Rapping for Food | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Pro 2020.
Strongburg's finest are back. Lazor Wulf season 2 airs Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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  • It's amazing to me that the people who don't find this entertaining even feel the need to say anything. Just move on, no one cares that you don't like it, clearly other people do. You can't even give real criticism, saying "is this supposed to be funny" isn't criticism, calling it "crap" like your opinion is objective isn't criticism. You call this show childish, and then you act like children. Let people make art, let others consume and enjoy it, and unless you've got something constructive to say keep your foot in your damn mouth.

    • @pain Then fans of this are fecalphiliacs, because this is pure shit.

    • Thank you, it's hard to enjoy the clips when the comments are just people shitting on it

  • This is our life up above tbh

  • Hello

  • My only question for this show is "why does Lazor Wulf hang out with stupid horse?" I get Stupid Horse is stupid, but Lazor Wulf and his friends lives in his house for free or basically took it over. I wonder how they became friends or close to that?

    • I think Stupid Horse is just too stupid to realize they want him to go away, or that he's being taken advantage of. Plus he is still a pain in the ass.

  • The anime expression on Gawd is ridiculously hilarious I don't understand why people hate the show The people behind it are really good and the voice cast are giving it their all plus i adore the hypocrisy from the [as]'s splintering audience, the same audience that has no problem harassing McDonalds employees for 30+ year old McNugget sauce or trading a luxury car for a packet of the 30+ year old nugg sauce Not to mention, I can think of shows that can fit the complaints you have for this show that you SOMEHOW like -- namely Metalocalypse [Extreme gore and main cast are total dicks] Mr. Pickles [Pointlessly Violent, Townsfolk ugly as sin] Aqua Teen Hunger Force [Too random for it's own good] Rick and Morty [Too complicated for new viewers, Toxic fanbase, Show quality went downhill as of late] Also, I too feel bad that Venture Bros. got the axe but for fuck sake, Don't lash out on this show for it's fate AT&T/WarnerMedia is to blame for its cancellation not Lazor Wulf WarnerMedia has put all their money into HBO Max while they let DC Comics go up in flames with comics and YA novels nobody wants written by talentless hacks they scooped up from either Twitter or Tumblr and let Cartoon Network rely way too much on TTG while cancelling shows in production that could've saved the channel like Trick Moon in the process again, don't blame Lazor Wulf for Venture's demise, blame WarnerMedia and AT&T i mean they almost sold WB Games to EA for christ sake but at least they decided to keep it afloat because of Mortal Kombat

  • Not funny at all

  • why do all of new AS shows look like shit?

  • Did anyone like this show? I’ve never heard anyone talk about it.

    • @Sgt. Bilby This crap is cheap to make is why its on CN at all., not because its even remotely funny.

    • I do, it's crazy and fun and i like it at least it's a show that anyone can get into Rick and Morty is too much for newcomers, not to mention their fans are toxic as all hell They make the Furries and Bronies look like saints by comparison (Rick & Morty fans) I think the reason hardly anyone talks about it is basically cable is slowly on its way out but Hollywood is trying to rush the process for the sake of money - not to mention WarnerMedia/AT&T is putting all their eggs in 1 basket, HBO Max and it's floundering as i speak all while they let CN cancel the production of Trick Moon and triple the dependency of TTG and let DC Comics run itself in the ground with talentless hacks running the show because social media brownie points all while berating the people that buy the damn comics in the first place Meanwhile, The clowns here are blaming poor Lazor and crew for Venture's demise while forgetting that WarnerMedia that killed the show not Lazor Wulf

  • Hilarious! 😂

  • Did anyone find this humorous in the least

    • No, this is painfully bad.

    • @B Kee In that case I would recommend some steroid treatments for your thin skin problem.

    • @Jordan Loux that disturbs me

    • I did, and enough people did that they greenlit the second season.

  • Tried watching this yesterday fell asleep quick half of the adult swim shows are made for children

    • @pain Try funny, because this isn't.

    • I assume made for adults means nothing but blood and swearing every two seconds? Thats how big boy shows are made?

  • I don't now wy dis serie is in [AS],dis show doesn't adult things,this show gous to cn

  • I could have sworn she was marrying the butcher, grandma

  • God help us all

    • how did that work out for you? did the deadbeat even show up?


    • @RIXRADvidz Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    • poor thing. the only constant is change. only nothing lasts forever, everything else has a limited time in Existence. enjoy what you get and move on to the next thing. if you wallow in your sorrow of loss, you will be alone, forever. like now.

    • ​@Patrick McConaughey HBO is probably going to pick it up

    • @Nas T Until they bring it back

    • How many times must you have to keep posting that in almost every video?

