Lazor Wulf feat. J.I.D. (Full Panel) | Adult Swim 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
Grab a bowl of cereal and remember the important things. Join the cast of Lazor Wulf (Henry Bonsu, Quinta Brunson, Big E, Judnick Mayard) and moderator Trill Withers as they talk adventures of a wolf with a laser on his back, featuring a special performance by J.I.D. in virtual Strongburg.
The Adult Swim Festival is a two-day, global event taking you virtually closer than you’ve ever dreamed and packed with your favorite bands and comedic talents. Experience never-before-seen Adult Swim exclusives without the hassle of leaving your couch! It’s everything you love about Adult Swim in one place.
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  • "We went icon for icon", regarding DMX versus RVJ. That's respect right there. ✌

  • One of the worst shows on adult swim

  • This show is so bad. Glad its at least entertaining for these ppl. Belongs in the garbage of all the other failed shows [AS] has done 🗑 🚮.

    • you're white

  • J.I.D.'s show starts at 24:07

  • garbage show..sorry..but HOW did that get a 2nd season..TRASH..and ive been watching adult swim since FOREVER..but lazer wulf is HOT GARBAGE.

  • "Useless but extraordinary...that's my whole bag!" Love it.

  • What’s the last song JID played?

  • I love lazor wulf...

  • What was that last JID song?! Sheeesh

  • Damn what was that last track.... JID always impresses

    • Killers. Studio version gon be 🔥🔥

  • Here for Big E and J.I.D 😍😍😍

  • Can’t wait to see him in person

  • Here's a question they missed Why did they ditch Bento Box for the 2nd season?

  • Tracklist?

  • I just came here for the JID and he did not disappoint!

  • Love JID but what is up with Adult swim spamming with all these videos lately...

    • @Dexter rr lol homie just skipped to jid

    • Did you miss the part where it’s an Adult swim live event?

    • It's adult swim 2 day event! :D

  • What's the last song called?

    • KILLERS but it ain't out yet... :)


  • What JID song is this

  • Y’all if this is your first time hearing JID you sleep heavy

  • Where’s Rick and morty

    • Commin in here sounding like a big baby!

    • 🙄

  • Wth is going on