DOMO "Gets A Tattoo" | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Sij 2021.
Created by Jack Wedge
Jack Wedge is an award-winning filmmaker and animator from NY. His work focuses on storytelling and world building, seeking to emphasize the environment as not just a setting, but a living character.
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  • THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND INCREDIBLE, i want to live in this world

  • this is exactly what a dream is like

  • What is this

  • I need more of this in my life

  • Huh. Neat.

  • This is a fever dream istg

  • Holly shit i feel like im on lsd

  • what i see when i die

  • 😜

  • Ok

  • Check out my book on my channel

  • So trippy. I like it 🤣

  • I thought I was high but it was only adult swim

  • WTF

  • Lol wrong DOMO

  • 😂Adultswim content on HRdown is mostly Weird.

  • Has that super plastic art style

  • More smiling friends PLEASE

  • “Which Acid did you take?” “All of them”.

  • Trippy

  • bring back VENTURE bros!

  • Expert level psychedelia, this is fantastic

  • dreams are meaningful my dreams:

  • damn

  • The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special

  • that's not DOMO

  • What the hell

  • Why would this artist reuse the rainbow house from the Biz music video he made?

    • @Jack Wedge love it, thanks Jack

    • also fun fact domo was in the house during the biz music video the whole time sleeping like a baby

    • the dream house was never used or reused it visited with Arthur and the biz for a while and then said goodbye i will see you soon

  • DMT is fun

  • domo getting a tattoo more like domo getting marijuana

  • He barely said domo in this one ;(

  • Best video i never ever seen in my life

  • This adult swim short was powered by my nightmare fuel

  • я охуел, но мне понравилось

  • fuckin'awesome

  • understandable

  • watch this after smoking weed

  • This had just the right amount of trippyness to it. 10/10

  • We want more of this !!!

  • İş it broadcasting in turkey pls answer my question

  • Вот это поворот!

  • Damn adult swim no rip to Mf doom

  • Ah, so this is what being on LSD looks like

  • this is so trippy, dope af

  • Well the

  • Ah yes, this totally makes sense. Except it doesn't

  • You guys put out the weirdest shit I've ever seen.


  • Ok, i got it!

  • This is almost as weird as my fam is.

  • Yep, DOMO is back.

  • If you cant become it paint it on you permanently.

  • Isn’t this the house fella from the new Arthur album

  • The best!

  • this is what angels look like

  • What in the bloody hell did I just watch?

  • why was i expecting the actual domo

  • Fucking Trippy but love it!!!!

  • i was promised domo

  • I need another of these

  • So that's what graffiti would look like alive and on a cocktail of chemicals.

  • There actually used to be real hentai on HRdown it was between a doctor and a nurse.

  • thought this was dumbo hets mad, now im livid

  • ive seen it all now

  • Wath!... wtf

  • This gave me a contact high lol


  • Sick video .....

  • Time and space made sure I would be fully prepared for this moment. Its like adult swim knew I was packing a second bowl right before they uploaded this this video.

  • Tattoo T - teh orslok show A - T - T - O - O -

  • This is like a bad ketamine trip...

    • @Jacob Green Well I’ve only done acid twice, but I’ve microdosed a lot on it, it’s really helpful for creativity and productivity that way. But I have tripped on mushrooms a lot and a few other psychedelics, and I’d recommend no more than once ever 2 weeks, max. They’re powerful influences on your mind, not to mention they have a very high tolerance build up, so it’s hard to get a full dose without waiting at least that long.

    • @Ben Williams it wwsa insane and more intense then i thought it would be thanks for asking how long should i wait till i trip again ive searched online but it varies from 3 days to a month so idk i want to trip asap without taking a higher does can you maybe help me out?

    • @Jacob Green How was your trip?

    • im tripping balls rn off acid for my very first time

    • @Sidney Swope this is much more than kentamine

  • Mario galaxy 3

  • Yoo sick

  • Nice


  • Boy am I glad I have an eight of weed to enhance this experience.

    • We don't want toonami just on Saturdays we want it on weekdays as well.

    • Lemme have someeee!

  • give domo a tv slot

  • There's a message here I just can't quite see it yet.

    • have you found it yet?

    • Yeah, it's bring back VENTURE bros!

    • _Drugs_

  • imagine animated tattoos in reality i would totally get one

    • @Vitamin E Ikr still worth it doe

    • You can do that with black light tattoos

    • Maui from Moana

    • will be possible with AR

    • Maybe something like how animated neon signs work?

  • Furry gets tattoo LOL

  • I tripped over my balls watching this!!!!

  • it was all a dream i used to read complex magazines

  • Same

  • Who ever is reading this, God has a plan, trust the process💖😈

  • *sees adult swim notification* "what now..." *video starts* "oh god"

    • I'm so confused, this artist just reused the assets from his "Biz" music video.

    • Its so colorful... MY EYES

  • yay

  • This is what you see when you die

  • yeahhhhhh bingus gives 10/10

  • Nice can’t wait to I get high to watch this again whew

  • fever dream

  • Hi adult swim


  • yea

  • sup

  • Wyd

  • Hey

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    • you're either a bot or someone mocking a bot i cant tell tbh

  • Yes