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Datum objavljivanja: 30. Pro 2020.
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Guest curated and produced by Charlie Perkins and Blink Industries
Created by Dave Hughes
"Just Setting Off"
Short by Alfie Kungu
"Harvest Bounty"
Short by Sam Lyon
"Future Beach"
Short by Nadia Lee Cohen
"Positive Mental Attitude 2019"
Short by James Papper
"Bunny World"
Short by Victoria Vincent
Short by Rosco 5
Whoisyoulmao 2019"
Short by James Papper
I Want To Be The Ocean"
Short by Raman Djafari
Short by Renee Zhan
The Community That Sings Together"
Short by Jonathan Zwanda
Song by Mark Pritchard
usb dog
short by
Sam Campbell & Joe Pelling
the breakup 2018
short by
James Papper
cyber commune
animation by
Harriet Davey
good love 2.0
song by
Priya Ragu
short by
Michael Marczewski
short by
Jordan Brookes & Ewan Jones Morris
Rube Goldberg Machine
Short by Demi Lardner & Tom Walker
Editing by Charlie Perkins
Sound mix and design by Nicky Green and Popliak Studios
Post Supervision by Will Kay
Graphics by Robert Strange
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  • was that the gumball dude from regular show?

  • What is that at 8:08, and where can I see the full video?

  • Best credit scene ever.

  • whaaat is the intro track?

  • I am not sure why, but I think this might have actually helped me

  • Every episode of this series is an absolute gem and I hope it never ever ends. Content creators rejoice!! ❤


  • which episode do you guys like best? i found holes pretty good but haven't seen many of the others..

  • Dang, this kind of stuff makes you think about nothing

  • Be shadow, do milk. Progress, get tan. Give up, have sex with what you like[animals not included} Fish for babies, be gay dad. Be proud dad, get rejected. Doubt not, the ocean. Parasites are ppl too. Love thy brain,the way others want to be mind fucked. Sing in your neighborhood. I got lost in her esophagus, we fell in love.vacuum and enjoy nature.say yes while loosing your head.

  • Please don't stop making off the air episodes💯🔥

  • Lmaoo#


  • 7:17 I thought your parents got a divorce

  • I fw it

  • Couldn't see anyone but Joe Pelling making usb dog, haha.

  • I love these

  • Amazing!

  • yeah, good

  • Y'all trying to give people bad trips lol

  • !⑈ˆ~ˆ!⑈

  • that ending was too good

  • Anyone know the name of the song used on the first clip?

  • Are you trying to give people a bad trip?

  • 8:06 👀

  • Another adult swim fever dream

  • The ads on mobile are getting in the fucking way

  • Ayyyyy Who is you Lmao

  • @Adult Swim please start time stamping. I want to check out some of these creator's individually. Thanks! Sincerely, This commenter's Sleep Paralysis Demon😈

  • 4:00 so they made a sequel to The Shape of Water

  • Hey dos anyone here ever watch spongebob?

  • Anyone know the song at 8:05? I've tried looking everywhere

    • I listened to it before and it sounded nothing like the song in Cyber Commune but your reply made me give it another listen. The last 1/3 is it! Wish the whole song was like that though. Thank you Blink!

    • Hey it's Good Love 2.0 by Priya Ragu!

  • Just finished watching this on the air, don't have instant replay so I had to pull the video up for my girl. Mind you, we stayed up all night binging on Loiter Squad, and haven't slept. I probably won't be now 😭

  • this one is definitely my favorie one o.o ♡♡

  • I swear i watched this high and i feel like it has a demographic of stoners

  • Why can I never find these they put in the show even when they post what it is!!!?!?!

  • Reminds me of those psychedelic movies from the 70s! The guy falling into his tv is you!

  • I feel like you did this just for me

  • Jesus won. You're welcome. Satan is at war for your soul to keep u distracted and unaware of Christ. Wake up!!!!!!⏰🚨🆘️🆘️

  • amazing

  • Some of these making a little too much sense

  • who's the creaton of the short at the 7:30 ?

    • Hello! It's artist Jonathan Zwanda's visuals for musician Mark Pritchard's track.

  • 4:34 i expected 'ocean man' to start playing

  • it would be nice if you could put timestamps into the description thanks

  • wow this almost makes up for the assassination of STREAMS

  • Yesss, Yesss, we made a lot of progress.

  • Ayy who are you LMAOO

  • Oh gracias, will u marry me? No, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • So after watching this whole thing I thought to myself tf does this has to do with poggers, and than I realized it says progress

  • Great way to start the new decade. 🥚 🐛 🥚 🦋

  • I love vewns art style wish they uploaded more

  • Happy 10th anniversary Off The Air!!!

  • 2:29 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Honestly, same.

  • I just won the Texas lottery

  • Salad finger who???

  • Is this a interdimensional broadcast. İ didn't see the Ball Fondlers

  • Love all Off the Air episodes. Glad it's still going.

  • @4:20 that shit belongs back in nature

  • So wait? What did the rube Goldberg machine do to the guy?

  • This feels like a sponsership for a new Fallout game

  • Oh God, this is excellent for this new year...

  • Damn. Ya'll really always got to hit me with the existential vibes. I'm so happy to share a timeline with this beautiful fringe entertainment. I look forward for the opportunity to collaborate with you one day. Count on it.

  • That last one tho XD

  • Ketamine, anyone????

  • Please don't ever stop making Off the Air... Where can I find more info in general about the show & history?

  • Searching for the Glaive on the beaches of San Diahgo.

  • Happy Birthday Off The Air 10 years he is also back.

  • 4:33 WTH why would they do that why?????

  • Every off the air starts with a collection of videos from creators I've seen in other off the air and smalls on adult swim, but after a certain amount I start to lose track of how long I've been watching, where I am, what I'm watching, and who I am. Everything blends together as my mind jumps from idea to idea, and the universe seems smaller and smaller. Then suddenly the credits come up

  • Dude this is fucking epic the next time I rewatch this adult swim video I plan to be getting toasted on my bulk supply of medical marijuana!"

  • adultswim should reference the artist in the comment section

  • If MTV liquid tv can last 30 mins so can off the air. Make them longer!!!!!

  • Wtf was that bruh


  • The problem with cats drawing camels is the humps. The humps!.

  • I want this played on a loop at my funeral.

  • Ah watching this sober it was too much yesterday hahaha.

  • No trippy data mosh transitions on this one

  • Nightmind would have a HAYDAY with this.

  • i need this show back

  • Just do u

  • 2:27 I want to shatter that bulb with a hammer.

  • Perfection.

  • I feel safe...

  • This might be the most surreal shit ever produced by a corporate Studio.

  • Abstract and creative. A great time killer.

  • It must be the drugs

  • yes!!! I really love these and have missed them! I tried to look up dave hughes twitter to give him som thanks even but I couldn't find it

  • off the air still rocks


  • The most Adult Swim thing I’ve watched in a while.

  • Vewn!!! I love that persons work!!

  • Okay good

  • What

  • Why am I watching this sober

  • Don‘t watch this if you are high guys

  • 2:58 is that vewn’s animations

    • yes omf i was looking for any mention of vewn

    • if not, someone needs to send vewn a check.

  • meh, bring back Hughes

  • Did I take my whole pack of acid