Rick and Morty: Slut Dragons (Multi-Language) | Adult Swim Festival

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
The Slut Dragons scene, but make it English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Castilian Spanish, Polish, and Latin American Spanish.
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  • Where is Russian?!

  • Was this ever dubbed into Japanese?

    • Yes and of course there are beep sounds on everywhere lol


  • Not a single beep in German lmao

  • Pour le français est le plus marrant

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 The Spanish thoooo

  • French hits different 🤣🤣🤣

  • There would never be any censoring beeps in Castilian Spanish. We don't do that shit in Spain, thank god

  • I noticed some languages weren't censored at all. I'm jealous lol

  • Too many forms of spanish

  • 0:49 melhor parte 😂

  • Where is Russian language?

  • Stop! 😂😂😂 I watched this episode the other day and I was about to drift off to sleep and next minute I could hear whipping sounds and “SLUT, SLUT, SLUT” almost pissed myself in bed.

  • german dubbing sucks lol

  • The german was hilarious!

  • Hahaha why does polish sound like reverse is it just me?

  • k olha o espanhol que foda

  • português do brasil domina

  • Google: How do I say shitplay in nine different languages?

  • Such beautiful languages

  • Aw you didn't show the part with the purple dildo staff x-D

  • La lingua italiana e sempre molto considerata da quel che vedo..

  • Attends... c’est le Monde à l’Envers qui fait les voix en Français ?! 😱🤩🤩🤩

  • It's all one big, multi-lingual, very disgusting family.

  • Portuguese best

  • This is greaaaattt

  • I know what I just watched, & can't help but think what the F word in several different languages did I just watch?

  • Balthromaw fore president

  • Where's Russian voiceover by Sienduk? It's official too.

  • Swede here. Seeing stuff like this makes you a bit proud, to live in a country where everyone can read, and everyone is taught English from an early age. Even suggesting dubbing things for adults here, is seen as a grave insult. Some knob tried to introduce Simpsons dubbed to Swedish, once , and the reaction was pretty unanimous: Go F yourself, do you think we're idiots!

  • ofc the brazilian one mentiones 2 girls one cup hahahaha

  • Smiling Friends

  • Awesome Rick and Morty Video.

  • Imagine slut-shaming 🤢

  • This is a great video

  • Yooooo

  • no russian? lmao

  • Did the Germans say anything about Scat?

    • Kaviar. Never Google naturkaviar. Believe me.

    • Yes

  • "It's pink. That means woman" "Well, they did use a male voice for..." "Pink. Woman."

    • I think that ones supposed to be a drag queen or something

    • French, polish, and latin american spanish didnt follow the protocol. Sad.

    • @scttee yes, in French it’s a woman

  • All the Michaels sound like perverts 🤗

  • Uff lo mejor porque esta en 2 español

  • german most gay sounding x)

  • Furry de merda hahahaah

  • I feel so cultured !!🕴🏿

  • I love how the german version is not censored at all.

    • @buciallstar German language is majestic enough to dont need that.

    • the only thing I didn't like is that the dragons don't have a majestic echoing voice compared to all the other languages.

    • @Ögge We're actually doing that more than other countries... he's right.

    • @Tony Nola i would disaggree

    • @Ögge after all Germany loves shit play.

  • the ultimate experience to watch this show is in Castilian spanish and english

  • latinoamerica rules

  • I haven‘t watched the show in a long time, but I guess the german dub is still pretty lackluster. It gets points for keeping the curses, but the translated script is very.. mmh.. tries to be filthy and edgy like the original one, but lacks charm in the way it attempts it (if that makes sense) and they cheapened out on the voice talent, though understandable when you know the channel that commissioned the german dub has a shoe string budget. Gotta say though the way they refer to the scat play as caviar play.. can‘t say I ever heard that before. Always interesting to hear the other languages too.

    • GORDON Ramsey Oh. Gotta admit I didn‘t know that, because I don‘t partake in it myself. Thought they were talking about fish eggs 😳 Thanks for correcting me on that!

    • Shitplay is called naturkaviar in German lol

  • piiii piiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiipiiiiiii

  • Hahahahahaha

  • VIVA LATAM!!!!!!!!!!😎💎

  • Certified Gold!!!!!

  • Today I just learned how to say "Fuck a Mammoth" in multiple languages.

  • It’s weird because some languages give the pink dragon a female voice actor or at least a very convincing female voice.

  • Dude the pink dragon in french has an amazing voice for french

    • this is : Le monde a l'envers french youtuber

  • En español suena mejor. Haha!

  • Como latino, me ofende que no usen lenguaje explícito. ¡¿Y luego cómo no nos vamos a quejar de los doblajes?! ¡Váyanse a la mierda empresas de doblaje! XD

  • Now I know how to say eat butt in 8 languages.

  • I needed that

  • Notice how the pink dragon's voice actors are both male and female. That is very conflicting information for people of every where.

    • Reminds me how some localizations gave Frieza a female voice. Confused the crap outta children at the time lol.

  • 0:56 It sounded like the Brazilian Portuguese said “two girls one cup”

    • Because it did

    • @Douglas Porto cool

    • Instead of saying "at least I'm not into shitplay" They say " at least I don't watch two girls one cup" and the others dragons call them a fucking furry Brazilian voice acting is one of our gifts to the world

    • They sure did. Actually, two girls one cup was filmed in brazil

    • Omfg he ACTUALLY did 😂 🤣 how epic I know Portuguese and English and he said “ but I don’t watch “ before and merda (shit) right after 😂

  • Just as funny in any language😂😂😂😂😂

  • French and slut goes well together.

  • Am I hearing things or does the french version have a softer bleep?

    • @Ozone Grif Naaaahhh the french version is great! I'm french and it's rare when the dub vers is good but they did very well I always watch the original version but for once I watch it in french let's give credits where it is due also it's a cave of course there's an echoe

    • @Ozone Grif now we use HRdownrs to make the dub, and you shall see there channel, they’re so funny

    • @Ambre Vigneron Voice actor is an expertise, not everyone can do it well :3

    • @Ozone Grif those voice are made by famous French HRdownrs called “Le Monde à l’Envers”

    • The french version is terrible, there's echo in the voices, and it has no feelings.

  • You truly have not seen the Slut Dragon Scene until you hear it in Castilian Spanish.

  • bruh

  • Lol

  • Funny how in German and Latin American Spanish it isn’t censored since they use euphemisms.

    • I mean, it's a TV show for grown-up soooo...., everyone knows what's going on, so why censoring something so obviously? 😅 Or is it a part of the humor to censor swear words?

    • Mammoth ficken the best 😎😎😎

    • @goldenfox fox Dude thats exactly what euphemisms means "because they censored the word with other more "formal"" read a book dude, educate yourself

    • @sebastian riemer I watched South Park on Netflix in Castellano ("european" spanish) and I also was confused that some words were censored as the english and german audio is uncensored on Netflix

    • The German one just isn't censored.

  • At least I'm not into shit play

  • e nomames comentario 3 :D


  • O