DOG-E | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Stu 2020.
Created by Milton Melvin Croissant III
Music and Sound by Dustin Wong
#AdultSwimSmalls #BlackFriday #CyberMonday
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  • i agree

  • I want to hurt it

  • Kojima

  • Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday suck ass. There is very very little of anything interesting.

  • You're awesome!

  • Man, hes really hot

  • dog but is human

  • this says a lot about society

  • Then he realized there was no one left to use the amazon

  • Satanic NWO BS

  • What a terrible day to have eyes

  • i literally hate this

  • Thanks I hate it

  • That blew my mind

  • transhumanism consumerism

  • I’m probably going to see this in my nightmares tonight

  • Incredible

  • I want to unsee this

  • Well that’s officially enough HRdown for the week

  • Finally a prequel to Wall᛫E

    • spent a lot of time on this joke then realized its literally called DOG-E.

  • Is this about E-bay?

  • Its a dog eat god world

  • that s fucking sick man

  • It says a lot about Adult Swim when a man dog amazon trip is leagues more cohesive than any other shorts

  • what a magical adventure!

  • It's nice to get my videos and drugs in the same place. Thanks, Adult Swim.

  • seems like a modern version of "la cabina" ^^

  • I have no idea what's going on here, but I'm assuming consumerism bad

  • YOU are the product

  • red egg or blue egg boys

  • if your in the truther crowd, this makes a lot of sense. theyre mocking us. the people who run this wicked system.

  • I don't know what i just watched... Yet I want more

  • Am I the only one who can see you Nardwaur

  • i am a simple man. i see doge, i watch. not sure what i watched here, but it was entertaining.

  • I like

  • Firthy vibes.

  • Bezos, bruh, you put on some pounds. Even Homer Simpson hopes you'll lose a few pounds. Get healthy and take care of yourself 😘

  • Should I be concerned that this video made sense?

  • Brazs or what. Show me your funny shit bro

  • Bring back venture bro’s

  • This is why aliens roll their windows up when they drive past Earth.

  • I work at Amazon, this is what going back to the office is gonna be like post-pandemic

  • Stupid

  • I've seen a lot of videos in my life, and this is the craziest by a mile

  • can... just... why?

  • Leto II becoming the worm

  • Reading through the comments hoping to find the one that will make it make sense.

  • This video tells the truth of our generation and it’s sad

  • I dont know why i watched the whole thing. Hypnotization?

  • true

  • dog man turned into a combine advisor

  • I didn't mind any of this except the butthole references, really out of place

  • *amazon food* /its eatble?/

  • this should have an epilepsy warning

  • What in God's name did I just watch

  • This should have been over in the first 2 minutes.

  • Everybody else: This ad is so cool Me: HE ATE GOD!

  • trippy af welldone

  • So wait.... You're telling me that consumerism is bad? This is a new and novel idea I've never seen before!!!

  • Hey kids, wanna see a new RTX marble demo? 2:28

  • Alien Archeologist's visiting this planet millions of years from now are going to be so confused by this....

  • This is where the Ball from GANZ comes from!

  • Is this even legal?

  • How much you wanna bet Jeff Bezos is the one eyed thing on top of the Amazon Tower?


  • A bit too much anus in this for me. I recognize the work put in here.....but damn......lots of anus.

  • The only way to stay cool is to go fast.

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeer

  • thumbs up if raisin man podcast sent u here!!!!!!

  • Amazon helps you get a head.

  • Y’all every think you would watch a video where a human-dog-hybrid’s super-realistic asshole would be the most compelling part? Also holy shit the sound design is top level- I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so insane have the sound be so perfect.

  • What did I just watch?

  • We are both aware of the problems that Amazon creates (pollution, disregaed for employees, addictive spending habits...etc) yet we continue to consume. Allowing ourselves to be seen as both a consumer and the product itself, companies like Amazon have basically bought our cooperation and lulled us into a sense of comfort while they continue to undermine us. Great storytelling without a single word! The decision to do 3D adds a level of grotesqueness that tops it off along with the music and sounds. Well done ❤

  • Has the fever passed yet Daddy?

  • the point of this was...what? just plain stupid.

  • hOles ^^

  • Hamood

  • Fungi have taken over the matrix.

  • ohhhh I get it! Everything makes sense now.

  • w t f

  • the Singularity

  • 😁👍somebody sure likes drawing the things as “what would this look like as a penis”? Well done 👍 -realistic looking ... 😂😂😂 Thanks you guys ...

  • if you exuse me, i will now bleage my eyeballs

  • I don't like the butthole..

  • The blue egg or the red egg...choose wisely

  • I am getting some "I have no mouth but i must scream" vibes....

  • Amazon commercials are getting more honest

  • I literally used that very same meat texture for a creepy lil sculpt I did a while ago

  • I hate to be that guy but I REALLY have no idea what I just saw and I am a sucker for this kind of stuff but really what?

  • uhhh... ummm....

  • I see where at least 3 of the 3090s went.

  • See you all when the algorithm picks this one up

  • is anyone actually really depressed after watching this?? Cause it knocked the life outta me.

  • How did they not get sued for this?

  • Anybody know what the Morse at the end says?

  • As an Amazon employee, this is pretty accurate

  • This network obviously hates the current system they have helped build.

  • Can’t relate. I don’t shop on Amazon. I feel like the only person who doesn’t.

  • Wow 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Maybe an epilespy warning?