Quincy (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim,

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here: bit.ly/2IR8WrX
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  • His yelling is just too funny. Whoaaaaaa!

  • He said wasn't there I'm dead

  • Where's hannibal in these new episodes? He doesn't seem to be in many

  • 1:10

  • 1:50

  • P diddy son is a tool

  • You can tell by his lip damage how much he smokes.

  • Fuckin' nerds! Right, Eric?

  • Eric knows exactly why you guys don't like him, It's because he parties way too fuckin' hard man.

  • 1:59 absolute cutie

  • i love the band so much bro feeling so nostalgia lately ong

  • where is hanibal anyway? :)

  • Don't think I've watched one without saying "haha what the fuck?" at the end. i love it.

  • Little they knew that it was LD himself under that couch looking for the licorice. He was jumping out saying I found it

  • We need a spinoff where all the bands from the various seasons compete against each other in a Amazing Race style reality show.

  • Is that Tokimonsta?

  • Curb Your Stardom

  • This is a HRdown poop reality show

  • Dude this season really surprised me it was pretty great!

  • Omarion really is great isn't he *envious sigh*

  • Diggin the tortellini hair dew on Quincy

  • Who tf is Quincy?

  • honestly I love this Asian lady

  • Damn this stuff makes me laugh

  • On today's episode,Eric opens Quincy's mind to pent up emotions, retaliates by turning into a dog

  • I hate myself for wathing this

  • What if the entire show is just one elaborate therapy session to treat the asian lady's social anxiety.

  • considering the guy has a lot of money.. why hasn't he shaved his monobrow ? HE HAS NO EXCUSE

  • 1:55 got me

  • I think this is the best season yet

  • “Man what’s going on with you?” lol way to add insult to injury Eric

  • I wanna know if he’s a jack of hearts or an ace of spades dammit

  • p diddy’s son as the introduction 😭😭

  • what was that thing he did at 00:28

  • You dont need my like

  • When Maradona returns from hell

  • This show is trash. Why tf is it in my recommends? 🤨

    • @DJ 617 who the fuck said I watched it?

    • But you didnt have to watch 🤔

  • They play the Curb theme song at the end lol. Most ppl don’t know this but Eric was an extra on Curb many years ago.

  • So youre just spraying people in the face now? I guess theyre running out of ideas

  • that telescope fucking killed me

  • Holy shit. Can we talk about how actually gifted that female vocalist is? Holy shit.

  • he thought drake set him up

  • 1:55 is that a wind waker reference? ZELDA WIND WAKER REFERENCE

  • You Seoul’s post a full episode on Christmas

  • Follow @chrisblawson instagram 🤘🏻


  • Wait wait! Did he say "kiełbasa" which means a sausage in Polish? Which means dick?

  • Not even puff daddys son. Lol

  • its the guy from full size run

  • 0:19 buddy is definitely missing a finger

  • Omarion! You're so great!


  • Eric should interview someone who knew about the show but have a normal conversation, while the guest was constantly paranoid

  • i like that Omarion you are so great

  • Man Jackie Wells looks weird today

  • Why is Trinidad James eye popping out....

  • 2:11 duck

  • I want that shirt lol

  • puff baby

  • Erick should write the action scenes for any upcoming micheal bay film

  • Look dead on his biological

  • Hard pill to swallow, eric andre is a fucking prop comic

  • are all the asians in the band into bbc ?

  • The band needs to get a raise 😩

  • Thee trying to assasinate him for pac

  • does trinidad james have diptheria?

  • The Asian lady is one of my favs

  • That’s Al B Sure son

  • Comedic genius


  • Where is Hannibal? What did i miss?

  • 1:50

  • Absurdist surreal comic can act as weird and depraved as he wants for a shock joke until he says God's kielbasa cooter combo is gross. Then he apologizes. That's crossing the line. Everything else he does is kosher though.

  • Damn, Quincy was a good sport.

  • They did such a good job with the band

  • Thought the guy in the thumbnail was FaZe Rain

  • I wanna french kiss the asian lady so bad

  • They should get Omarion back on the show and that Asian lady from the band is constantly trying to say positive things to him again but she constantly gets his name wrong.

  • "Omarion, you are so great!"

  • Love that asain lady

  • The Asian Woman is honestly one Highlight of the show. PLEASE KEEP HER FOREVER EVEN IF ERIC DIES

  • The Trinidad James performance was out of this world

  • Where is hannibal?

  • “Yeahess!!” Love that shout lol

  • Dodged a blow dart and a bullet. Is this guy spider-man?

  • I cant be the only one saying this, but where in gods name is hannibal?

    • Hannibal quit, then revealed he was just at the store, then revealed he was never even real.

  • 0:32 Oh Madigan (Merigone), you are so great!

  • The telescope got me bro

  • Jeez least let the dude answer if he's either Jack of Hearts or Ace of Spades. ....crucial lol

  • Eric should use Quincy's haircut next season lol

  • Does Eric only tan his head ?

  • This show was better when the interviews seemed more genuine and like the guests weren't in on it now it feels like a weird nickelodeon thing for adults raw dogging Pauly d will always be the highlight of the show for me though

  • His enthusiasm got curbed

  • Quincy omg 😍

  • He was doing fine until he wasn't

  • Wtf is kielbasa doing in here????? Should I be proud or scared as a Pole???

  • This show gets worse and worse 👎🏻

  • damn that one asian lady knows how to play every instrument. she plays a different one everytime i see her

  • The Curb your Enthusiasm theme song at the end caught me off guard.

  • Rayko became Aggretsuko