Mercedes Javid (Part 2) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • They shoulda Jyratted her hand at the end & made that squishy noise 2:27 🤣

  • I have officially seen every clip of the eric andre show a thousand times...

  • OHH!!

  • the reading rainbow homie omfg yo this is my favorite one so far, i love how she quick to be like "you normally got no hair" cuz this foo waxed af

  • How every party ends!

  • 2:14 him playing the drums is kinda wholesome.

  • goddamn how did they get lance reddick on the show

  • i was 95% of the way to losing it at the end

  • What happened to Hannibal. The chemistry was top notch

  • Do you normally have... NO hair on your body?

  • You know what’s so crazy ? I live by the fucking L train. I actually don’t pay no fair since it’s wide open! Fuck you MTA

  • 2:16 Nobody talking about blannibal awesome drum skills?

  • What was that coughing noise at the end?? 😂😂😂

  • How would you best describe yourself? A. extended energy (enjoy groups), or, B. conservative to your energy A more outgoing.

  • 0:27 oof apparently she can't carry children, but she took the interview pretty well

  • Ferg only likes Eric cause you see people like him on the corner of every street of new york

  • she was patient zero

  • this is getting less funny by the episode...

  • Just breathing is causing her to hack up. Time to switch to edibles

  • ferg threw that card like gambit from x-men

  • This show has inspired me to work really hard in life, I'm going to get my act together and get as much cash as possible so I can hire that Asian Dominatrix to whip me harder than my dad.

  • She should be a spokesperson for fat shaming, don't think she gonna live very long

  • Gordy what?!

  • 10/10 would smash

  • She's having a good time

  • This part needed more Felipe Esparza

  • 1:09 the drummer hit the crash when the clap played in the beat I'm so done 😂 😂

  • Take a look it's in a book on reading rainbow. 🌈📖

  • 1:48 Dam that card throw right on eric stomach was clean

  • Sorry, but this show doesn't work without Hannibal.

  • Levar burton made my life

  • Everyone was just having a good time at the end of the show, Eric cracking jokes and what not, Blannible playing drums like a pro. Best shoe ever 😂😂😂.

  • They didn't fuck with her hard enough

  • She got the 'Rona!

  • "and THAT completes the meme"

  • That laugh cough had me in tears😂😂😂😂

  • everyone was awesome except her

  • He can’t read🤣

    • _Duane_ Reade… *oh!*

  • *The A$AP FERG show*


  • Blannibal killin it on the drums tho

  • What was she drinking? Lol

  • Lol this is one of the most hectic episodes lol 🤣

    • _concentrated essence of Eric Andre Show in a single dose…_

  • These episodes stress me out

  • Brilliant interview surrounded by random people to make sure she was the least interesting thing in the room at all times

  • *I wish I were...

  • The public schooling system failed A$AP

  • Asap was winning until andrea hit em with the lady boy 😆.

  • That was a damn hot Dominatrix lmao

  • I had to watch this one twice to be able to even scratch the surface

  • Blanibal can play!

  • no way i did not expect asap ferg

  • 😂 LaVar Burton, *"And That Completes The Meme."* that was legendary

  • dang Blannibal kinda shreds on drums

  • Blannibals got CHOPS!

  • She laughs like Rick from Pawn Stars *best I can give you is a “lol”*

  • Eric is in the Federation?!

  • 🦋 in the sky... I can fly twice as high... take a l👀k it’s in a book, a reading 🌈

  • Cocaïne certificaat

  • So yea

  • ... And Go see the spaghetti sauce, OH!

  • Omarion looks Good Today


  • 2:22

  • are the rotating japanese singers ?


  • blannibal was... actually playing the drums?? cool

  • Motherfuxking blannibal on the drums, WOW

  • LMAO lamar burton said "And *that* completes the meme" 😂😂

  • i want to live in a universe where eric anre has a show longer than 5 minutes.

  • eric gotta donk

  • The cough/wheeze/laugh is a metaphor for the entire show.

  • It’s like a fish abortion in your mouth! “God that tastes good.”

  • She’s a pig in a wig

  • Mercedes was exposed to having so many abortions her castmate said uterus blew out or something like that..

  • Ferg is just amused

  • She got the rona 😭


  • You ever been to Duane Reade?

  • Oh man Lavar Burton was Just the beginning of the madness

  • So I didn't know this show or this man existed till now.

  • Eric's ass cheeks are distracting, please censor them

  • I wish I was you Levar


  • Mercedes did surprisingly well lol

  • Levar and Ferg in one episode legendary

  • Eric went from host to co-co-cohost

  • that was erotic.

  • I wish i was Lance Reddick... YEAHHHHHSSSS i Fucking lost it man


  • the second host is illiterate

  • I am such a huge fan of Mercedes Javid

  • I love her laughing/coughinh

  • This was absolutely incredible

  • Eric doing Andrew Dice Clay at the end lmao


  • Do you usually have no hair on your body? LMAO

  • andre has a nice body for a woman

  • Of course her last name would be javid. I mean look at her

  • 2:22 did they poison her drink?