EMBER'S ETIQUETTE "Getting Dressed" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2020.
Created by Ember Knight, Bobby McCoy, and Mikey Santos
Starring Ember Knight, Ron Lynch, Kasie Shabaz
Music by Ember Knight
Ember on Instagram: emburgler
Bobby on Instagram: iambobbymccoy
Mikey on Instagram: true.vulture
Ron on Instagram: ronlynch1
Kasie on Instagram: habibi___central
Ember & Bobby are L.A. based creators who make videos and music through Bobby’s company [REDACTED] EMOTIONS. Ember’s Etiquette was inspired by their work together on The Ember Knight Show, which is also very good, and you should watch it.
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  • Girl could pick up a pencil with those eyelids.

  • where the uncensored version tho?!?!

  • 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Oddly attractive

  • She has a furry face

  • She got em' crazy eyes boy.

  • This proves that naked doesn't always mean sexy.

  • I would live in a universe controlled by Ember.

  • I feel more comfortable undressed!

  • Dope

  • kids This is the '90s for you

  • Ben Levin has left his mark :)

  • i can only love this smalls series. the idea of taking banal conventions & looking at them from a sober perspective is ingenious & damn entertaining in this realisation. i want more plz !!!

    • that came across more pompous than intended

  • I’m sure this is going to get progressively darker as it goes along

  • I sorta kinda want a follow up 🖕

  • Hi, I'm Poppy vibes

  • 0:54 I've never felt genuine fear over a yt video. Its like shes staring at my soul

  • that bitch Ballin'

  • Fuck the covermet realy

  • "Enhance."

  • 0:43 she definitely needs to check those lesions out

  • If you can't decide what to wear the police WILL. Orange works for everyone!

  • Im totally lost, but at the same time right on track

  • Is this subliminaly dumbing us down?

  • It is basically "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared" IRL

    • time is a tool that you put on a wall

  • I love that Lincoln has a flip phone

  • I’ve watched so much porn in my life, it took me a long while to realize that her being naked was considered weird.

  • adult swim is like someone accidentally gave 10mil to a random drug addict and made him a CEO of a TV network

  • Lol u frikken nuts lady Love it X

  • Abe Lincoln is a snitch?!

  • Ember is always so ominous and haunts my dreams. Good actor though

  • Woman writes that she's naked all the time = empowering Me writing about women being named all the time = "you're a creep" It's sexism I tell you! Sexism!!!

  • Gurl u can wear whatever you like UwU

  • I feel bad for the cat :(

    • And ifeel bad for her iwonder how much they paid her for doing this

  • wtf

  • She would get a severe sunburn without clothes I presume.

  • This is the dumbest thing on Adult Swim. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • I love the music in these

  • This reminds me of "don't hug me I'm scared"

  • oh god i watched a minute of eric andre show and now the algorithm is now recommending me stuff my mom doesn't want me to watch

  • This makes me smile 😃 😍

  • Can i wear your skin

  • Stay tuned next week for another journey into the Twilight zone.

  • I know this is adult swim. But man. Those are weird

  • Love to eat out that ginger minj

  • adult swim can i ask u something is there an official toonami channel

  • I am not saying she is not talented. I am just saying, that she is so attractive, I would watch it anyways.

  • 🤣Evil Doll: Why don't you steal us. We can all be yours! Lupita: No, you know that stealing is bad, and I want to be good. Evil Doll: But you must learn to steal! Lupita: No. You know stealing is bad, and I want to be good. Evil Doll: We dolls don't like good little girls! Lupita: No. To steal is evil, and I don't want to be evil. Evil Doll: You must be evil if you want a doll! Lupita: No, you know stealing is evil, and I don't want to be evil. Evil Doll: Steal, fight, and we will all be yours! Lupita: No. I don't want to be evil, and stealing is evil. Evil Doll: You want to good, eh, you don't want to be bad? Lupita: No, you know stealing is bad, and I want to be good. Evil Doll: Well then, you'll never have a doll! HAHAHAHAH!

  • Wtf did I just see

  • God if this was uploaded in November What a strange timeline it will be

  • She needs a shave

  • Hats off to Maria Bamford

  • I just came across this casually at 4am

  • Hate tomato sauce stains

  • Not my proudest one guys...

  • Adult swim, are you okay?

  • *She does have a nice kitty,am i right guys?*

  • how is she not actually arrested? lol

  • 2 minute horror movie ok

  • i thought adult swim has the weirdest videos and i remembered a person named "david firth" and i said naaaah this is normal

  • Is this David Bowie's sister or something ?

  • Yes yes forever and ever.

  • My retina's scream for not being , blessed blind.

  • The music is very nice and this woman has a great voice, so it's almost ASMR

  • youtube actually allows nudity if it not sexual. search "naked yoga" on here to see. also, adult swim is cable as opposed to over the air, so they can show nudity also. yet everything is still censored because of advertisers.

  • Somebody bail her out!

  • Is anyone else infatuated with this woman? Opened with her in the tub, it's too much. She's great.

  • I don't know who Ember is but suddenly i am very happy to have them in my life

  • What the fuck is going on at adult swim

  • She was rocking that kitty cat. The answer is yes!

  • Nice cat.

  • lulz

  • For a second, I was a little bit confused, I could swear I closed p***n hub

  • Why can adult swim get away with posting stuff like this but a regular youtuber cant?

    • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh look up naked yoga. HRdown policies are stupid.

  • Yo nobody going point out the herpes she got on her??

  • This is the show we've been waiting for

  • I'm so glad I learned about this

  • Always knew Abraham Lincoln was a friggin narc

    • He completely snitched on the South

    • Yeah, such a narcoleptic

  • I don't like the use of cats

  • CAT! ❤

  • They should uncensored for educational purposes

  • of course you don't have to wear anything. it's LA, land of fruits and nuts.

  • Play cyberpunk 2077, then watch this again, might give you some perspective

  • 😎

  • Where was that filmed? Us west 101?

  • Why is she jailed? Wouldn't she only get a fine?

    • Hello fellow Kevin. She may have resisted the police or maybe it's just a holding cell or something

  • Hmm..very educational

  • This cured my migraine

  • I love this. Perfect learning show for grown retards like myself!

  • I swear adult swim is like watching interdimensional cable

  • Pinchis raros

  • ach

  • uncensored version, please

  • Idk what's going on. But it's all starting to make sense.

    • Ye I’m still lost 😂 But generally enjoy them anyway

  • I need a wife

  • Owen Wilson is truly the greatest actor of our generation.

  • The background track is a hella bop

  • Can we wear a puppy? Cruella de Vil: hold my beer...

  • I love the msuic in this, it's so smooth, especially the tune when she's driving

  • Dammit how did i get to Asian porn again