EMBER'S ETIQUETTE "Table Manners" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Pro 2020.
Created by Ember Knight, Bobby McCoy, and Mikey Santos
Starring Ember Knight, Ron Lynch, Kasie Shabaz, and Bobby McCoy
Music by Ember Knight
Ember on Instagram: emburgler
Bobby on Instagram: iambobbymccoy
Mikey on Instagram: true.vulture
Ron on Instagram: ronlynch1
Kasie on Instagram: habibi___central
Ember & Bobby are L.A. based creators who make videos and music through Bobby’s company [REDACTED] EMOTIONS. Ember’s Etiquette was inspired by their work together on The Ember Knight Show, which is also very good, and you should watch it.
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  • When I become dictator, I promise to deploy ALL of the killbots into los angeles.

  • Is this David Bowie 2?

  • You're frikin amazing!

  • Bic lighters everywhere.

  • song pls

  • Idk this girl . She is so beautiful I could watch her eat a phone book

  • The women of AdultSwim are really killing it right now.

  • that was beautiful

  • With proper etiquette in mind.I offer to cover her face in cream

  • Good fun. Way to just do something random and spontaneous.

  • This is so wholesome. I love this woman's show so far. Keep it running!

  • so.....Ab Lincoln was playing Mary Poppins at a Bukaki party???

  • Abs sideburns look like they were shaven from Godzillas choad... wish i had choad sideburns.

  • White woman "humour"

  • yo ember became a >c l o u d

  • Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Love this.

  • Stupid

  • This is so calming..

  • *I am not sure why do I find her irresisteably attractive*

  • This is giving me HBO Family vibes.

  • I even care for Karen.

  • This is cringe

  • I’m loving this series

  • I want the music from this videoo

  • Ember's videos are quickly becoming the highlight of my week.

  • How much lsd must I consume to enjoy this?

    • wouldn't be an AS video without the "dRuGz" comments

  • i need to stop watching this shit stoned

  • I was afraid this video wasn't going to make logical sense. How wrong I was.

  • What's Honest Abe doing here

  • The audio overdrive made this very difficult to listen to.

  • She blew a balloon with her mouth and it didn’t flop around.....

  • Any way to be part of as wihout a vpn? (Poor side of eu here)

  • I watched this video. Good holidays moist people.

  • Poor belt. 🥲

  • Please keep these coming, they're fantastic!

  • Reminds me of a murlocs video

  • this one is not fun at all

  • thank you for your service

  • Why was this so sweet 😳🥺❤

  • I like these weird little shits they make from time to time.

  • She soo kissed the mail woman. She had her cream on her nose.

  • We are the table.

  • That lady is cute. Also the background music at one point reminded me of Mister Rogers Neighborhood

  • Beautiful

  • Nap-i-kins...

  • Ember Knight is the type of bizarre artist I lo ve even if I don't fully understand their art, like Jack Stauber.

  • I do like shows that go well with lsd

  • Why did this make me cry

  • Kira?

  • Cocaína y pan blanco

    • @Alpha thanks bro, listen I have to confess something to you, Im not married, never was

    • @jordan kjallberg Thanks, and keep your head up, it gets better.

    • @Alpha oh okay, I'm sorry bro, I just got divorced and I'm a little agitated, but anyway yeah, that's what it means 👍

    • @jordan kjallberg nah bro I'm trying to learn spanish, so tell me if I got it right or nah ese

    • @Alpha you got a problem bro?!

  • I’m confused. Is this meant to be funny? Laugh out loud funny? Comforting? Is it just bad absurdist humour? Cultural? Is there some history I can I can read to help me understand Adult Swim style humour?

    • don't short circuit your brain, guy. it's not for you. accept and move on.

    • Its an educational video, u should take notes

  • Ember = Goddess


  • to learn this manner, i need to blow helium

  • Lolzifer

  • I do not want to live in a world that the King of L.A. does not exist in.

  • Slightly annoyed Abraham Lincoln is my favorite character in the Emberverse.

  • Darn girl, you exhale Helium!

  • See this is how a white person can gain an nword pass. By just being nice and compassionate.

  • WTF! I thought this was Internet Comment Etiquette! But Ember is not Erik. And there were no team kills, bong rips, or bottles of booze. However, it does seem Ember smoked salvia for this so Erik and Ember have something in common.

  • Joe pera little crazy cousin

  • so warm, so gentle.

  • Brilliant!

  • its funny because its weird and boring haha get it???

  • Abe ruins EVERYTHING.

  • This is Abe if he kept smoking raisins after clone high

    • I CAN TASTE THE SUN! Ohohohohoho!!!!!!

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  • 🤣

  • Why am I crying? 😤

    • @Christopher Bennett damn bruh, you got the whole squad crying.

    • @Tyler Look okie dokie.

    • @Christopher Bennett wow. That was deep as fuck. Now I'm crying. I'm coming down with the sadness..

    • Because of the evocation of child-like wonder, the wistfulness held within the sweet music, for a nostalgia that never was.

  • No thanx bye bye because this is crappy

  • Lol u gotta stop it🤣🤣...this shit is bugged out yo

  • Wow

  • 0:18 so this is made out of clay in a stop motion way huh

  • Thanks for this ! It makes me smile 😁

  • I love this woman...☹️😣😫😭🤣😂🥴💨😃

  • 0:10 "if you are able" Abraham Lincoln *Abe L.* That's enough brain power usage for tonight.

  • I had like number 69

  • i would give anything for joe perra and ember knight to have a crossover episode♡

    • @Franko franko more like stupid lol

    • @ember knight Ok, 50% of the way there. Someone get Joe on the line.

    • @Eamon Shea me three

    • Me too

    • @Criminy Cricket haha such a weird comment for such a wholesome beautiful video

  • Very inspirational

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  • This is the first time i've been early for anything...

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  • Thanks every body.

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  • This show is like live action in scared

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  • I learned my manners.thanks ima go to the UK now

  • Today I learned The average American child is given $3.70 per tooth that falls out. Guess I was lucky.

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