Rate The Cookie (with Jo Firestone) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2020.
A game show where Jo Firestone sets up a cookie tasting in a parking lot to try to make friends. Contestants must ultimately decide between a friendship and $50 cash.
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  • this cookie is rated 10/10

  • Lol that’s a trap though

  • Jesus love you, Jo 💕 me too!

  • I'm 2 minutes and I don't want it to go weird or dark, I just want 12 minutes of what is currently happening

  • 3:26

  • She's a 50 year Mom stuck in the body of a 30 year old woman.

  • Bibi is so sweet 🙂

  • David is king

  • The most expensive episode of Dr. Gameshow yet

    • The whole set is made of rare imported magnets.

  • "excuse me? You wanna BORROW me for a second?!" This is the sound of someone dying alone and convincing themselves that's what they wanted all along.

  • does anyone know the song that played at the end

  • 🤘🔥🔥🔥😂🤣right on 3:08 favorite person. That straight face he makes😂🤣😂🤣👍👍but u have seen the end. Yet. ... I cant. Look away.

  • Sooooooooooooooo Funnnyyyyyyyy..........................

  • Remember when adult swim had funny cartoons? Pepper Ridge Farm members.

  • I love it, it's a good movie. Thumbs up!

  • At 3:00 that's actually Carl Sagans' brother, Harry Sagan

  • Just saw on TV, very funny!!!!

  • A video like this should not have any thumbs down. What's the harm? Its harmless and fun

  • I would honestly love to be this lady's friend. The cookies are just a bonus.

  • "So you don't want the 50 dollars?" " I don't he he he" XD

  • I thought that was Aparna Nancherla in whiteface

  • I can confidently say my partner would leave me for Jo.

  • Joe Pera season 3 pleaaaase

  • I would totally be Jo's friend!

  • Riveting.

  • Easily one of the best pieces of content on the tube

  • I'll be your friend. No cookie bribe needed.

  • Bibi

  • 4:53 I like how English borrowed the word Waffles, so she had to make a word that looked so foreign that it made Waffles look like an English word.

  • Jo rules 4evr

  • Love you Jo

  • 3:48 - and just like that, she was signed to Universal

  • I'd be Jo's friend.

  • For anyone curious you can see more of her in "Shrill" on Hulu

  • The funniest part is the cookie names, also those stroopen fjells are really good.

  • Holy shit this was excellent

  • this is joe pera but worse

  • What a brilliant cheap way to filter out all the time wasters 😁

  • The man at 3:00 nostrils is too damn big you could have photoshop some that

  • This made my morning. Such sweet older folks at the end :)

  • Low-key expected Bibi to call and say she changed her mind.

  • Jajajaja omg peoples are strange. Life is infinite most precious than fucking bloody money. We need this fucking paper that rules all..but if we lost each orher...money cant take back.

  • this is dry O.o hahaha

  • I'm pretty sure there's a trace of LSD in tap water in Adult Swim's tap water. I mean there's a trace of headquarters in their building water. Eh, whatever.

  • It’s my dream to be friends with Jo Firestone.

  • Keep the $50, I choose friend.

  • Is this a pilot for Dr. Gameshow?

  • Was this a social experiment?

  • I'm not sure if this weird social experiment concluded anything but it was entertaining. People should go grab a pizza n beer more often just sayin'. 👍

  • Jo is a national treasure.

  • oh my god wfmu jo firestone? sign me up

  • this is so hilarious, i loved her and all the peeps off the street as well

  • i would 100% take the friendship with Jo.


  • I’m so glad the Joe Para Cinematic Universe is expanded with this addition.

  • I love pink rectangles and would take the friendship.

  • This is exactly how I feel with social interaction

  • I was hoping cookie monster would show up

  • 🤔

  • She looks and acts like the kid from barstool that does the same thing.

  • First guy, lol.

  • felt like a disc

  • I also love you watching Bras getting finished

  • This reminds me of Dax

  • 1:36 why does this cookie sound like a folding chair falling over? I´m so confused...

  • Why cant you just give ne 50 bucks as a friend jo?

  • Adult swim is just cringe now

  • Is this scripted? I am way too high to tell.

  • I wish Bibi and I could be friends, she's so well dressed and charming. I wanna know how they make the bra's!

  • They're officially called wedding crunchies from now on.

  • I asked my wife what choice would she make. She said she would take the 50 dollars. I originally decided friendship. But with the Pandemic, making an new friend would be another person that I would miss.

  • JO!!! OMG Doctor Gameshow is on Adult Swim!!! OMG

  • I hate money, friendship ftw!

  • I could watch 20 hours of this

  • Love you jo!

  • she made 2 friends in 1 day ! while TALKING ABOUT COOKIES ! thats 2 friends more than i make in a YEAR and shes grumpy are you kidding me ...

  • Bibi is a God sent lol

  • Friends are worth more than cash!

  • my dumbass really thought those were real cookie names

  • bibi looks like a soundcloud producer

  • Jo Firestone is a national treasure.

  • 0:05 the graphics of her eating the cookie got me dead!

  • Alright, keep your fifty bucks. You, me and Bibi are going to try on hearing aids this weekend.

  • Friend over Fifty any day

  • I'd take the cash. You see, by taking the cash, I can pretend that we would be friends if the circumstances were right, it's just her being a TV personality and me having a crush on her that makes me have to take the money to avoid awkwardness. If I turned down the money and took the chance to hang out, it would be the only time I ever get to hang out with her because I'm creepy, and I'd have to see firsthand how she doesn't want to be around me for who I am, making it a lot harder to pretend it's just the circumstances.

  • The line at the DMV is funnier than this.

  • French hat girl was too cool to hang.

  • The chef dude with the black shirt gave me cartwheel energy at the end.

  • Free friends are priceless. Cookies are great!

  • 2:32 im gonna go out on a limb and say that savannah is at the stage in her life where she has intermittently dated african-american men in the past, but has quite recently begun bringing them to family occasions. call me crazy. I think Tim Heidecker is coming after my job now which is odd because I don't really see getting blackballed from the deli industry as that much of a punishment, but that seems to be what he's stuffing down the ol blunderbust

  • He was discovered by Chase Palmer!

  • haha woman sad

  • Wow I need too work at adult swim 🏊‍♂️ 🙃 😩 😫 😪 cause this is a bad skit 💩💩

  • Self-deprecaookielicioius!

  • im kinda cringing like a lemon

  • I just hope Bibi likes her hearing aid and can get one after the trial. Also Savannah was my favorite character until she said manufest. Concerning the search for my future wife; mission failed, we’ll get em next time.

  • She is truly terrifying and this ain't wholesome, ya fuckin clowns

  • adult social anxiety simulator

  • i want a 2 hour version of this