Lazor Wulf Season 2 (Official Trailer) | December 6 | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
Feel good when things are bad. Lazor Wulf returns Sunday, December 6 at midnight ET/PT. Stream season 1 on HBO Max.
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  • Loved this show

  • Song please

  • I really like like the music for this trailer and series in general.

  • stupid horse looks even more stupid... that's a good thing

  • Love the music here in this video.. very 1970s vibe goin on love it 💜

  • Therapist: Karen Stupid horse isn’t real he can’t hurt you Karen stupid horse: can I speak to your manager

  • I wanna make a beat to the trailer music what is the name?

  • Lazor Wulf is truly most underrated show on AS A shame Bento Box don't animate for them no more but I'm so ready for this 2nd season 👀

  • Book boop go to Bet (black entertainment) not even three words boo booo

  • PAY DAVE CHAPPELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone tell Striker, we’ve got some bay glack bugman shit right here.

  • The DVR thing was a joke right???

    • @Jordan Loux Jokes on them I have a DVR

    • I mean Lazor liking outdated things is a running joke in the series.

  • YES!!!! The redesigns are going to take some getting used to but I can't wait!

  • It's nice to see someone else finally realized how ridiculous the name is of the man who's betrothed to that girl in Fiddler on the Roof.

  • I love it already :D

  • This show is horrible

    • That's your opinion and I can respect it.


  • This shit cost money, and still we don't have more VentureBros.

  • You give this crap a second season? Where's smiling friends?

  • I’ve been waiting for this

  • Feeding the algorithm via likes/sub/bell/etc, keep it up 😁. PSA: make a hotkey to help for free👌

  • Smiling friends you idiots at AS!

  • Make sure you cough in grandma's mouth at Thanksgiving dinner

  • Letsssssss goooooooo!!!!!

  • Tbh I rather watch Venture Bros or Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law instead of this

  • the show perfect

  • Only 177 likes out of 1,629 views that says EVERYTHING folks...

    • @BluJean6692 12 oz Mouse

    • @Jordan Loux maybe if we’re talking avant-garde art but this isn’t even art it’s a pretty scam 🤡

    • Yes, because quality is directly tied to how much attention something gets.

  • "the show for people who... well actually this show isn't FOR *anyone*, its just a get rich scheme some 19 year old cooked up from a drunken doodle... Once they realized something has to happen in a show they tried to recreate the spirit of AQTH but since the creators are coked-out children with no firm grasp on reality (let alone humor or drama), they ended up with something soulless at best and legitimately mean spirited at best... But since no one seems to putting on big-boy pants at AS they renewed it and are now so utterly mortified by the decision that they have to ad-blast the show in a desperate attempt to boost it's viewership. (Ironic given that the show can't and shouldn't compete with Eric Andre and other keynote shows.)"

    • What are you even saying. Your rambling diatribe seems near meaningless...

    • i ain’t reading all that happy for u tho or sorry that happened

    • Uuuuuuuhh alright

  • Yes!

  • Yeah, But are you Guys at ADULT SWIM in talks to do episodes of HAZBIN HOTEL or not?! I have to know, and if you're not, Do a deal on Hazbin hotel... you got to!

    • @SendIT Smith They produce movies full of brutal violence, psychedelic insanity and full-frontal male nudity.

    • @Jordan Loux whos A24?

    • A24 beat them to it.

    • Yeah, I want Hazbin Hotel on Adult Swim please.

  • Yeeeeah... this is cool and all but where's the 2nd episode of Smiling Friends? It's been 7 fcking months man come on!

  • the show perfect for furries (especially those who have a wolf OC)

    • @joe Skin me daddy!

    • ill accept furries for who they are IF i can hunt them and skin them like animals

    • bro theyre just wolves

  • My ankies!

  • I alot of people hate on this show but i love it, its has a so unique and pleasing art style as well and is pretty nice to chill to, ya its not perfect but i enjoy it for what it is

    • Yeah, it's kind of sad to see half of the comments on these videos just shitting all over it. I understand opinions exist, but they act like no one likes it at all

  • Not tryna be a dick but all of these trip pop cartoons are exactly the same 💁

  • Yeah... Smiling Friends please [as] 😁

  • Why does the animation look so different?

    • 😂

    • @frank x what did you mean by that? (Not a Hate comment)

    • Looks like they got together to decide on a new style and came up with a Yellow submarine/Puppycat hybrid.

