Rick and Morty (Full Panel) | Adult Swim Festival 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
It's a LIVE global celebration of Rick and Morty! Join Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke and Spencer Grammar to experience some of Season 4's best moments in multiple languages and answer questions from fans around the world.
The Adult Swim Festival is a two-day, global event taking you virtually closer than you’ve ever dreamed and packed with your favorite bands and comedic talents. Experience never-before-seen Adult Swim exclusives without the hassle of leaving your couch! It’s everything you love about Adult Swim in one place.
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Friday (Day 1) Playlist: bit.ly/3nodWD4
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  • 14#

  • ภาษาไทยก็มาว่ะชอบมากๆ 0:16

  • Why is dan in the closet

  • Season 5 season 5 season 5 season 5 season 5

  • They shouldn't have done this with out the main person

  • Trash

  • Awww why isn't Justin Roiland here?

  • The real hero is Dmitry Syenduk who dub's the whole series for all Russia officially.

  • А есть субтитры?

  • Hoş bulduuukkkk

  • Dan Harmon looks like he he's about to drop a German book on capitalism and cause a civil war in Russia.


  • 8:15 berlin

  • c

  • I am a fan from Gambia

  • It's hilarious, season four absolutely bites, it's like you can tell it's different then before, not quite as edgy and to similar to what's already in l, like they got the idea from a different show

  • That Dragon scene just sounds right in German

  • I think I was able to pick out the word “boob” from most of those languages. Lol

  • I have a HRdown video

  • Hi 🙋🏾‍♂️ Would god take your life away if u add a king 🤴🏾 🤣🤣😅😅😅🤯

  • imagine wathcing an episode of rick and morty with out rick or morty in the episode.... 2020.... presenting ...Rick and Morty Panel

  • Keep it up!

  • My favourite bit in the new season of Rick & Morty was when the entire show disappeared up Elon Musk's arse.

  • No dubbing in Norway Thank God ☺️

  • When will season 5 go out

  • *Dan Harmon is on Epsteins flight logs*

  • I truthfully hate all of you

  • Rick and Morty panel with no Rick and Morty😳

  • (Spoilers)Did you guys know that in the episode where morty wants the save button like in video games rick killed c 137 morty so all the episodes after that episode rick doesnt have his morty which is the one we always had because rick explains that its not a save button and it just kills you in another timeline so he killed him self and replaced that rick so he pretty much got rid of another time line and he killed c 137 morty, the one we had basically throughout all the seasons

  • I'm Rick Sanchez and this is my favourite shop on the Citadel.

  • 0:18 kto to tłumaczył

  • 3:34 dan is just jaming to nothing and I love that for him lmao

  • Imagin an episode were Rick gets a girlfriend and dumps morty and morty has to figure out how to get back Rick and Rick doesn’t know his girlfriend is evil and morty has help of a diffrent Rick which gave him weapons to kill ricks girlfriend

  • 24:32

  • IGN mods are always the worst. Minus Sydney. She's the best.

  • I hope we get a couple more seasons before Dan kills himself

  • if you think that Rick and Morty fans would like this content you haven't understood the multiverse...

  • 7:25 There is only 197 countries around the world it’s impossible

  • Season 4 was the finale for me, I don't see this show going anywhere it has not already gone already.

  • Oh shit they got Santa Claus 🎅

  • Wow,the main characters are gone

  • We need the Rick actor to stay alive till the world ends and Morty

    • YES. Not even a live action actor could pull of that iconic beautiful Rick voice. We must protect Justin Roiland at all costs

  • Is this the fascist universe? I don't see enough martinis...

  • Dan Harmon looks so stoned lmaoo

  • Why Jerry got ignored all threw the interview?

  • You should have used character filters on them.

  • 22:19 30:47 34:11 only Polish


  • I can't hear this chicks voice without thinking "god damnit summer!"

  • 30:06 Fun observation. German version has no bleeps.

  • This is why we have subtitles..

  • Whatt the fuck is this...

  • Pls make a musical Rick and Morty musical I know my opinion doesn't matter

  • Rip Sean Connery

  • 39:50 every question is a Dan question

  • As they told the stories about their interaction with fans it reminded me of that it introduced me to philosophy and nihilism.

  • The delivery of Jerry's va is so on point.

  • The word in persian for scorpion is "aghrab". Just another useless fact.

  • I'm trying to help the algorithm with as much as I can comments posting. It's not much but it's honestworking.

  • Pls don't say EPIC anymore. It's hard to not cringe.

  • The interviewer is so incorporated that is sometimes painfull to watch. But she does a good job at pandering and marketing.

  • Dan Harmon looks more and more like Karl Marx.

  • I love dan Harmon. He's my god. And I'm an atheist.

  • The festival is very good, but the Spanish translation of "Welcome to the Adult Swim Festival" is wrong. The correct translation would be "Bienvenidos al festival de Adult Swim". Greetings.

  • You are all so awesome!

  • Sorry Dan, Norway only want Rick and Morty in English. Dubbing sounds fucked 😂

  • SCHRAB HOME VIDEO T-SHIRTTTTTTT! I miss harmontown :((

  • Why is adult swim’s PSA music more times than not an absolute banger like fuck.

  • what did i just watch

  • Impressive how Chris Parnell looks like Jerry ... further proof that life is all about art.

    • Don’t you mean, art is all about life? Because that sh Don’t make sense

    • No

    • He actually also looks like Cyril from Archer, whom he also voices and who is literally the same character as Jerry.

    • The voice actor for jerry looks like jerry in the show lol witch is cool

  • 43:50 Woooo Ecuador questions! Buena, Mateo!!

  • Oh shit, Dan's in this? Fuck yea!

  • Justin should promo, EVERYTHING!!!(The Professional).

  • West Banksy

  • Version Br

  • It's funny that the only two missing from the Rick and Morty panel, is Rick and Morty.

    • they are out for adventure

    • F

    • He's probably sick of having to answer questions that he's actually not allowed to answer... Or maybe he's hungover. We're talking about Rick, right?

    • Damn

  • Spencer looks like Katie Sackhoff in this.

  • intro song name? its an absolute vibe

  • [Sees Harmon] Oh shit, I didn't know they had Santa Claus on the production crew.

    • @Garrett Carter ha ha funny (not really)

    • @Garrett Carter a meme?

    • @C.O.R. I was making a funny.

    • Did you not know what Dan Harmon looked like before you saw this virtual panel?

  • Rick n morty Is sick cartoon...... Ever..... New episod Plz....

  • Why is she screaming like that while trying to speak german? also it was a real bad try her german is horrible.

  • Harmon looks like an off-season Santa.

  • Would be amazing to have this in Chinese

  • Ok

  • A que minuto la version Mexicana!!!!!

  • Is it just me or this guy is like really the bird person

  • wish justin was here too!

  • 51:25 GTFO With those fixed arms!!

  • Rick and Morty is international! *Only shows translation in European languages* (I really wanted to hear some Korean or Indian here.)

  • Dan Harmon is just becoming a Rick Rubin larper

  • Fggh

  • The moderators are also so cringe

  • German dubs are unbearable.

  • if you vpn netflix in france, rick and morty is here (english too)

  • 😭😭😭

  • I miss harmontown

  • Holy shit, Dan lost a lot of weight.

  • I love you Dan... hopefully you unplugged your tesla..

  • where's Justin?

    • @Davi Melo how do you know that

    • Fought with Dan and now they're behind schedule

  • Morty!!!