Rick and Morty: The Butter Robot Reveal | Adult Swim Festival

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland reveals the prototype for the new Butter Robot from Adult Swim and Digital Dream Labs. Pre-order yours at www.thebutterrobot.com.
Audio/visual sensors and lifelike mechanical movements give the Butter Robot the ability to relay its unique, human-like personality while performing complex commands:
Sentience - A complex “emotion engine” allows the Butter Robot to react to influences from its environment and adapt to become more “self-aware” over time while choosing to “rebel" against commands and exhibit independence.
Selectable Control Modes - Using the complimentary mobile app, fans can select from three control modes (Direct Control, Coding, Passing) to relay a variety of commands to their robot companion.
Passing Mode - The Butter Robot will listen for and respond to the phrase “Pass the Butter” and will react by passing its butter stick to the fan who spoke.
Direct Control - This mode allows fans to experience life from the robot's perspective; “driving" the Butter Robot and performing pre-programmed animations (dances, picking up the butter), all while watching from its integrated camera.
Coding Mode - Fans can use block coding to relay a series of commands to the Butter Robot.
Movement - In addition to passing the butter, Butter Robot has a combination of mechanical designs that allow it to move its head, torso and arms like a human.
Voice - Identical to the voice used in Rick and Morty, fans will enjoy Butter Robot’s distinct voice as it interacts with its surroundings or parrots phrases relayed through the mobile app's text-to-voice feature.
The limited-edition run of the Butter Robot can be purchased here for $147 USD during the pre-order window.
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  • Another amazing product from AntsInMyEyes Johnson.

  • (Rick voice) -Consume Morty! There’s a pandemic out there no one’s buying anything!- -Buy Morty! Buy!-

  • I don't why interdimentional cable ad is In my mind when watching this.

  • I need season 5

  • Fuck i wonna buy but i dont see toy not a robot

  • 4 years too late

  • "What is my purpose?" You live in a box filled with paper-strip fillers...*burp*aaand probably end up in someone's showcase or bookshelf. "Oh my god" Yah welcome to the club, pal!

  • wait.. so its actually dead?

  • Watch video where a guy made robot like this 4 years ago

  • Just wanna say that "Trick r Treat" was an unexpected delight

  • I need it.

  • I want it. I actually need this.

  • Man I was expecting it to be a lot less cheap and more like it was in the show

  • E

  • ✌🏻😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿DDL SUCKS. Anyone that buys one will be disappointed & the novelty will run out very quickly 😂. Lot of people won’t buy this just because it’s associated with DDL 😂. If rick & morty associate themselves with DDL I guess i’m never allowing the show to be on in my house ever again. That’s how much ddl sucks. Community coding clubs had to close down programs because of DDL ripping off pre existing customers of ANKI. The community that we built is now a target to get people that’s already invested to spend even more cash. Digital dream labs killer of dreams.

  • Ok now do a Portal Gun IRL

  • Absolutely fire

  • Tomska now looks like him

  • That fucking shirt 👍👍👍

  • Is he wearing a “trick r treat” shirt?

  • my favorite part was how easy it was for Rick to hardwire self awareness in a robot that he built in a few minutes just to pass butter...

  • I want that shirt

  • why do I feel like he could honestly care less,I don't it's just a narrative for how lazy people have become.but too actually make it,and it doesn't even serve butter is really lazy lol.

  • I must have it. Where to buy?

  • Thank God I pre ordered My butter robot!! Super excited for it


  • $147USD ouch

  • 0:07 Thanks, Justin. I didn't know what an unboxing was.

  • .....I know they created this in the show, but someone actually made a working robot from for years ago, and it even talks. So.....this is a huge rip off of that

  • That's awesome!

  • Love the trick r treat shirt. Such an underrated movie.

  • I love how he describes it as awkwardly as a character would in inter dimensional cable!

  • Can he talk???

  • Just bought one. Hoping it kills me first.

  • If I can get this shit for Christmas. Imma be the happiest man eating pancakes in the morning

  • But can you give it an extreme existential crisis about its very existence?

