Robin Givens (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • I can’t believe people go on this show

  • "You gotta do it before I put the phone in the blender" puts phone in blender immediately without explaining what to do.

  • Robin Givens looks like she smoked a backwoods before she came

  • Idiocracy is real guys

  • Bruh every time I see his desk get smashed theirs a new one that has more wired stuff

  • Her confusion is palpable.

  • They're so sneaky they made a whole desk fall from the ceiling

  • Robin givens

  • Nobody has mentioned at 1:35 when he mentions kids there's some ghost kids laughing in the background

  • Is no one going to talk about the man who fell from the sky into the desk?

  • I love Robin’s reactions

  • Eric Andre admitted that Robin was the least satisfied of all his guests this season post-show.

  • What happened to hannibal??

  • She scared something gone fall on her 🤣🤣🤣

  • Who’s here after the Jimmy Kimmel interview?

  • 0:00 sounds like a regular Kid Rock or Lady Antebellum song.

  • for some reason the "you're not a fan of BUGS???" line really got to me

  • Damn she looks beat these days

  • Robin still finer than a mofo and she don't get no props.

  • I dont know where to start. Never gonna be another andre 😂👌

  • "wait, do what?"

  • I’d love to have a desk shredder

  • lakeith is stuck in another get out

  • lakeith is a fucking legend ong bro

  • The new desk landing in was funnier to me than the guy crashing into it

  • LaKeith is just there for vibe. He's being himself lmao luv that dude!

  • 2:19 is me everytime I’m watching this show

  • Not fair, highly imbalanced.

  • Wtf is this?

  • sweet

  • Mike Tyson was awesome in this episode

  • Don't forget Brad Pitt smashed too!

  • Two things. One: I'd still take down Robin Givens, she's so sexy. Two:Lakieth Stanfield is an amazing break dancer.

  • Payback is a given!

  • Im hoping swim replaces that fucking phone.

  • You gotta dooo itt!!!!

  • I waited quite some time before checking the season 5 out.. It definitely got more psychedelic and innovative I can say that :D

  • No one can make the ladies scream like Eric

  • i want to marry the asian lady

  • Somebody actually pays you to do this crap? And you have a budget? Brand new world I guess...🙄🙄

  • 1:09 what the hell even happened here?

  • Her smile is so not right! Shi will have nightmares

  • Lakeith didnt even get asked to be in the show. He just sorta wondered on set one day doing his normal weird shit and they kept filming.

  • i laughed

  • 2:19 those are eyes of a man that seen some shit

  • She looks like she just hates everyone here.

  • The asian lady is the incredible's Hulk mother!

  • So do these guests really have no idea what there in store for?

  • I cant believe Im still watching this

  • some people call him absurdist comedy prodigy i call him a cheap tom green rip off

  • That intro actually sounded fire

  • She has a goddamn 12 head

  • "Wait do what?" *immediately puts the cellphone in a blender*

  • D list celebs on super edited fake show- how long this lasts is up to you people-

  • lakeith stanfield is the sexiest man alive

  • Can someone explain to me the premise of this show?

  • She is like a concerned mother.

  • 2:07 HOLY CRAP IT'S JOE!!

  • I suspect the part with the Asian lady's compliments were edited so that Robin was actually reacting to something weird, but they made it look as if she was reacting to what the Asian lady was saying.

  • "Now you've actually WATCHED the Show,right Robin?"

  • when robin first walked out i thought I was having an acid flashback lmao

  • She is trying so hard 🤣🤣

  • Doesnt even ask her what to do

  • I highly recommend using raid as cologne! It works 👌

  • Full interview, shows a 3 minutes clip

  • Sick people...

  • I don't trust like that..

  • You don’t like bugs? I’m sure they’re very necessary lmao 😂

  • Omarion, youre so great

  • You gotta do it or I'm gonna put the cell phone in the blender.. Wait, do what??

  • Robbing Givens 🥊👀🥊

  • She makes the EXACT SAME FACES as my mom does when she's grossed out lmao!!!!

  • 1:01 when the npc does its thing and leaves...

  • La Keith stanfield is a good new co host tbh

  • Best show ever

  • This show though... What the FUK!......😂

  • Not funny anymore.

  • She kinda fire huh?

  • So what instrument are you playing? Compliments

  • Asian singer lady crushing hard on Robin Givens

  • 0:54-1:02 .....WHAT THE HELL,MAN?!!

  • Eric saying "I'm a sex symbol" like it isn't unironically true in 2020

  • you gotta do it or

  • 🌚 Oh yeah

  • Do the guest not do there research before coming to his show?

  • This show sucks the big one.

  • Wait, do what?

  • I like Lakeith as an actor but I really don't like him on this show. It feels like he's trying. Hannibal and Eric don't feel like they're trying to bother them, they're believable. I don't feel like LS fits the same way

  • she handled the bugs like a real woman though, slight scare but then interest, thats what i like

  • Mayor McCoy's come a long way from Riverdale.

  • Hands down worst season

  • Omarion touch my heart .

  • "She dated Mike Tyson and she fucked Howard Stern" That's literally all I know about Robin Givens

  • Rey mysterio became taller

  • lakeith the new hannibal?

  • the dudes scream is my highlight

  • eric is the most half black, half jewish looking guy i've ever seen

  • There's a special place in hell for Robin for what she did to Mike

  • Make sure her shins are SHININ!

  • 1:30 could be a meme