CHUNKY CHUNK | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Stu 2020.
Created by Scott Anderson & Lachlan Turczan
Additional Animation by Christopher Rutledge
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  • Just commenting again about how fucking good this is. Dammit! I crack up every time.

  • good video 10/10

  • Best thing ever.. this is truly the pinnacle of art. For serious. Thanks adult swim!

  • this is odly holesome

  • But is the lines on their heads hair or eyebrows?

  • feel like I'm the only person who's watched this more then 3 times

  • There was something about this song that when I first heard it I felt like, my life has been summed up and I can rest easy now

  • this exists

  • This is how friendship is made and his it works

  • Saxophone? Yes sousaphone? Saxaphooooooone

  • The stuff

  • best beat I've heard in a long time

  • How does this only have 29k views, ive watched it 30k times

  • How it feels to chew five gum:

  • That song was catchy af 😆

  • I read it as CHUNKY CHEESE

  • how does this not have 10 million views

  • I cant explain why I love this.

  • Thank you adult swim very cool

  • I just watched this again for about the 30th time and I cant get enough! Lol! It's so stupid!

  • Has anyone else noticed his voice changes to a higher pitch through out the video?

  • Multiple demerits, pandemic distancing/isolation violations.

  • Its represent I respectful to say GAY

  • Incase you cant tell, this is actually a metaphor for the collapsing democratic state of new congo

  • If he hasnt bought chunky chunk then why was he eating it?

    • Because it was nice. It was really nice.

  • I need their SoundCloud, bruh, this slaps

  • We gotta ear worm here

  • I feel attacked

  • A fucking masterpiece

  • This is pretty lame.

    • @ohmygod beats it was supposed to be mindless and simple

    • @I know things what a burn. I didnt make those simple beats for adult swim.

    • Not as lame as your content

  • i miss the "all the food is poisoned" outro

  • I'm either havin icecream or nightmares tonight. Or both

  • just two men shirtless eating ice cream.


  • Someone needs to animate this with the TF2 sniper.

    • Facts 😂😂😂

  • This was my favorite song from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  • The best part about this small is seeing Chunky Chunk man evolve into a 6 pack hunk.

  • gov'nah poison is a personal favorite

  • I want to eat it to

  • Hajajajajajaja, Tight!!!

  • its stuck in my head.

  • And thus, animutation was brought back t'ward the end of 2020 to absolve us of all our sins.

  • Good evening. Thanks for the nice video. I wish you a good good friday 💋🥳🔝

  • Someone has seen group inou s Ac-Bu videos

  • It's really nine!

  • Did the bird from DHMIS sing this?

  • This is unnecessarily catchy

  • that was really nice

  • very cool!

  • Venture Bros fucking died for this shit jfc.

  • This was nice. Really nice.

  • one pinkleberry dirtnut dinosaur sundae preez

  • When's the new season of Rick and Morty coming?

  • i really like ice cream

  • Damn I love the feel and sound of this. Jack Stauber eat your heart out.

  • So can we all get rockin' abs like those if we partake in the chunky chunk? 🤔

  • catchy!

  • Really nice

  • Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  • I’m gonna listen to it 200 times

  • It would be cool if there was a brand of ice cream that was laced with lsd or mushrooms

  • Im in the comments do you see me scott??

    • maybe if i TYPE LOUD ENOUGH everyone will HEAR ME

    • @River Nason ohh shit lets get the whole fam up in this thread

    • Whoaaahahaaaa there captain you’re gonna need a license for those GUNS

  • Reggie?


  • This is stuck in my poor fucking head. I love it.

  • I mean after listening to this 3 times then sending it to everyone that I have ever met or knew existed I listen do the song 73 more times.

  • Crazy

  • Very strange, but you knew this already.

  • Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with noti my goal💙..🥅

  • i just wanna have a bowl

  • The symbolism kf the ice cream represting equality and the different people and customers symbolizing the human races diversity IS AMAZING !! And everyone finding harmony and acceptance of one another . Truly i think this is a masterpiece. On of AS best works 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 💀🤣

  • nobody: children's channels:

  • num num num

  • Is this my brain

  • this is one of the best things on the internet

  • What the FUCK is this

  • I don't recommend GOV'NAH POISON, it's looks like lime sherbet, but tastes like spotty herbert! Stick with Chunky Chunk, if you like that Funky Funk!

  • reminds me of dhmis

  • Hard as fuck flow

  • Could anyone from England tell me what regional accent this is?

    • Chunkothy

  • this is too addicting

  • They all end up dead in the end for not wearing a mask in a grocery store!

  • He sounds a little like Murdoc and 2D from Gorillaz

  • Adult Swim be putting out anything now huh

    • It's gold, they are putting out golden content

  • Were watching the end of Adult swim, it’s sad

    • No idea what you mean.

  • Fun fact: Out of the 4 million subscribers how many are non adult? IDK

  • Dinosaur is my fav flavor

  • Dirt Nut is my new favourite flavour...

  • Mark Maron should see this.

  • Actually ice cream is good

  • Don't know what I just watched but I want more

  • f r i d a y

  • no

  • So how long untill this descends into just pic of people's Butts? I seen more creativity in my last painting in the toilet, like sketch art...or splatter.

    • Are you trolling? This is creative... it's.. it's BEAUTIFUL

  • Why does this sounds like a song that would be made by billion surprise toys

  • 0:02 how I start my day

  • Draw rick and morty better

  • lol haha so random haha

  • Yes🤩 or 💩no

  • Lol I love these sooo funny