Chad Johnson (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Stu 2020.
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  • The Chad Eric vs. the Virgin Chad (very original, I know)

  • "Shit I didn't know you were white my man. You gonna Venmo me for reparations?" Lmao!!

  • This show is top 5

  • hes hot af

  • No holds barred shit in your face comedy. This guy is great ,im gonna have to watch all of the shows !

  • "that guy was a national hero and I'm next"

  • Eric really brought out the big guns here

  • Welcome to the Bald Zone

  • Going to Eric andre show is like winning 10$million in casino. If you hit the jackpot then congrats you Rep will be high, if you take the wrong move then you're fucked from all sides

  • I got an ad for the national guard before watching this gotta support the troops man

  • This is the best You Tube video.

  • man I'm starting to get gg allen vibes off of eric andre


  • No fuckin way

  • "Have you lost your freakin mind?"

  • That was hard core!!!!

  • wow. props 2 chad bruh lmao

  • He could only do that with dudes that have the same frat boy humor that he has. if he did that to a woman that shared the same sense of humor he would be arrested regardless lol

  • wow

  • 1:48 Bear Grylls approves

  • Naked bald Eric Andre is a Euclid-level SCP

  • Remember, these people sign a waiver, so Eric Andre cannot be sued for getting naked and hugging him.

  • Lemonade!

  • How crazier can this show get !!!!

  • I think I have a crush on that lady with the blue glasses

  • I'd be pissed.

  • No Eric, bad touch

  • *More like* Chad Andre vs Virgin Johnson

  • I love the Japanese band woman with the glasses who says crazy things. They should do more with her.

  • Help! Lololol sooooooo funny!!!

  • obviously on coke

  • This saves season 5

  • Why don't he get sued? Damn

  • Lemonade.

  • Jus gets better and better.

  • Chad Johnson seems like a cool dude tho

  • This is some serious next level shit

  • Quick shoutout to Christina Applegate

  • lemonade

  • I love that Asian lady.

  • Ok what will he do next ... what can he do next ? can he top this? Damn. Ice cold

  • Omg I died 🤣😂🤣😅🤣

  • Lemonade!


  • How is that not sexual assault

    • yeah theres no way this wasnt scripted

  • Eric has really doubled down

  • hot

  • Eric Andre is one of a kind💀💀💀

  • This dude sounds like the annoying dude lazlo from gta v radio

  • Eric andre: when your famous they let you do it

  • I fucking love the producer guy they cut too

  • Nicemeetyou

  • how does their legal team manage

  • Follow @chrisblawson instagram

  • Wow, Chad Johnson was really cool about letting a naked man whom he just saw gargle his own piss crawl on him. This show is something else and I fucking love it

  • Great

  • Seem like he was tryna get this man to leave he climbed on em nude after drinkin his piss and the man was still somewhat chillin

  • Disappointed in Ochocinco for not saluting the troops by kneeling. Freedom ain't not free.

  • 💀💀💀

  • He’s slowly turning into GG Allin

  • This is what I live for right here

  • Seems chill

  • wait did he piss in the cup

  • Eric Andre has the breasts and hips of a Low T man

  • Looking like Raork Jr. from Sin City

  • Have you lost your fucking mind?

  • I fucking HOLLERT!!!

  • He had a death grip on that chair is that a entertainment for you I don’t know what is

  • You gonna venmo me for reparations lmao

  • I like the madness 😂 genuine!

  • cleveland bengals lmfaoooo

  • Where's Hannibal when you need him

  • how do you hire someone to string down in a harness naked holding a gun lmfao!

  • id nvr let a grown naked man on me. but eric andre is an exception

  • Looks like a gay beefed up Robert Downey Jr

  • Hey it's the guy who banged Trisha Paytas on Only Fans! This guy handled the show well cuz I think he's seen a lot and has probably done worse (like banging Trisha).

  • he mailed it

  • idk who this guy is...but hes cool. He handled it like a champ...i feel like all politicians should have to sit through one of these interviews..

  • I would lost to see something like a 1 hour special where they do a post-interview follow up interview with the guests about their experience on the show.

  • "Cleveland Bengals" lol

  • He peeled the guy's tough exterior. I salute to that.

  • He looks like a beefed up Tony Stark but who’s gay

  • I think this is the only TV show that gets funnier and funnier on rewatch. Eric, please Season 6!

  • 1:44 i love when eric almost breaks character sometimes, he did it when he said to a guy he was going to a" legalize heroin convention" haha

  • Reporting for duty, sir!

  • 1:46 Kono, Giorno Giovanna, niwa yume ga aru!

  • We got the wrong guy here

  • Your on tv right now camera right der

  • Ahahahaahahahaha

  • Bro, has Eric ever been sued? hahaha

  • I love his face in the thumbnail

  • He's such a chad

  • Lmao at them getting the wrong Chad Johnson

  • You gotta support the troops. When in rome right dog?

  • we finally found out why his peepee comes out yellow

  • ⁿᶦᶜᵉᵃᵐᵉᵉᵗᶜʰᵘ

  • Is that really felipe garza?

  • I need sprite...

  • What yhe

  • He was more bothered by Eric calling him whipped than by a naked Eric drinking pee and assaulting him