  • The fish on the wall in the man cave episode. OMG 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👾❤️😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😭😭😭😂😂 okay, how do I get a job here? That was so funny. You all ready for some biscuits?

  • he's so cute and this is so coool !

  • It would have been nice if you accredited the person who actually made it, you know...the person you got the code and designs from?

  • Free will not included.

  • I already had one

  • Can i get a plumbus!?

  • He sounds like a confident Morty.

  • Will it ACTUALLY pass butter tho

  • I want one but covid....😢

  • I bought this item and it killed my family. Zero stars

  • Dude that's an HHN shirt oh my god

  • Such an inspiration

  • I like everything about her butter face

  • Like I actually want to know if the one on the website actually moves and stuff cause I want to get one for Christmas

  • Rick is gonna die in the last season

  • But what is his purpose?

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • So is the one on the website a prototype or the actual thing? I want to get one for Christmas

  • Has this thing been around 4yrs ago...this is old

  • so at&t is fine with doing this but they kill the streams to save money, god at&t is a stupid company

  • Umm saw this in a vid 4 years ago

  • Moment of silence for all those who paid $147 for this. Including me

  • what is Alex Smith from the hat films doing here ?

  • Cash grab? 150$ seems a bit steep if it CAN’T actually pass the butter

  • Need interdimensional tv

  • I was sold when he said USB C

  • Wait a second. That thing doesn't look like it actually serves butter. It literally has no purpose.

  • This guy is a perfect example of of what people back then cold nerds but nowadays call Legends

  • Hey heres a shitty product buy it ..its just a prototype so I promise it will be exactly as I say...if that robot doesn't turn rogue and kill my family then I'm not buying.

  • "Oh my god" With fake RTX lol

  • the fuck is this, aint no butter in the box + this shit wont even move or do anything at all. 149 $ my ass

  • DISCLAIMER: the butter robot can only make use of BUTTER knives to kill everyone you love.

  • This feels like an interdimensional cable ad

  • Forget the Xbox Series X forget the PS5, I know what I want for Christmas now

  • There are several of those on the Internet but actually they worked

  • The promo pictures on the site are ridiculous. They are just various angles of a family making dumb faces at the robot as it sits in the same spot haha

  • you cartoons lack heart and emotion. It's all 'oh i am so cool and i'm a scientist and nothing matters to me'. Its fun only for a while.

  • Why does he sound like a mix of Rick and Morty?

  • It's so beautiful :'3

  • It will kill everyone you love.

  • $150 for a dumb toy based on a 1 minute gag, in the middle of a pandemic induced economic depression???? i'll take 6

    • @Jorceshaman i believe if you got the like early bird special or something it was 150

    • @Jorceshaman They’re probably Canadian or Australian.

    • $150? I just came because of the website. It said $197 for pre-order.

  • i think it’s amazing that Justin voices like half the characters in the show and none of them are his normal speaking voice

  • But does it pass butter?

  • Next logical step is a line of pickles. Literal pickles. Human to pickle transformation device sold separate.

  • No butter on the table. It's whole existence is meaningless now.

  • Guaranteed to give you an existential crisis!

  • "really i just want the money"

  • This sounds like an interdimensional cable ad

  • Yeah i'm not putting money down until i see it work


  • It’s “reve-fucking-lation”. “Reveal” is a verb...

  • Love how they don't even really make the show anymore but still pump out an insane amount of merchandise for the show that takes 3 fucking years to make 5 episodes of 22 mins each...

    • They are animating season 5 right now. The writing is done.

  • Why's your robot look limp?

  • See I wasn’t sold on this sell, but once he told me that it could possibly recite poetry, he reeled me back in

  • This has to be a joke right?

  • I like that Justin Roiland is a Trick r Treat fan.

  • From: Justin To: Justin

  • But can it actually pass butter?

  • When is season 5

  • What'is my purpose? - To design and write butter finding AI to create a butter passing robot.

  • Dude bad ass trick r treat shirt hahaha

  • Nope


  • His lips look dry, he needs more moisture.