EMBER'S ETIQUETTE "Shaking Hands" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Pro 2020.
Created by Ember Knight, Bobby McCoy, and Mikey Santos
Starring Ember Knight and Ron Lynch
Music by Ember Knight
Ember on Instagram: emburgler
Bobby on Instagram: iambobbymccoy
Mikey on Instagram: true.vulture
Ron on Instagram: ronlynch1
Ember & Bobby are L.A. based creators who make videos and music through Bobby’s company [REDACTED] EMOTIONS. Ember’s Etiquette was inspired by their work together on The Ember Knight Show, which is also very good, and you should watch it.
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  • Somebody is as high as a damn kite.

  • Good God her feet, like I'm not a foot guy but her feet.... 😋

  • More ember please to funny

  • Beautiful, smart, educated, insane ... Probably David Bowie's long-lost daughter. She is perfect

  • Is that just a tiny hand or a giant Abraham Lincoln?

  • Jesus christ that's the best thing I've seen on AS for a while. Totally loved the music.

  • im not on drugs right?

  • She's really good! And sexy.

  • She's Beautiful And no I'm not a Simp

  • I love the song

  • This is what my childhood fever dreams looks like..

  • It's like when I did all the drugs.

  • She is pretty.

  • 🤣

  • More please ember

  • love the music in this

  • This video is what it feels like to get stoned with people you don't know.

  • What just happened

  • This woman looks about as Irish as it's possible to look. Her genes are fully Irish.

  • Her hand went past the eiffel tower, past the pyramids, only to meet abe lincoln on a laptop. Where the hell is that? You gotta put on a show for that man just to get his attention. I wonder what he was doing on the laptop mustve been some freelance work. Only to say gtfo

  • Worst thing I have ever seen. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • This i so damn good

  • Im very scared

  • I love her ❤️

  • really like the music actually! ^^

  • I'd shake Ember's hand.

  • Any links for the BGM with the xylophone? (One in the beginning)

  • "Okay get the fuck out." -Abraham Lincoln

  • The music and sound design is so good, basically responsible for 90% of the video's ambiance and mood imo

  • The big comfy couch but for big dumb adults.

  • The fuck did I just watch?

  • I want whatever the ppl running adult swim are smoking/ingesting

  • Is anyone going to talk about how george lincoln had paper towels a laptop and looks like he's alone just saying

  • Is that Tarantino’s special? I bet you know why

  • The audio in this video changed my life.

  • I like the appearance of gay lincoln.

  • Definitely the most polite way to touch men-- thanks!

  • this was entertaining

  • this looks like something Jack Stauber would make, but animated

  • i don't think anybody's doing much hand shaking nowadays...unless they're wearing gloves that is lol

  • stay off the Whip-its kids

  • more of a fist bump guy tbh

  • Masterpiece of art

  • "Why did the algorithm bring me here?" *Lenny leans in and whispers* "Don't question the algorithm." ". . . oh. . ."

  • This made me a better person now. Gratitude.

  • "People got paid to write this I think."

  • The music makes it even more uncomfortable

  • Her feet make ME feel naked. How is that even possible? What did I just watch? What’s going to happen to me?

  • When did Chrissie Hynde and David Bowie have a daughter?

  • Haha this was so funny!!!1!!!

  • Ok when Lincoln just told her to get the fuck out after the hand shake made me. lol

  • David Bowie in heaven

  • I love her expressions

  • This is like a Wes Anderson fever dream.

  • i like how it had the "zooming past all these international landmarks to show how far it went" trope even tho it was just from the window to the chair LOL that was a good gag i like that gag "Okay, get the fuck out" -Abraham Lincoln, 2020

  • Looks like a weird lesbian version of Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

  • This almost feels like an educational program about what shaking hands was like before 2020, when you could still shake people's hands..

  • It would had been a good whatever the fuck that was if only i was high asf

  • It’s 2020. Hand shaking has been outlawed by every country and regime except for the taliban and North Korea.

  • Feet

  • I thought that this was David Bowie from the thumbnail.

  • Does she have a VO? lol

  • thats eligal

  • Every single damn time I come here and I be like "WTF" and now I'm thinking why the hell am I surprised....


  • Is this Covid?

  • I would appreciate her hurricane kicking my chest

  • this was fire

  • Clearly I need to do a lot more drugs to fully appreciate this

  • David bowie is looking good after the sex change

  • Cool cool .........any news on joe pera tho?

  • 1:56 lmfao

  • What the fuck did I just watch ??????!!!!!!!!!!

  • WHAT... THE .... HECK ... DID I JUST WATCH, WELL ITS ALMOST 2 AM HERE SO ITS UNDERSTANDABLE, but man what the actual heck is this

  • mmmm love love love what a calm yet vibrant time

  • Ember can shake my hand anytime.

  • This is awful.

  • This is chill

  • This is amazing. More please

  • Obviously a Quentin Tarantino film

  • Reminder: Red Balloon is Pennywise !! RUNNNN !!!!

  • This is why Gabriele only had 99.

  • jfc put a pop filter on that garbage ass ASMR mic

  • So are there no rules to creativity?

  • huh??

  • sweet

  • Im used to watch weird shit but never has something weirded me out so much

  • What the actual fuck did i just watch

  • *I cant be the only one who finds her irresistably attractive?*

    • @TheNarf11 ooo. That is a toughy... based on looks alone I'd say Emily ratajkowski. Or bella Hadid.. based on personality or intelligence I'd say someone like AOC does it for me... but I'm a weird one. I find beauty in a lot of things.. the woman in the video, I find her style to be the sexiest thing about her.

    • Pea Gea cheers mate,can you give me an example of a woman youd give 10/10 im interested

    • @TheNarf11 I was just having fun. To each his own. She is very pretty

    • Pea Gea that is not true...I think she looks quirky and interesting and she is undeniably cute.

    • I think you guys would find anything attractive if this does it for you

  • Why is she barefoot

  • Jus Wear yur gd damn mask, take yur vaccine, get spoon fed yur news... Obey and stop critically thinking.. Jeepers what's wrong with people these days.

  • So, she breathe helium... ☺️

  • Guess she had helium in her lungs

  • Why nobody is talking about her toes..? 😍

  • Hard pass, this is just not funny.

  • Alright, that's enough internet for me today..

  • excessive huffing of helium

  • 10/10 would watch again

  • It was super calming tho

  • What did I just watch