v0r Spoken like a TRUE Klingon warrior. ;)

    • people are so soft these days. how are you supposed to get ahead in life if you never kill a co-worker?

    • If you didn’t foRget the. You’re not practicing TTR1TR now are you. You’re not supposed to remember the people you killed.

  • Did you also eat your co-worker body after you kill your coworker

  • This is video is a scam

  • Boy that took a turn in the end...

  • Second

  • Also. Hilarious video 🤣

  • First!!