    • @CN Confessions it’s not titmouse it’s Six Point Harness

    • Bento Box animated Season 1 but it was recently bought by FOX so they are forced to stop making [as] shows. They switched over to Titmouse for Season 2 instead.

  • Been hoping we'd get a season 2

  • That horse sounded ALOT like Felicia ( Tyler )

  • "I like her!"

  • Isn't lazar wolf the name of the butcher in fiddler on the roof

    • Beat me to it. Yeah it was!

  • Hell, yes

  • More people need to watch Lazor Wulf.

    • I agree with you.

  • I feel like nobody asked for this. Nothing against the show, but it's kinda boring and pointless - even by Adult Swim's standards.

    • @BluJean6692 You don't watch a lot of adult swim, do you?

    • It's not just boring its sociopathic. It's bully porn. I gave it an honest chance and it's pretty but the fact that this got renewed is actually alarming.

    • @Reject Clone exactly, plus the art style is dramatically unique from other current adult animated shows right now.

    • @Reject Clone Oh, so you can have an opinion, but I can't. I think you should go back and read your comment because it applies to you more than me. I'm just sharing my opinion. If you like Lazer Wulf, then good for you. But I have a right to my own opinion.

    • Okay so it’s not for you then? I enjoy the art style a lot, I know the humor and overall vibe isn’t for everyone but god damn can’t you let people enjoy things??? If it’s not for you, then move on! Simple as that!

  • Venture bros sacrificed themselved for this

    • Venture bros is shit.

    • @Boss Galaga or rather replace it with Aqua Teen Hunger Force instead.(If they didn’t give up on the last season).

    • @Boss Galaga oh we did get over it we rather have Venture bros or Harvey Birdman attorney at law instead of this for a show that can last for couple minutes. Or should I bring up Smiling Friends

    • The cancellation and lazor wulf are unrelated bruh

    • @Boss Galaga actually it was for like 7 seasons.

  • What happened to the art style?!

    • I like this one better, and I like the old one too

    • @CN Confessions What gets me is how you spread lies with so much conviction like you really believe the stuff you say. Smh

    • @Jared D. Weiss this is hilarious how did he get everything so blatantly wrong 😭

    • @CN Confessions None of that is correct. Reginald VelJohnson has been God both seasons, both seasons have an all Black cast. This season was done at Six Point Harness, not Titmouse. We changed it because we wanted to.

    • Season 1 was animated by Bento Box. Unfortunately, because FOX bought Bento Box, they are unable to make any [adult swim] shows anymore. So because of this, they had to switch animation studios to Titmouse instead. Also, they recast the God with a black voice actor, replacing Dana Snyder (who is white)

  • Oh yes

  • Better do more rick and morty

    • @Sgt. Bilby they would have to do more rick and morty because rick and morty give them more money

    • How About No?

    • Everything doesn't have to be Rick and Morty ya know.

  • I watched *Lazor Wulf* for season 1 and I need to watched season 2 right now

  • So Venture Bros died for this?

    • @Reject Clone lol decent? Bring up Smiling Friends people are still waiting for it hit the big screen for adult swim instead of lazor wulf.(in my opinion)

    • @Reject Clone the show is not even close to decent

    • @AlexZTheGamer YT Finally, somebody spittin' facts here

    • No! Shut up & Stop blaming Adult Swim! , It was AT&T’s Fault , Not Adult Swim! , You being annoying about it won’t help , Yes I do want more Venture bros & I’ve seen a little bit of Lazor Wulf & It’s OKAY in my opinion & Venture bros is WAY better & I would do anything for a 8th season , But you gotta realize that It wasn’t Adult Swim’s fault & Give other shows chances for once!

    • The show is actually pretty decent, I know Venture Bros is more beloved by the [AS] community but like damn, can’t you give other shows a chance to develop and grow??? People like you keep bitching about everything new 🤷‍♀️

  • sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it stay safe and stay possitive everyone!💡:)

  • w-what is this?.....

    • @pain Sure, why not.

    • @Mullerornis Can I watch it as a white furry?

    • @Jordan Loux 80% of it anyway

    • @BluJean6692 I'm sorry, have you not seen half of the other shit on Adult Swim? It's all coked-out insanity!

    • The latest get rich scheme by some coked out 19 year old who admitted it's based off a drunk doodle. Plot usually involves merciless bullying of the scapegoat character "Stoopid Horse" but since they're not as clever or funny as AQTH it ends up being sociopathic cringe...

  • Hiii