Cpase Ghoul | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Pro 2020.
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Strongburg's finest are back. Lazor Wulf season 2 premieres Sunday, December 6 at midnight on Adult Swim.
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  • I like the white space ghost better

  • Bring back space ghost 👻 coast to coast Delete and cancel this immediately Space ghost or nothing

  • I don't think I've ever seen a clip of this show that was funny

  • What 5.9m Views 171 likes 43 dislikes 56 comments ._. Bots?

  • Adult Swim, this is what happens when you try to reverse engineer racial equality Space Ghost. The youtube generation doesn't even have a clue what you're doing. And the older generation just wants to slap you.

    • It's just an ad inspired by Space Ghost for a whole other show. You are a weirdo.

  • I like ittttttt

  • who tf is buying views, like y tho. You dont have to help as like this...

  • I think Adult Swim's desperately pushing this show. It's the banner for their Twitter.

    • Besides of infomercials and off the air last month, it's the only new season of a show airing right now, the rest of the shows are just reruns

    • They do that Everytime a new show/season comes out.

  • Wtf this sucks

  • As weird as the views are I just fucking love this bump

  • To all the conspiracy theorists: This wasn't just posted today FYI, it had been unlisted and used for Tumblr/etc ads for 2 weeks now. The upload date changes when you make an Unlisted video Public.

  • ... wow this fucked up to the fans of Space Ghost Coast to Coast...

  • How dare you sit where he sat.

  • Pretty shitty

  • Uh why am I getting such heavy space ghost vibes.

  • Geez man! space ghost has got a nice mustache.

  • Adult Swim bought lots of views for this video so sad

    • it was unlisted. the vid was used as an ad on tumbler etc.. for weeks. the post date changes when its unlisted

  • Bro adult swim view botting

  • what the hell kind of hacked shit is this

  • Very space ghost-like.

  • Space Ghost affirmative action hire

  • Wtf?

  • They bought bots to increase views

  • No thanks

  • Dang why no likes this got 5 mill in 7 hours

  • I love this i have not seen lazor wulf but i loved space ghost

  • Wtf

  • A disturbance in space.

  • someone is refreshing the shit out of this page

  • 6 mil views, 20 comments, 37 likes, 3 hours.

  • I dont understand

  • how

  • it's good to know now adult Swim is buying there views

    • advertising, baby

  • 5.9m in 2 hours but only like 15 comments..

  • P.ennis

  • 5.9 m views and 6 comments? HRdown trippin😂😂😂😂

  • Wow is this a mistake or you can actually buy 5M views?

  • 15 views and 5 mln views *Typical 2020*

  • Okay what the fuck is wrong with the view like ratio

  • bots lol

  • ...

  • HRdown must have gone crazy. 6 million views / 4 likes. Seems legit:D

  • 5.9 million views and 4 likes??

  • Fucking love the Space Ghost reference

  • Nice bots

  • 5 mil views but 4 likes...NONI !

  • am I losing my mind or is there 6 million views but only 4 likes and 1 comment. wtf

    • its probably because they ran this as a youtube ad but idk

    • What tf??

    • Someone else said it may have been unlisted for a while and then made public, which messes up the upload time.

    • Buyin views

    • That can’t be right

  • wow that's a lot of views in 5 mins!!