Rapper Warrior Ninja (feat. JPEGMAFIA, Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, Zach Fox) | The Eric Andre Show

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2020.
The Eric Andre Show is back for season 5 on Sundays at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here: bit.ly/3jwpqCf
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  • Y

  • All honestly Zack Fox would be a perfect co host to replace Hannibal

  • my respect for this show somehow skyrocketed more after they got Peggy in here

  • this is something rick would watch on interdimensional cabel

  • trippie’s voice 😍😂

  • Kraft Punk: "rap....rap rappity rap"

  • I just want to see Zack Fox have an hour conversation with Eric Andre

  • Why aren't people talking about how trippie said "aye aye aye get the fuck away, please dont taze me" so melodically



  • i didn't expect to see murs in this.


  • Kraft Punk with the hate crime

  • In Yachty's defense he can't even freestyle when he isn't having shit flung at him😂😂😂


  • Bruh, Murs didn't even get a chance to spit a single verse man

  • This is honestly the only content on the internet thats worth paying for. Ok, maybe there’s a few other things.....but this is on the list.

  • 1:22 Rap.. rap rap and rap. Cheesiest line ever.

  • I think these small time rappers know they ain't taken seriously so they go on this show to prove their worth, its become a right of passage and im all for it

  • Wait... Trippie Redd and Lil Yachty actually knew how to rap all this time?

  • 🕜 Thank You!

  • he really shot a veteran

  • Jesus this is amazing

  • Zack fox thrives in chaos

  • jpegmafia, zack fox, and trippie redd? this is insane

  • Trippie redd is so good ong

  • I have never felt so intimidated 0:00

  • 0:35 yachty shows us how to do out of the map glitch

  • This needs legit full shows (at least 5-10 min) whoever lasts the longest goes onto the "next round" and the person who lasted the shortest amount of time gets a "punishment" or something and the winner get fifty dollas xD

  • Eric Andre be lookin' like Howie Mandel

  • Eric Andre Show is responsible for the extinction of new rappers today.

  • wtf the guy at the end

  • The camera man still bleeding out on the ground

  • They shoulda gotten Joey Fata$$ in here as well.

  • “Get outta here Kraft Punk!!!” He gets no love😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FINALLY after years of waiting

  • Yachty whole body folded

  • Imagine if X and Ski were on this 😂

  • This fits in with 2020

  • Dang it kraftpunk

  • One like is one prayer for for my boy trippies back and yachtys legs

  • This has done more than anything else to get me to like rap

  • Lmfao I love JPEGMAFIA

  • Watched this cuz jpeg

    • Then I c murs...🔥

  • Please don’t tase mee

  • eric andré is what ellen pretends to be...

  • This has to become a full show

  • dont TaaaAAssee me

  • Yachty in a wheelchair for life now

  • 0:36 *Yachty breaks his leg trying to jump away from a piece of shit*

  • 0:01 he literally looks like Mr.Clean

  • Why wasn't Murs in the video title?

  • Lil yachty breaking his ankles was the best part

  • Trippie had me dying of laughter, and yatchy might need a new set of legs.😂

  • Trippie had me dying of laughter, and yatchy might need a new set of legs.😂

  • damn peggy

  • This is a mess an I love it

  • I love this show but fr... who are the rappers?.... funny shit

    • @Ace Hole no they individual artists

    • @Its Mo I'm sayin like are they a group or something.. clearly I can read

    • says right there in the title man

  • Kraft punk the goat

  • I love that the timer on the show is never the same as the on on our screens

  • Trippie Redd’s freestyle was more of an internal monologue

  • Best part is when Eric yells at craft punk for existing

  • I was mildly concerned for boats legs after watching that ngl

  • This is embarrassing to watch

  • epic lol

  • thought Peggy would win here but am not sure why i doubted Zack. this is the peak.

  • Soundtrack of this video could be a jpegmafias song.

  • Kraft Punk 🤣😂😂😂😂

  • lil yachty's legs: I dont trust like that

  • I just got two tickets in one night from the same cop so im sitting here by the shower at 4 in the am stressed out. At least i got to laugh at this 🤷‍♀️🤘💛🤦‍♂️

  • At this point, Trippie Redd is a professional ugly person


  • I was rooting for Peggy smh

  • When lil yachty died. I felt that.

  • Lil Yachty straight up breaking his ankle

  • jpegmafia needs to be hospitalized immediately!!!

  • Ain’t no way Lil Yachty is fine after that fall

  • "ayy, ayy, ayy get the fuk away, don't tase me, please don't tase me" edit: somebody already posted this, but fuck it, i'll still put it here

  • Zack fox fits on the entire show really

  • I fucking LOVE THIS lol. Thank God for the Eric Andre show.

  • I’m sorry but nothing beats the first one Edit: ey but at least they got more words in than the first guys ever did

  • "Rap. Rap rappedy rap", Kraft PunK

  • I love this And I love you

  • Was that Ice cream paint job???

  • We are back

  • I like how Trippie actually tried to rap, then just "oh shit what the fuck was that?"

  • Aye trippies voice sounds tight lol

  • need thundercat

  • Why the hell isn’t this an actual thing?!? Mad funny

  • 1:29 I’m dying 😭😭

  • damn peggy

  • Kraft Punk, greatest return since Undertaker at Wrestlemania 20

  • He came in that bitch with the ice cream paint job I’m deceased 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Opening rap Hall of fame "This beat is trash, OMG im bout to bust my ass" "I dont believe in marriage, but I might do tho" Honorable mention: "I cant hear with some JEENZ on, but i have to take em off

  • they should honestly make this a full show

  • Jeepers trippy red and lik yachty are bad. Like I was actually listening to the freestyles amongst the chaos, they can't even rhyme simple words, and dont say it's because of the walk across the platform

  • Is yachty okay? Holy shit

  • Zack Fox once again proving he is a being of pure chaos

  • this was a breeze for zack

  • 0:17 JPEG visor double jump off his head