Rapper Warrior Ninja (feat. Fat Tony, Freddie Gibbs, Steve-O) | The Eric Andre Show

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here: hrdown.info/block/video/z2iwipN4maVpe7M
#TheEricAndreShow #RapperWarriorNinja
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  • Lmao freddie gibbs

  • the show just isn't the same without hannibal

  • Nothing to see here. Just Ganstaz having fun.

  • Freddie had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m geeked 💀💀💀

  • “There’s no rules, just a bunch of bullshit.” is a great summary of the Eric Andre Show as a whole.

  • Freddie Gibbs face reaction is so hilarious.

  • Surprised af to see cuco there

  • Freddie realising that the horrific memes in his instgram can actually happen to him irl 0:17

  • 0:46

  • Ahhh fucking hell wow

  • Cuco having a great time until hes the one up

  • When even blanibal couldn’t stay in character

  • Hit that helium

  • _"B*tch."_ - Freddie Gibbs

  • Blannibal is all sucked into this sporting event like it's game 7 of the world series. I think he's the only one who knows how to keep score.

  • Is this the reason Freddie came up with the idea of Alfredo

  • This bit is just an excuse for Eric to harass some rappers

  • I want more.

  • O:41 why can't rappers stop self incriminating them selves.

  • 😂😂😂😂 GLORIOUS😂😂😂😂

  • I wish they had Freddie Gibbs as a solo guest. But now that’s never gonna happen ..

  • 0:18 When you’re on the corner and your mama knows your sellin’ dope.

  • Nothing makes me laugh like RWN.

  • Cuco was like lol that’s not so bad, then Eric’s all like rip the hair outta his legs 😂

  • I don’t think anyone else will ever come close to feeling how Eric feels on that stage. I’ve never seen a grown man having this much fun ever.

  • Cucooooo!!!!!!

  • Cuco did not deserve to be on this show

  • bet eric was holding that taser tight asf when freddie was trying to get it from him

  • Who the girl wearing the mask tho

  • Just guys being guys

  • pure chaos

  • 0:30 Wtf CUCO is doing here

  • Wait, OG Swaggerdick isn't just a creation for this show, he's a real guy? XD


  • They need Eminem on this show rn

  • I love when he does this. This makes rappers even cooler.

  • Gangsta Gibbs instantly regretted his decision.

  • Ask and you shall 'Rap Warrior Ninja..

  • This edible aint shit.

  • Kinda cringe


  • My favorite part of the show so glad they added it

  • Can this replace the masked singer please?

  • that was beautiful

  • Steve o

  • The Blannibal bit was perfect

  • Freddie might really get the ak

  • well cuco was a surprise

  • Why would anyone come on this show? It's hilarious though.

  • Hey I didn't know that Steve-O could juggle you learn something new everyday

  • Yo was that cuco?

  • Damn, they didn’t put my man Cuco in the title

  • my favorite bit in the show

  • Steve O was the hardest one there lol

  • freddie gibbs face kills me

  • Please interview russel brand

  • I don't even know who tf Freddie is

  • Keep it real

  • This beat is trash.

  • Blannibal smiling saved my 2020

  • Freddie fighting back lmaooo

  • If this was my job I’d love it.

  • 0:40 "I'm gonna get my AK when I get back to town and I'm gonna shoot all you bitches." This is the only show where the host's life being threatened on national television is much more normal compared to everything else.

  • How ridiculous they are... Useless show, useless people, brainwashed dumb spectators and viewers. Welcome to the new world.

  • I would love to work for this show!

  • Freddie gibbs got 8k for going on Eric andre?

  • Blannibal 🥰

  • blannibal reminds me of everything thats good on the world

  • They should just make this the entire show

  • 0:19 I choose to believe that’s Lizzo in the leather.

    • I honestly thought that was Lizzo

    • Not fat enough

  • i wanna play

  • *walmart tupac*

  • I hate it and love it at the same time.

  • Blannibal is amused.

  • This show brings me happiness

  • Humanity is doomed

  • Blanibal here for good?

  • They look like they’re having genuine fun, even blannibal cracked a smile

  • 1:10 They got Cuco on thereee, I love this!

  • That shit was lolos

  • 0:16 Whoa Tupac is back

  • Seeing blannibal smile was the best part 😂

  • Steve o and Eric in one frame. Am I dreaming?

  • this abuse was fun, 10/10 would do it again

    • @fattonyrap I can only imagine how much your head hurt being spun around like that, but also I appreciate how Andre gets different rappers of all types to participate in his purgatory segment. I’m also surprised no one has even recognized that you’re Fat Tony.

    • @GOOD content it’s me 😂

    • Oh wow, it’s the real guy! Or I’m dumb and I just got played

  • Fat tony face in the beginning like “what the f*ck I doing here”

  • I'm a simple guy, I'm happy when blanibal is happy

  • Ya'll should do, wrapper finja rarrior

  • Blannibal out of character looks chill

  • 0:47 the pain in his voice

  • freddie boutta commit murder in the first degree.

  • Finally OG Swaggerdick getting the exposure he deserves 🙏

  • i can't stop laughing....

  • I appreciate that this show is so stupid even pretentious english major types don't bother trying to ascribe some deep meaning and symbolism to it

  • 🥋🥋🥋

  • i'm subtly attracted by this -blannibal

  • Freddie is so damn funny

  • This season was not that good. They relied too much on this skit cause they knew it was popular. That and some of the stupid public pranks they keep pulling that do not work at all. Disappointed Eric.

  • Eric has officially lost his shit

  • Just some people having fun