Rick and Morty: Spring Break Camping (Multi-Language) | Adult Swim Festival 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
The Spring Break camping scene, but make it English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Polish.
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Friday (Day 1) Playlist: bit.ly/3nodWD4
Saturday (Day 2) Playlist: bit.ly/3eYH80z
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  • Rick Dublador em Português Faleceu nessa quarentena Deixe o F para esse grande Dublador !

  • Have turkish

  • Best voices Summer: Brazilian Jerry : English Rick : México Morty: ?

  • ah dobrze ze polska w ricku jeszcze istnieje

  • My Life is Poland.

  • LOOOL A Bong Rip of Nature sounds exactly like smoking weed

  • German?

  • Les da vergüenza mostrar el castellano y el latino :v

  • In Russia one guy Syenduk do sound for every characters

  • Where is Turkish language 😭😭😭😭

  • Morty's Brazilian Voice though-

  • no hay en espaniol ;v

  • Oh please brings us more videos like that

  • sumeuur XDDD omfg wtf s wrong with french smh

  • xDD

  • A dublagem brasileira e muito bom kk

  • Where's Russian?

  • Faltó el español :'(

  • I am from Poland ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Why is there no Turkish dubbing?

  • 1:24 صوت مورتي باللغه الفرنسيه بيشبه صوت سلتوح من مسامير

  • english jerry = polish jerry

  • Rick and morty is my favorite adult cartoon to watch

  • Finally a good brazilian voice version of something

  • Latam?


  • Wait is given precedence to the polish Rick and morty and not to the Italian Rick and Morty

  • Br here🇧🇷

  • Where russian?

  • Bong rip of nature

  • I watched the french episodes and the american version too. I was disapointed but it was funny.

  • mORTy

  • Poland should not be allowed to do this dubbing.

    • Według mnie brzmią bardzo dobrze i to są chyba najbardziej zbliżone głosy do oryginału

    • @Master Miczyk bo dobrani aktorzy brzmia strasznie.

    • Bo?

  • Cala a boca Jerry!

  • No German this time?

  • Polish has the best cross over imo sounds closest to the US characters. But the french morty had me laughing.

    • Yeah totally, they match the bits of their voices, their inflections.. very well


  • chamem a padeira caralho

  • Всё равно у Сыендука лучше...

  • Polish morty sounds drunk

  • I think we can all agree, English is the best.

    • ah no man, Finnish !! you'll never be able to watch RnM in English again.

  • Smiling Friends

  • Awesome Rick and Morty Video.

  • Adult Swim has just been simping Rick and Morty for the past 4 years. 😔

  • Lots of people laughing at the French version. I’m fluent in French, English and Portuguese. The French humor was the least vulgar but extremely funny, makes me want to watch it in French now

  • Rip Caio Cesar Nunes Brazilian Rick Sanchez voice :( :( :(

  • That was so unexpectedly AWESOME! 😄 French version was my favourite'

  • The Rick Sanchez Brazilian portuguese dub artist died weeks ago. Rest in piece mano. Sentirei saudades, melhor dublagem a dele nas primeiras duas temporadas

  • the Brazilian dubbing is very GOOD

    • @mat scratt ah shit ,here we go again ..... How can I say that.... Hmmm... No , it doesn't

    • @isaac aragao actually, in general it’s first Japanese than Brazilian

    • @W4r galactic wait, wait , wait ... After FRENCH!?! No , let me fix it , after english and portuguese the french dubbing best in one the world. Yeah , I must praised Brazil

    • @isaac aragao after french and english, Brazilian dubbing is the best one in the world.

    • I don't think so , I like but I always watch in english

  • Spanish???? Español?????

    • That’s in another video

    • Also German is missing compared to the other multilanguage videos

  • as a speaking english brazilian capable of also speak french, I really appreciated the language order choice, impossible to translate the slangs to other languages and the video game is just....lol, a nice bonged of nature,and the video game word play is the mostperfect in french, jeux... jeux video. huehuehue

  • I love French it sounds so sexy

  • this is amazing right now.

  • I still don’t get Portuguese. I know lots of Brazilians and i don’t understand a word of it.

    • Portuguese is a little closer to Italian than Spanish, does that help?

  • Wooooow wtf good voice actors very similars

  • I really hope Morty and summer I get to have a younger sister

  • Love how French Morty sounds haha

    • @Jay Johnson And how would you have translated it?

    • @Dangerous Danny no youre not lmfao just because im french???? You racist little little boi

    • @Ido I don’t think I’m better I know I’m better.

    • Bro stop being racist you think youre better than me just because im french??? Would you also act that way if i was black??? Can't believe some people still act like we're in 1870

    • @Dangerous Danny no

  • I just brought it to 69 likes :D

  • Morty sounds the same no matter the language

    • 0.o

    • @Bleach hmm

    • Because his voice is very important. They have to get it exact. Its one of the pillars of the show

  • Melhor adult swin de todos

  • What

  • Certified Gold!!!!!

  • Why

  • yes.

  • Why

  • ok.

    • @Ephraim bruh

    • Boomer