Duck Game Fowl Quacktacular Update | Adult Swim Games

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Stu 2020.
Duck Game's biggest update of all time has flocked to PC including 8 duck multiplayer, spectator mode, new levels, new maps, and more! Quack!
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  • I have a problema eith ps4, the no established connection, pls help i wanna play with my friends but i cant do and i buy it today HELP

  • Mobile plsss

  • Update?

  • Super Smash Brothers meets Guns and Duck

  • Best game ever made. Period

  • When is the new update for consoles coming?

  • Hey are you updating this on PS4?

  • Я съел медведа

  • Nice!

  • Is this update coming to switch?



  • Is this game on Ios

  • here's a list of almost everything they added in the update if i missed some thing please tell me 1. weapons and equipment laser sabre, camping rifle, dandylion, teleport gun thingy idk the name, duct tape, gun holsters, spiky helmet. 2. 8 player multiplayer hell yeah! 3. maps lots of em 4. lobby and chat changes when you quack it shows it on the chat, spectator mode, new chat emojis. 5. new hats from switch version breakfest hat, clam hat, toeboy and bigearl, the other frank hat, johnnygrey. i think thats it

  • Where polish flag ?

  • Poland

  • Quien para duck game?

  • Do you guys remember Worms?

  • i love this game and the community is so handsome

  • Don't blink

  • and for the console version the same will be added or ...

    • The update for console will be later

  • I can vouch for this being the best game ever. I have very good memory's of chatting with strangers while playing this game.

  • I would like to know on how to explode like thar in the end. :))

  • I have no clue what the update is about

  • Thanks Landon

  • finally


  • please update on polaystation tank you

  • QuaQuaQuaQuaQuack Quack Quack QuaQuaQuack QuaQuaQuack

  • Adult Swim,please,make this update on ps4 too!🙏🏻

    • It’s not out on switch yet

    • @El Victurs thanks for the info for that have a sub :)

    • @Dunce Cø7p Its coming both switch and ps4

    • Is it coming to switch ?

  • I duck myself to this game

  • please update on switch


  • Wonderfull game, sadly you have to play with your friends ONLY, if you don't want to play with cheaters.

    • Um don’t know what cheaters you mean, unless you mean the people who know how to do all the tech.

    • nah there are 1 cheater in 50 games so come on

  • thank god i already own the game

  • Amo ese maldito juego jajaj ya era hora de un update

  • This game is ducking amazing. Seriously give it a shot

  • W00t w0000

  • Oozora Subaru The Game

  • Jaja tan genial y lamentable a muchos no les alcanza para esta joya :'( Quien me regala un código para el juego :' )?

  • 8 Player Smash

  • Will this be on console?

    • update will come out eventually for switch and ps4.

  • Will you guys update the switch version to have these updates too

    • @The All American Bad Boy fuck you

    • @The All American Bad Boy dude I just own that version. I don’t have steam money to buy the pc version at the moment.

    • @Mine18 thanks dude. Appreciate it.

    • who cares kiddie

    • @Mine18 Nice. Thanks for the info.


  • :0

  • Vinny pls play Duck Game Fowl

  • Yes

  • Oof