  • Who in here is forcefully subscribed to them -_-

  • I miss Superjail.

  • Hahahaha poor :c

  • Mmmm... Food

  • ...was this supposed to be funny...?

  • Cancel this

  • I don’t know why I liked this video.

  • Another Lazor Wulf ad that can barely scratch a 1 in 1,000 like/view ratio. Please take note Adult Swim, if you even care anymore...

    • Oh shit! You did it!! You cracked the code! Teach me, bro.

  • No amount of ad blasting is going to make anyone like this. Stop wasting your money on crackheads and hire actual talent it's not rocket science...

  • I can't believe there's another season of this. Worst show on the planet. Absolutely pointless and not funny

    • Because not everyone has the same opinion as you, if you don't want people to enjoy things that's your problem

    • Yeah but Metalocalypse was funny, and had a plot. This is just unfunny, and has no point or reason to exist.

    • You can say the same for Metalocalypse The main cast isn't likable Extreme gore always happens in every episode

    • That's your opinion and I can easily respect it. Me on the other hand, I love this show in my opinion.

    • Pointless and unfunny are forgivable failings, this show is much worse. Its randomness and violence are so contrived that the show lacks any heart or character: this is no ATHF or X:RA this is just a hack job. Again, if it had some core values of irreverence and playfulness it could be passable but instead it devolves into weird bully-porn that lacks any sense of perspective. It doesn't end at stoopid horse's abuse clearly because the main joke in this very skit is that God must rap or starve to death. I just get this fucking cold, creepy vibe of constant hostility from half the characters in this show...

  • Mm..Food

  • Carl Winslow still doing his thing..

  • Gawd gets hungry up in this bitch!😂 Man this show really cracks my ass up!😂

  • joelouise

  • Cool

  • Hear me out : A rick and morty ps4/ps5 game. We get to travel from galaxy to galaxy, reality to reality. Craft the weirdest guns and use the weirdest powers. Explore and see the weirdest planets and creatures. Could be kind of open world game, where their would be continuous side quests and online features. Imagine if we had this kind of game and it was well made and polished.

  • The fuck is this garbage, adult swim seems to be falling off

    • @Jordan Loux not really, they’ve been going downhill for a while now. You must be very young just tuning in

    • So they have one show you don't like, and that means the whole channel is doomed?

  • 😅

  • That ain't no free style 😾 That was a lunch order 😹

  • Hmm a cloudy god crying

  • 😑

  • Damn even my man's Jehovah can't get out of the struggle in 2020❕ ✊🏿🖤❤💚😔🏚😔🖤❤💚✊🏿

  • Yes


  • Dry

  • Wheres the white people????

    • watchin' the video makin' stupid comments

    • I'm not sure how useful it is to map race onto this show. There seems to be only one: the white horse known only as "Stoopid Horse" who is the target of constant and really pretty awful physical and verbal abuse. Meanwhile Stoopid Horse just wants the others to like and accept him, for which he's mercilessly punished. Honestly this show could be 100% POC and I'd be happy as a clam. But from a storytelling perspective alone it's alarming that a comedy gets away with such a pitiable scapegoat character. There's no agenda here ultimately, just some 19 year old's half baked get rich scheme being influenced by his own shortcomings as a burnout manchild...

    • @David Salyers seems like you're the racist one here, bucko. there can be a scene of a show without white people in it, it's not a big deal.

    • @TheOwOScout that's what they said in the fifties and sixties about the blacks wake up racist looks like a little black Supremacy going on here??

    • who cares?

  • “if a horse is stupid and nobody hears it...” WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?

  • why does it feel like this was made by 10 white guys.... hmm

    • @Jordan Loux How do you know he's not black? Imagine thinking that you're so woke that you accidentally reveal your own racism lmfao

    • @Spread Themcheeks And that's perfectly fine. The problem is the other guy's obvious racism.

    • You really need to read the credits first...

    • Because you're painfully insecure?

  • i truly felt embarrassed sitting alone watching 0:23

    • you're not alone, we're all here watching it too.

  • hello hope ever

  • Lmao

  • Heyy 9th

  • Meh

  • Cool

  • Meat canyon 🥩

  • we went from doondocks to _THIS?_

    • @Nas T Clearly not boondocks school

    • Dude, Carl Jones (who worked on The Boondocks) is working on this show. Also, Doondocks? Wtf?! It's "Boondocks", didn't you go to school?

    • You know MacGruder did other things for Adult Swim, right?

  • *eminem wants to know your location*

  • Hi

  • I only watch Lazor Wulf for Vince Staples.


  • Erster