Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) | Episode One: Asus4 (Full Episode) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Pro 2020.
Watch four episodes of Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) for free on HRdown.
All-sinner and sportsman Makasu has recently died, but his death is causing the afterlives to converge and the universe is collapsing! Can the finger being Dr. Legs convince Makasu to be friend his Piano Frog and save existence?
Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) airs Saturday nights at 2am on Adult Swim during Toonami.
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  • The humor is still there, but the charm came from the amateur artwork. I’ll see if it grows on me as it goes on.

  • where's the rest of the episodes?

  • Some shows aren’t meant to be on Adult Swim.

  • 7:01 iam Chief

  • 6:06 It's summoning time!

  • WTF have I just watched?

  • The intro is ducking seizure inducing.

  • Incredible. Awful. Thank you. Never again.

  • Wait what the fuck, why is the animation quality so solid now?

  • This is amazing, adult swim please make more shit like this

  • why can't EVERY show have this much creative ambition. "NO YOU CAN'T REBOOT BUGS BUNNY AS EDGY SUPERHEROS THATS TOO DRASTIC" *Me:* no, thats not _enough_ blasphemy against looney tunes canon. make daffy duck a nonbinary robot. give a bodyhorror backstory to Elmer Fudd that explains why hes a human instead of an animal. make Gossamer and Taz the Tazmanian Devil the same character, just pre- and post- brazilian waxing

  • So is this autobiographical? j/k

  • This animation definitely is from interdimensional cable.

  • As if "perfect hair" never happened. . . . 12 oz makes this look like shit tho. Wasted your budget. You could at least record 11 minutes of usable VO. . . Love the performers on this one, but the editing is disgraceful. . . I'm drunk, which is why I feel comfortable offering criticism to people who worked night and day to make this program see the light of daycast(of the night), even though I have only spent about an accumulated 20 minutes considering my response.

  • "Wait dont freeze time!" (Za warudo sound effect)

  • Was this all improv?

  • Nah I can't do dis

  • So this is what my dad died for in Afghanistan, huh.

  • just delightful

  • Dr.Legs is 10/10 one of my favorite characters in the new season

  • venture bros died for this...

    • No it didn’t homie. This show was in production a whole year before Venture Bros got cancelled.

    • No. It fucking didn't. If Venture Bros had never gotten cancelled (which IS bullshit mind you) this would still exist. Stop saying this stupid bullshit on every new thing that comes out just bc it's new/not your cup of tea.

  • This is mostly "random xd anime is weird" humor .

  • Did he actually say Pokémon

  • 0lease tell me this is a mocking of those cringey "durrr I died and now I'm in an mmorpg surrounded by bitches" anime 😂

  • I'm from Europe and I love it! Lots of love and cheers from Slovenia 🇸🇮

  • This is just too dumb. I mean like wow, this is garbage.

  • Max, if you're reading this, and I know you are...hi!

  • Now this is a sports anime

  • Yusuke "Steven" Yurameshi-O

  • That was pretty bad guys C'mon

    • That was pretty good guys C’mon

  • Max, thank you again for another adventure to enjoy!

  • Hellyah 🔥🔥Would love to do a segment for adult swim some time. I think you’d like my animations 💯💯

  • Does any body know finger lady voice actor name ?

  • Omg it's back

  • Keith is gonna lick where he’s gonna lick.

  • Time to watch this shit 500X times over like the first season - there is no god

  • Yo I remember this animation style. AD HD Studios anyone ? They used to make short vids/parody songs on HRdown

  • the fingers lady it seems to have a black woman voice

  • Holy shit

  • That vewn segment tho

  • So hyped it’s still going but I’m definitely going to miss the art

  • This is garbage.

  • Oh wow

  • This is amazing but man it looks so weird since they got a budget

  • So nice seeing vewn animation 😊

  • I’m not sure how I feel about you guys changing from the old intentionally shitty style to the new Steven universe/cal arts intentionally shitty yet fluid and marketable style.

  • Ok so, this is Steve Universe grown up, voiced by the guys from Tender Touches and with special animation from Vewn. How cool!

    • This is actually dumb asf

    • It’s like Steven universe but good

  • I know a guy who worked on this.

  • 1:04 welcome to shroomsville

  • 0:28 Middle panel is Arin Hanson? Right panel is Danny Avidan?

  • This is kinda like Girlchan in Paradise..

    • The creator said season 1 was really inspired by it good Observation

  • Do you have a bathroom in your womb?

  • This was in my notifications? I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of Neo Fighter Dream Crisis on HRdown

  • Absolutely love that Gamusetto is being continued, not necessarily happy that everything is actually drawn well now

    • @Silver Fang405 Agreed, I like it as well.

    • I don't know I really like it. The smoother look is interesting to me and at least the writing is still the same

    • @Jarodjr holy fuck that would be based

    • I think the creator said he would change the art style with each new season, kinda like how JoJo does it.

  • Huh

  • Is that voice Matt Watson

  • Cool vibes