Pitch Adult Swim | Development Meeting | "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" (Ep.221)

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
For 4 hours and 15 minutes you videoconferenced in and pitched to Adult Swim executives for a chance to win a chunk of the FINAL prize pool. And it was beautiful.
2:50- Bad Piñata
13:30- Sasquatch Stories
19:45- The Hottest Girls in Phoenix, Arizona
30:48- PSNW
41:35- Steve Wrangall's Guitar Trixxxx
51:35- Grace Academy
1:09:40- HENRY BONSU!!!!
1:29:07- Skate Or Don't
1:36:30- Shifty
1:46:22- Soft Focus series
1:58:16- Kung Fu Viking
2:09:15- Trash Island
2:21:48- Sully: Drawn And Dangerous
2:34:34- Everything's Finetown
2:44:27- Zac Ventura: Animal Photographer
2:56:53- One Hole At A Time
3:05:05- Eric’s Song
3:09:37- The Bone Rush (card game)
3:24:23- Laddy Donglegs
3:28:37- Freak War (card game)
3:38:07- JJ Sudoku
3:42:38- DodaDox
3:49:28- Ink Blot (Smalls pitch)
3:54:49- Zugzwang
4:10:00 Boys II Men Tribute
Adult Swim has a satchel of lucciano (cash, blueface hunnids, cheese, chalupa, guap, capitol etc) for all you comedy creators with BIG LEAGUE ideas. Are you a filmmaker/animator/writer/personality? Are you just generally chasing a bag? ... or better yet all of those things!?! Well then why don't you videoconference into Development Meeting to pitch the Adult Swim execs already!?!? Get your elevator pitch and art samples on a google doc, sign the release, and videoconference in to find out if you have what it takes to be the next big thing on Adult Swim.
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  • Literally once I discover the show they end it.

  • Here’s hoping it comes back after covid, I think this show is helpful for artists and there’s a need for open communication between creators and industry executives.

  • I have an idea for a show about a superhero who fights police brutality, and the government in a world where Hip Hop culture is outlawed. Will anyone help me develop this?

  • Signing off..

  • RIP AS Pitch

  • Wait can anyone tell me who the girl is

  • Is this seriously ending???

  • I remember being so angry that AS didn’t notice my work. It was gonna be their next big hit.

  • Can't believe the youtube algorithm sends this my way on what happens to be the last episode. Such a dope concept

  • So sad if this is actually over. know Walter loves youtube, youtube huge! hope there will be a revival in the future.

  • 3:55:50 - Zugzwang!

  • This sucks ass! I literally have been putting a pitch together for weeks. 😔

    • @Marshall Krich good luck, you can still reach out to the executives on Twitter but it helps if you are already doing well with a big following. Watch all the old streams for the learning experience, it’s helpful to know how to do it right.

    • I just about have my video done maybe just start sending it out, sucks I just found about this show on reddit a month and a half ago. Good luck!

    • Same here, I guess everyone has to do the social media grind like before.

  • Is this the end of the entire show as a whole or just the end of this year's worth of stream until a next "season"??

    • @Jay H. lol watch any episode and you'll hear him say it

    • @Stoned Collective got a timestamp? Fine if you dont, it is a 4 hour video afterall

    • @Jay H. lol ok it's not like he says it in this episode or anything "pitch us on twitter"

    • @Stoned Collective yeah i dont think it works like that

    • @Jay H. idk twitter?

  • nice

  • Nooooooooooooo RIP

  • I'm glad to see Dodadox guy keep working at his project. Looks awesome.

  • This has been genuinely one of my favorite Adult Swim shows for 2 years, I am really sad to see it go.

  • So sad that this is the last episode :( P.d.: just a question, How can a person pitch to this? How they can send their work? (Sorry my ignorance)

  • Put duckman and triping the rift on adult swim

    • No now is just thr right time for those to return

    • ur a couple decades late

  • Why?

  • RIP, so glad I got in on the last episode

  • the hottest girls in phoenix arizona deserved that money....

  • Thanks for the chance to pitch. Sad to see the show go. Hate to watch it leave.

  • Lookin like an oreo up in here not gonna lie kinda cute like damn

  • i’m so sad I’m only seeing this now and it’s the last freaking one

  • First time hearing about this show, hopefully they bring it back next year.

  • That's a big ass table

  • Mr Pickles New Sesons and Episodes Please. 😔😔

    • @Nas T no

    • I know you like the show and I respect your opinion but please don't get mad at me but Mr. Pickles is the worst.

  • Dammit!!! This is the last episode??? I was preparing to pitch to this in the future. Dammit

    • How can a person pitch to this? How they can send their work? (Sorry my ignorance)

    • At 2:38:45. He says they’re still going to be around. So you can pitch to them in the future.

  • final episode :(

  • I'm going to miss this.

  • What is this shit

  • I want to see smiling friends on adult swim

  • I would like to know who the Melanted Chick is

    • @Barreser it means Not White.

    • I would like to know what the fuck does Melanted mean

  • I feel honored to have been chosen for the final episode. Thanks Adult Swim, Cam, Jordan, Walt, and Mason for the opportunity. Sorry dude running the tech side, I didn’t catch your name. Thanks to you, too!

    • I think the tech guy's name is Erik/Eric

    • It was a pleasure meeting up with you at the strip club after it all! Those guys were hung!

  • I cant tell if this is comedy or a staff meeting

  • RIP a legendary show

  • Rip development meeting,