Mercedes Javid (Part 1) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • WWJD?

  • ahahaha he farted in her face...

  • They all think Eric Andre is a idiot but she said how you know so much about the middle east people are slow sometimes lol

  • i dont know why but 0:46 XD

  • he should have said saddam hussein as favorite middle eastern

  • She handles this pretty well.

  • 1:50 Was not expecting that

  • I bet she farted many, many times during that segment.

  • Felipe Esparza is not funny, change my mind

  • she started off strong )

  • wtf

  • ru paul is prettier than her

  • Exploor noit citie on the new xboox series x

  • Felipe Esparza always stealing the show

  • Wow.

  • My goodness, she's gotten even bigger. I wonder if she ever made up with Reza.

  • This guest is so irrelevant she could be president in four years

  • I thought it was Demi levato in the thumbnail.

  • I don’t even remember what Eric looked like with hair

  • Answer the question... how would you have done it better!?

  • I fall asleep to Eric every night 🌙

  • I'd put my dog in her hot interior if you get my drift

  • Shes thicc and sexy💯

  • Blannibal be lookin like Big Foot from A Goofy Movie.

  • Anyone else notice how much Eric enjoys seeing his desk self-destruct?

  • i love how the we'll be right back is under water

  • 1:02 Felipe knows fashion. A real trendsetter.

  • Dwayne”The Rock”Johnson

  • What's music from this when she enters any idea ?

  • Am I the only one who thinks she's attractive?

  • ..........Mercedes....Truck Division.

  • Wtf happened to hannibal?

  • She's built like a Mercedes 😏


  • Feels too set up how are you not tired of doing this?


  • Fun Fact about her: She actually committed bank fraud while working as a bank teller in 1994

  • Erics head looks like a Mocha Chocolate dome...thats probably filled with Acid soaked Viagra.

  • Didn't know it was possible but it looks like Snooki let her self go.

  • so how many pigs did she eat to win the ugly dwarf eating contest?

  • She has such a disgusting body

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • we need Hannibal back

  • The thread count of her flying carpet is just the infinity symbol.

  • 0:22 The new band is just amazing loool

  • This show is so weird

  • Lmao the fuckin Macarena

  • But hey can we get a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate?

  • She got destroyed

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Eric, you need to interview some instagram models and ask them why they don't look like their photos

  • Blannibal holding that mouse was the most wholesome thing I’ve seen I’ll day. good blannibal.

  • she looks like the gross nobody waiting at the bus stop.

  • we gotta get me on this show

  • looks like the yellow guy from Sin City

  • “How would you commit bank fraud differently” LMAO

  • I thought she's demi lovato

  • omarion lowkey gained weight this episode

  • I thought the thumbnail was a fat demi lovato lmfaooo

  • I love when Eric looks at things happening on his show like he has no idea what's going on.

  • Was that a of mice and men reference or was I drunk when I read the spark notes?

  • That’s the first time I’ve thought he’s been too mean to a guest. That wasn’t cool.

  • She's thinking about Felipe, "Who's that fat bastard?" And he's thinking the same thing about her. 😆

  • Lol no creepy shit but i like salmon

  • Mama is thicc mmmmm

  • It's weird watching an Eric Andre clip without him laying motionless on the ground for 20 seconds.

  • I like how Eric has guests that aren't normally seen to the public very often, its refreshing especially in Hollywood

  • I keep forgetting they just turn the fuck outta the heat in there

  • Many times I don't know who the guest is, but in the Eric Andre Show, it really doesn't matter, we just want to see the shenanigans and how the guest reacts to it!!

  • She took everything pretty good tho

  • Spotted mr. Ryo Okumoto on keyboards! wow!


  • If 2020 was a show...

  • so beautiful but so bloated omg

  • Who is your favorite middle eastern man... Uday Hussein Baby!

  • anyone got the link to the dope jaz beat from 1:01


  • Who is she and why does she look like the gunk between my sac and thigh?

  • Damn she my kinda thicc.. Eat er Up!

  • Damn, she thick 👁👀👁

  • I don't know who is more insane, Eric Andre or the people who agree to go on his show.

    • @Jettski Grizzley come on, I am in Angolan and I'm from a country that doesn't even speak English, our network doesn't show this but I know about this show. Where do those people live?

    • Honestly don't think they know what they're getting into 🤣🤣🤣

  • She’s the only adult who can’t swim

  • "You look like RuPaul when he slept outside." Now that's a fuckin roast, pal. And she didn't get it.

  • I can always click like before I’ve even watched this guy 😂

  • She handled being there better than most do now

  • Who’s this fat girl I’ve never heard of her

  • "all the way to TEH'RAHN" lmfao

  • i love when i watch the whole thing with such a wtf feeling and the laugh comes at the end....

  • Just realized Philipe’s back pockets are windows with drapes

  • Felipe always has the greatest entrances, but it never amounts to anything, and yet he still somehow steals the show.

  • this girl is NOT fat at all

  • The "YEAH" guy is off the charts on this one 😂

  • conkers bad fur day bats anyone?

  • Snooky looks just like she always did

  • When Felipe comes out you always know shit is about to hit the fan!

  • She is an absolute unit of a woman

  • Demi Lovato isn’t looking too great these days

    • I don't think Demi is handling success well

    • chillll😭😭

    • 💀💀 well she just had a lil poop so that explains it

    • Too soon. 😔

    • NOICE!

  • 1:02, the stage presence, the charisma, the machismo, the Felipe Esparza

  • Normally the turn the heat up in studio to make the guests feel uncomfortable, but that lady of considerable carriage just sweats this much naturally.

  • nice