Rick and Morty: The Bechdel Test (Multi-Language) | Adult Swim Festival

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
The Bechdel Test scene, but make it English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, and Latin American Spanish.
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  • Where Is italy

  • Best 2 minutes of my life

  • Rus?

  • I love how you included even polish but not italian. Thanks so much

  • Why all languages from europe where is chinese japanese russian africkan languages

  • so wheres the japanese version?


  • :V

  • 🦂🦂🦂

  • So scorpion is basically the same in every language.

  • This. Is. Gold. Can’t stop watching it.

  • This is way too funny all they did was dub in to other languages

  • Scorpions, female scorpions!

  • the portuques brasil big good

  • The German version look likes Hitle bunker meme >:)

  • A feminist masterpiece x-D

  • Polish translation is very weak. No one talks like this.

  • did the german dub change? i dont remember them having these voices.

  • "Vamos"! at the end made me laugh idk why lmao

  • Ha ha. Black people

  • _shoots lady crotch lasors in French_

  • Make it in Hindi too guys large population here will properly be amused by it and will 100% get banned in this country but just put it on youtube or somewhere it will get a ridiculous amount of views.

  • Awesome Rick and Morty Video.

  • Like para los que hablan español jaja 😎

  • Dublagem brasileira é muito boa tem como não

  • I’m learning so many languages thank you

  • Booo!🖕😛🏴‍☠️

  • И только в России, из озвучивает один мужик

  • força como una teta!

  • MAH MEUA MIGO, nossos dubladores nasceram pra fazer esses personagens

  • Ummmm I don’t get it ... And I’m fluent in three of these languages 🥴

  • I hate tests

  • I have to say literally every voice actor got the sarcastically written tone exactly correct.

  • Sabía que no podía faltar el Español Latino x"D❤

  • 2000 years after the apocalypse the next evolution of man will uncover this as their Rosetta Stone!

  • Certified Gold!!!!!

  • No matter what language, the word for scorpion sounds similar

  • Why did I watch this?

  • Include Dutch, Danish, and Swedish.

    • Is it even dubbed in these languages? Usually in these countries they only dub TV shows for kids

  • not even Russian :(

  • Dublagem brasileira e foda!!kakakakak🤣😂

  • Just put the show on YT... you know people can find these online right?

  • Tf 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thank you so much. That, sniff, was beautiful.

  • If you wanted to hear Beth and Summer speak in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, and Latin American Spanish your wait is over! "Fight them with your heavy special time."

  • It all sounded like mexican to me. I guess that means I'm racist.

  • Me ha sorprendido lo neutro que ha sido ese español hispanoamericano

    • Nacho taco chimichanga

    • @Himarxuky Pasa lo mismo con la palabra "bubis", algunos doblajes mexicano lo utilizan pero tampoco es como si tuviese mucho sentido para toda latinoamérica y no solo México, o por ejemplo recuerdo que Drama Total que creo tambien se dobla en Venezuela una vez se le llamaron "lolas"

    • "pelea con tus días abundantes" :V (que es gracioso porque primero dice que sus días especiales (no abundantes) le dan poder. osea como que lo "tradujeron" o doblaron por partes y no le dieron coherencia. si lo traducen no literal está bien siempre que tenga coherencia y que no se pierda la esencia de la escena) en rick and morty se dicen groserías o palabras mal sonantes, por lo que nunca dirían senos (breasts) y sí tetas (boobs o tits). si con neutro te refieres a censurado, pues ok...

  • french and spanish was awesomeee

  • HEAVY special time... I know my girl be queefing whole sunrises

  • we we


    • @John Connor ah pra mim nao é nao tipo se fosse um anime dai seria diferente

    • @Nugget Congelado'-' isso não refuta o que eu disse hahahah, mas gosto é gosto, né. Acho mal traduzido e mal atuado

    • @John Connor aonde bro o dublador do ric q faleceu essa semana era o melhor

    • SQN. Dubbing Company Campinas é uma vergonha pra o mercado de dublagem brasileiro

  • Lmfaooo

  • Y THO

  • season 5? when

  • A

  • I came too early 😭

  • Flower power! 😋🤣

  • wtf

  • A now multilingual feminist masterpiece

    • Our world needed it. We finally got what we deserved (;

  • O