Luis Guzman (Part 1) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • _"get the f*ck outta here..."_ - Luis

  • "EJECT, PLASTIC CRAP" -Ricardo Diaz

  • Luis Guzman

  • 🇵🇷✌🏼❤

  • Yesssss Vermont at last!!!!!

  • Damnm this show feels tired to me now. Like why is this so boring now? I enjoyed the first 4 seasons...

  • 0:50

  • Try Two Deranged Dingoes. Funny shit

  • What hapend with Hanibal?

  • This is funny but I don't understand what's going on

  • luis lives next to my goat trailer in VT literally lol

  • When he threw it at the drummer I lost it

  • The "Yeahhhh!!!" is one of those things that get more and more funnier overtime

  • eric literally broke his brain

  • Love Eric but this kind of humor wouldn’t exist without Tom Green

  • That's the late show we don't deserve.

  • I've met Louis I'm from vermont quite a nice dude

  • i dont think this is even funny anymore its just weird and uncomfortable

  • It's been such a long time since Eric's return, but what happened to his hair?

  • Does anyone else think Eric's brand of show has run its course. It seems way less spontaneous and random than the original series.

    • @David Kinsella I would offer your mother as a replacement.

    • And build what in its place? You want to tear down the old religions but you offer us nothing to replace them with. Be gone Satan.

  • What song :( 0:13

  • If you are reading this, you can read.

  • Wow

  • If i asked him to.sign my chancla he would beat me with said chancla and everyone would.think its GREAT

  • I loved this guy in IMDB

  • “Gettt the fuck outta here” 😂😂😂

  • That's what she said.

  • I have a crush on that asian girl who does nothing on the show,plz give me her name

  • Where is the black dude?

  • I loved him in IMDB

  • Luis Guzman looks great! Glad he seems to be doing well

  • Wasn’t he the cook in Boogie Nights?

  • I miss Hannibal.


  • No one gonna talk about the drummer? He’s the real mvp

  • Man i loved him in IMDB

  • How does someone get to be involved in something like this... I want in 😂😂 love it

  • Hahaha


  • Eric needs to be taught the rules of "The Game" before trying to play

    • You can rest assured that this isn't his first rodeo...

  • the guy who said "YES" in the background he doesnt know what is goin on right? he just say it anyway anytime dude?

    • yea there is a man hired to shout the exact same YES every episode

  • Me: sees an Eric Andre show uploaded a few hours ago 😀 Also me: sees it’s uploaded by adult swim ✌️

  • I love Luiz Guzman! Him and John Leguizamo are my primos de madres differantes all day! 🇵🇷

  • Felipe Esparza is perfect for this show.

  • Anyone else think it's kind of sad rhat his most famous role is in a show where he is mentioned more times than he appears?




  • This is the first time I got a little sad about the guest. This guy was great back in the day.

  • It’s great seeing Greendale Students go on to do great things.

  • The “YEAAAHHHH” is the best track to ever exist

  • wow an army national guard commercial for adult swim? Analytics gone crazy up in here.

    • Sure, why not , you can join up and be a member of Seal Team 69?!?

  • My man Luis always reminds me of a Puerto Rican Mike Tyson no cap 😂😂😂


  • I learned how to buy a house from this

  • We're all going to hell.. jk hell doesn't exist.

    • Become a born again pagan? They don't believe in Hell! It was the Zoaroists that invented it and the Devil!!!

  • Yo I'm from vt . My wife is Puerto Rican. Luis only lives like 40 minutes from me. I dig sofrito. Pernil is where it's at.

  • Why does he kinda sound like Mike Tyson

  • Love the nod to Rasheed at 00:34

  • Never watched this show until now. Eh. Guess I gotta be drugged up or something.

  • His performance in The Count of Monte Cristo was amazing.

    • I was in jail in 2019 in a pod that had 64 inmates. On the tv the jail put the movie on. I had seen it and read the book, fell in love with both and so told everyone it was a must see. Imagine seeing almost all of them riveted to the screen.... the cheers were deafening as the movie progressed.... each one identified so fully with it. Innocent and the guilty alike. One of my fondest memories

    • I was just explainingthat movie to my sister today and this video was recommended

  • I hope one day the band just doesn’t stop playing. They just start talking while the band is playing throughout the entire show

  • yyyyYEAAAH!!!!

  • Eric sound like and Americanized Felipe and Felipe sounds like a Hispanic Eric. I really can't tell if ones impersonating the other or not.

  • Look at gacha lol


  • You Live In Vermont!

  • This is what we're doing on Christmas?

  • ᵂᵒᵒʰᵒᵒ

    • Hidden gem in the comments.

  • Love him in .....IMDb.

  • Omarion you are great

  • This guy has been dead for years.

  • "Cat sleeping on the bread." It's funny cause it's true.

    • @Gilbert Rodriguez Bird Up

    • In hispanic owned grocery stores there are usually stray cats that come in. The store owners will take care of the stray cat. Stray cats come and go as they please. Sometimes they will sleep on the bread because the bread is soft.

    • can someone explain this pls

  • why the fuck divide this in 2 parts

  • Can you sign my chancla....🤣🤣

  • This is the most accurate reaction of me most of the time when I am watching this show 01:21

  • I’m trying to get a Sprite™️ sponsorship.

  • Have y'all seen his daughter lol

  • Good Christmas present

  • Time hasn't been kind to you eric

    • He did it deliberately

    • He does look like he's been riden hard and put away a little bit wet,doesnt he?!

  • WoW Omarion aged Well damm Coronanana virus

  • It's Zatara!

  • 0:57 yah

  • Love me some Luís Guzmán!

  • Exactly what i needed for christmas

  • 👎🏼

  • why does adult swim keep uploading the same shit, not saying the show is bad but i swear ive seen this clip from them before

    • It's like a fine wine that gets better with age...

  • I get a rush of pure joy at how psyched Felipe is about sofrito.

    • Felipe is underrated

    • belipe belipe belipe belipe

  • I really would like to know which song is played in the outro. Anyone out there who could help? :)

  • Luis is so chill

  • As a religious person it is refreshing to see someone who actually lives by the rules of god

  • D

  • Greendale's finest going on to great things

  • Genius Move

  • I want Eric to sign my chanclas

  • I really wish they would focus more on his mortgage payments

    • @Ricky McGinnis in the 5/1 arm or 15 year fix dimension.

    • Dunno why, but this just broke me 🤣

    • So fucking funny

    • @Cuong Tran 2.3??? In which dimension are you talking?

    • @Ricky McGinnis lmao!

  • This man threw up in someone's living room and just covered it up

    • @Ricky McGinnis difference between boys and gentlemen

    • Yes,but at least he just didn't fall down and pass out in it like some people would have done?!

  • “Can you sign my chancla?”

  • I love you all ❤

    • Can never be enough of that in these troubling times?!

  • Stalin at 0:22