Rick and Morty: Destroying Glorzo | Storyboard to Screen | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Pro 2020.
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  • Pearl Harbor scene is just mwah 🤌

  • "we didn't do 911"

  • I freaking miss this.

  • I love how they're just casually having a little bonding moment while destroying an entire civilization 🤣

  • SEASON 5

  • This morning, I had a vision. The trailer of season 5 was finally out and the thumbnail of it looked very strange. There was Rick in front of it. He had this mysterious look on his face, like he knew, that something was going to happen and the background behind his head was also strange. It was in space. Another planet. There were many pieces of glass flying around and the landscape was full of rocks that were made out of glass, maybe? The colour of these glassrocks was a light blue. Maybe I have seen this in the show before, but it looked so unfamiliar. The animation was so good and colourful. Better then in season 1-4. Please drop the trailer already! My vision or whatever I saw after waking up is making me crazy!

    • @Jorina s Me too!! First thing I did after waking up was drawing... Just finished it while listening R&M themes... Oh I was in heaven

    • @jack bauer It's okay. I'm finished.

    • @Jorina s It's alright, I'm also thinking of drawing what I saw.. And since our visions are kinda similair I will be technically looking at your drawing so..... Alright I'mma stop here cuz I'm feeling sleepy don't mind me I literally dont know wut I'm wriiting

    • @jack bauer I think there is no way you could see it, because we are on You Tube, not social media and I don't have a Channel or any account on social media. Sorry.😐

    • @Jorina s Really!? I wonder if there is a way I coud see it once you finish it...

  • Это было эпично кста

  • the best part of this scene is there's 9/11 and pearl harbor reference.

  • how made draw version turning animation. right of down screen much more fluent. How transporting pictures?

  • When will there be a season 5 of rick and morty

  • I love the sketches. I would like to see a whole episode in this style as a final product. Some would call you lazy. I would call it a fuck you move.

  • If they dare to cancel Rick and Morty before we got at least 20 seasons, or more if seasons are going to be this short, they will deserve to have Rick as their sworn enemy 😁

  • "Keep a man in prison and you'll shelter him for years, Kidnap a man in your basement, and you'll shelter him for the rest of his life"

    • @W Serba I'll just remove the quote if you want me to

    • @W Serba I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm no Psycho but I feel bad when people steals my quote ;-;

    • You're seriously quoting yourself? That's straight up psychopath behavior.

  • Why can't glorzo just live in peace... 😔

    • Because Glorzo just living in peace feels bad man.

  • Saquen temporadas!

  • Dear Adult Swim, I badly need the season 4 animatics. PLEASE! PLEASE!! Pretty please!! Where can I get 'em?

  • Nice video from adult swim this give 10/10

  • seanson 5

  • Season 5 gonna be epic!

  • I love how blatintly obvious it was what the "weapon" should reassemble in the storyboard so they changed it in the final product Xd

  • My favorite part is that the cannon thing looked more like a veiny dick and balls in the storyboard, but more me mechanical in the final product.

  • Glory to Gorzo

  • Awesome Rick and Morty Destroying Glorzo Video.

  • I fucking love storyboards :))))

  • Amazzzzzzzingly C0o! Man! Like popping bubble wrap!

  • Beautiful...

  • Season 4 was one year ago 🤯


  • Jack Skellington: [singing] Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it! Jack Skellington: [singing] My dearest friend, if you don't mind... I'd like to join you by your side. Where we can gaze into the stars... 😊

  • When do you guys release season 5 up in here ?! I watched all 4 seasons like X - amounts of times already and it's soo good! Lucky i found triptank and another show aswell ♡ fucking looooove Rick & Morty, Rick and Morty adventuuures !

  • 1:57 WTF is with Morty's eyes?!

  • Best episodes of season 4

  • Rick Sanchez and Light Yagami Two of my favourite anti heroes

  • Rick dose another bad thing today and then the next episode

  • I wish morty and summer had a younger sister

  • Hey, look there _is_ bonus material, how about actually putting it on the physical releases like you did on season 1-3..?


  • Thanks a lot. Now I have "Glory to Glorzo" stuck in my head.

  • Lmao I just noticed that rocket is a giant dick

  • Can anyone tell me when is the 5th season going to be released? (Sorry for my bad English)

    • It's coming soon, most of the work is finished. They were working from home when some places in the US had a lockdown. It should come out in the first or second quarter of 2021, at least the first half will, just like Season 4.

  • too bad it cuts out before the 911 eleven scene lmao

  • Wow! The alien spacecraft looked a lot nore like a veiny, uncircumcised peen here. But they bleeped "fuck".

  • That’s kinda cool you guys found somebody to show some kind of behind-the-scenes in between releasing the seasons. Refreshing the audience, and gives us a picture of how that all made. Cool. Might inspire somebody :) Maybe some day we will find out how you work with the sound also... I mean, other than voice ofc, because every single fan here probably already knows that most voices there are just Justin Roiland 😂

    • Bald Faced pandering deserves a downvote.

    • Roiland is the only person capable of performing as Rick if ever they make a live action

  • This awesome seeing the skeletal work 😗👌

  • We don't care about Rick and Morty, nobody does. Please put good shows on your program

    • Your pretty incorrect my guy. And tbh Rick and Morty is the only show worth watching on Adult Swim. Like if no one actually cared about it it wouldnt be the head of Adult siwm or have such a massive fanbase.

    • I care , A lot of them do

  • I loved this scene

  • Lets be honest here, we all kinda missed Rick & Morty slaughtering extraterrestrial races

  • The time it took to make this Jesus Christ

  • This scene was a *masterpiece*

  • Ricks anti glorzo videos are the FUCKING best

  • That story board looks alot more like a phallus than the finished the product and I think that's a shame

    • Yeah, I'm shocked I totally did not see that until this.

    • That's what I said! I had no idea that's what it was

  • "Glory to Glorzo Means glory to me We got too many eggs And not enough society"

  • Season 5

  • can anyone tell me if the fifth season of Rick an Morty is out in the United States?

    • ...or Não, if that helps.

    • No.

    • @Devon Thomas I do not speak English uses a translator and translates to Portuguese!

    • @Nagato Uzumaki its not out, but I thought I might have just missed it

    • @TEN RAN 432 Thanks

  • glorzoo

  • Lol

  • Should've been a better species WOOOSHHH

  • Gimme next season now !

    • Patience my child it'll come in 2021 i can feel it

  • I love that they always post the storyboard! Edit: Thanks for 30 likes this is my first time getting a major amount of likes!

    • @Danial Waleed Thanks broh

    • No problem bro "burp burp" here is one more like bro "burp burp".

  • Awesome.

  • The quality 👌 awesome

  • yee yee yeehaww :D

  • h

  • Glory to Glorzo is no more lmao

  • Brasil aqui amor Rick and morty

  • I love rick and morty ngl

  • glorzo is peace

  • very nice

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  • 80 like 19 wiews YT 2020

  • Who remembers the song glory to glorzo is glory to ms

  • 😻😻😻😻

  • not first gotta call Xfinity

  • 🔥

  • Nice

  • Aww geezzz I fell on the floor (while light kicks it ) fucking classic

  • #1

  • H