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Datum objavljivanja: 1. Sij 2021.
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Created by Dave Hughes
"Sick of Being Honest"
Song by Milkblood
Video by Mike Diva
"Into Promenade"
short by Yoshi Sodeoka
"Terror Fervor"
Short by Phoebe Parsons
Music by MYMK
"Dream World Fun World"
short by Render Fruit
"2 Lizards - Episode 2"
Short by Orian Barki and Meriem Bennani
Music by Coqueta
"Very Noise"
Song by Igorrr
"Dream of a Dog"
Original short by Maddie Brewer
"Tofu Chan - Love is a Fractal"
produced by Dylan Jones and Josef Gatti
Tofu Chan voice by Tomoya Kawasaki
Music by jperl
Original short by Anna Firth
"Baby, It's Time"
Song by Psychic Markers
Dditing and graphics by Dave Hughes
Sound mix and design by Brent Busby
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  • Glad to see Igorrr on [as]

  • What’s the last song with the black and white box

  • beautiful episode

  • this is why I love adult swim

  • 2:27 whats casey doing in the tv

  • i truly wonder how masterpieces like this are made, the visuals are just so out there!🖖🏽

  • AS tryna precondition us for the impending alien contact

  • It would be so cool if they did a 3-4 hour special of shorts and shows like this (not the scary ones) since we can’t go to acid forest 😂

  • yes

  • Take acid and watch this

  • 8:12 : 1. Nirvana 2. Brockhampton 3. Trash Talk?! 4. Doja Cat 5. They Might Be Giants 6. 100 Gecs 7. ??? 8. The Talking Heads 9. The Buggles 10. Snoop Dogg (obviously) 11. ??? 12. Halestorm? 13. Lil Pump 14. Dorian Electra

  • Red dog in the Dream Of A Dog segment is waifu material

  • Noice

  • is that casey frey in the background

  • nightmare nightmare nightmare

  • Watch this when high!!!!!

  • Please take the ads off. Any other show. Just not this one.

  • it makes me even happier to know that Casey is in this

  • What is adult swim what is off the air I think it is a bank of our memory’s and they show it on tv every night

  • casey i lab yer pet hart bro

  • ok now, this.. THIS IS EPIC!

  • I put this on for background and smoked a bowl, I couldn’t stop watching

  • CASEY FREY??!!!!!!!

  • There's a typo in the description

  • brain go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • I

  • Zank u tofu chan 😭

  • Can’t wait for the next Lil Arf Arf album.

  • okay.

  • Need more of this

  • the agE of aquarius is here lolz they know it

  • thank u u

  • Eye opening, I tell you

  • Very noise

  • Now I can go to sleep


  • Best one yet

  • A fucking tomato could make me depressed these days....good job?

  • Bruh first video guy got the moves

  • Casey Frey!!!

  • I hope the afterlife is just like Off The Air 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣 ☺️ 😊 😇 🙂 🙃 😉 😌 😍 🥰 😘 😗 😙 😚 😋 😛 😝 😜 🤪 🤨 🧐 🤓 😎 🤩 🥳 😏 😒 😞 😔 😟 😕 🙁 ☹️ 😣 😖 😫 😩 🥺 😢 😭 😤 😠 😡 🤬 🤯 😳 🥵 🥶 😱

  • how does one approach going into this sort of lifestyle to access their potential inside the concept of things like this? Is it just the general journey of self discovery? Is it just random nonsense? (which is the last thing that I think) Is it whatever you want it to be? Alan Watts says that people in this day and age tend to think they are separate from everything around them. That your ego tricks you into thinking its a separate entity from that of its environment. That our true selves like to play this game of hide and seek inside of this world. If that's true... than what we are seeing, is ourselves inside of things that we see to a degree. If you truly think about it, you almost have a degree of control over what transpires and materializes in front of you. We are everything, and everything is us. Not that you specifically are 'god' but if anything, you are apart of 'it' or 'god'. I like to believe we are shards of 1 big cosmic infinite being. Someone once said... "You are not just a drop in the ocean, but you are the ocean itself playing the role of 1 drop"

  • This is like a bad D.A.R.E. commercial. You tried too hard.

  • Nice

  • I love you, [Adult Swim].

  • I feel like this would put me into a bad trip if I watched this on acid.

  • I'm fckd up n hornballs

  • T ime to get weird👽👾😵

  • 1:42 disrespectful move

  • oh shit a few yars without this videos.

  • I wanna dream again

  • Don't ever change, ya weirdos

  • Comment

  • Comment

  • Tripski

  • Don't really understand what's going on, but I'm very invested.

  • I feel like this is what alien tv would be like 👽

  • What’s the track name to the 1st video

  • Weird that I watched most of these videos throughout the last 2 weeks on their own, and now this compilation episode comes out

  • saw this on tik tok and glad I found the full version. Just watching a paranormal style recording and then seeing this weird alien thing flex his otherworldly moves to an amazing song, its just perfect Edit: there is more mind fucking content, to this video, damn

  • Those aliens, they dance better then I can scary 😂😂

  • It's so cool to see a Mike Diva video on here. Dudes come a LONG fucking way.

  • Best one

  • I want to do a ton of acid rn but I can't

  • Woah! Didn't expect to see Igorrr here! Very noise

  • Ketamine

  • Casey was in this wow i had no idea


  • Approved

  • Don't do kids drugs

  • Milkblood

  • key word of advice uh dont watch this if you are tripping

  • 2:20 "He can rap, but can he breakdance?"

  • Dogecoin is the asset of love

  • That was beautiful, I think I might watch this again tomorrow. This made me smile!

  • this the best video i've ever watched, holy shit

  • i am too high for this

  • 2:11

  • Modern day Rubber Johnny 🙏🏼

  • Casey Frey!_!_!!_!_!_!_

  • they had us in the first half

  • I have no idea what? It is but I love it.

  • Come on now it is 2021 show us the aliens, zombies, reptilians, trolls, giants, elves, hobbits, sasquatches,etc. Please?

  • This is a fever dream in a manic episode in an acid trip. Fantastic

  • that was...something

  • Song at the end? I haven't seen it posted, and I couldn't follow all the fkn text

  • Why tf is she running the alien is just vibin

  • more of this please

  • More

  • when off the air had no ads

  • Don't wear a mask.

  • This is the best show that's off the air :3

  • God I love Casey Frey

  • Did I just have a stroke

  • Adult Swim, you're so weird...i love it

  • Igorrr!


  • That Casey Frey feature tho

  • anyone know the last song?

  • What a masterpiece, holy shit!