Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) | Episode Three: B7+5 (Full Episode) | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Pro 2020.
Watch four episodes of Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) for free on HRdown.
Making their way through the Mesopotamian underworld of Kur, Dr. Legs and Makasu run into a formidable foe. Can a vengeful spirit who has a bone to pick with Makasu be more dangerous than a god?
Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) airs Saturday nights at 2am on Adult Swim during Toonami.
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  • 5:53 Keith the Keytar Frog cometh!

  • RIP to Neil peartle :')

  • I love the ending theme for this episode so much. I hope there's a full version

  • long live Neil Peartle the rushing drumset turtle !

  • I liked the first season, but this show literally just devolved into xander renegade angel.

    • @thepokekid01 I don't think so... xavier renegade angel makes more sense

    • I guess I should also say I don't mean shitty jokes by "Shit-jokes" but jokes about shit and poop and crude stuff in general rather than in reference to something. A kind of Poop joke for an older audience.

    • @stareatthesunman Well, I think it's a bad thing (Less parody and more just random shit-jokes) but I also meant it in a way of describing if you like XRA then you probably would like this season too.

    • how is that bad xra is based

  • A lot of times when I comment on a video at 4:25 am I feel like saying "I can't believe this is what I'm watching at 4:25 am" but I can't totally believe that this is what I'm watching at 4:25 am.

  • I've come from the future. This was all a mistake. It cannot end well.

  • So is this supposed to be american bobobo or just another jojo reference?

  • This is pretty weak. 3/10

  • What the f@ck did I just watch? 😳 Is this an acid trip?🙃

  • Loved it

  • Major perfect hair forever vibes

  • this show is good

  • "Sometimes when other people are smiling, I wanna punch them in the stomach!" Such a damn mood.

  • This show looks pretty shitty tbh


  • the creators are really using their noodles on this one

  • I don't like this.

  • I killed a lot of people, you’re just a guy, man!

  • Anyone know the intro song?

  • this is a masterpiece like the first season

  • Wish dr legs was my mommy

  • Why does adult swims app not work anymore? Please answer this question?

    • @Anakinskywalker137 thanks! It's incompatible on my firetv 4k smart tv recently for some reason.

    • I don't know. It still works for me on my phone & firestick.

  • This show is very good

  • Thank you for releasing the full eps!!!!!

  • i dont get this pls explain if you can.

    • Drugs.

    • its like a zebra farted rainbows all over mars and chewed through your brain.

    • Well, there's thing thing called anime...

  • Who tf needs Metalocalypse when you got this show!

  • Love the music in this show. The song playing at 6:43 fucking slaps.

  • Why have I never seen this and why is it so fucking hilarious

  • This show looks interesting

    • They deserve more views

  • Wow

  • This whole series is basically season 2 Neo Fighter Dream Crisis on HRdown lol

  • added this to my "play this when you're high" playlist. Thanks again adult swim

  • Dude Max is freaking hilarious