Brenda Song (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • *me on a first date with any woman* me: 1:40

  • This is my new favorite one.

  • did it land??/

  • You think he fucked it??

  • Fish up!

  • yyea no this is boring that i wouldn't be surprised if brenda's agent or brenda herself talked to andre on what type of stunts not to do in her guesting maybe even to a point where she knew what sequence of events would be which would explain her inauthentic shock

  • 1:40 How I introduce my girl.

  • Eric Andre: “I wish 9/11 happened again.” Brenda Song: “uh, no” Eric Andre: *holds a dead fish hostage* Brenda Song [weeping]: “Oh please for the love of god no! I have a fish tank!”

  • Anne boochuy after back to earth be like

  • Did she always have that massive mole on her eye?

  • Lol this particular interview just wacky right from the start to finish

  • How are people still going on this show?

  • There's no way Macauley Culkin doesn't know what this show is. He straight up let her go on without warning her XD

    • @Pathologically Friendly I know, that's why I said there's no way he doesn't know about this show haha

    • Culkin was on the show for a brief moment this season...see the Tyler Henry interview

  • This show is amazing. How does it keep getting better

  • Ahahaha he’s drinking peroxide

  • can we talk about the pearl jam

  • Who’s idea was it to make this wired shit that’s is kinda funny sometimes but not really

  • this is the funniest sh.t ever.

  • Eric Andre be like, let's grab the prindle and change G E A R S

  • I don't watch this show because I'm fiercely afraid of it but this clip is funny

  • First guest i actually felt bad for

  • I almost feel bad for how much she got caught of gaurd, but she looks so adorable being worried about what's around every corner. Bet she'd be fun in a haunted house lol

  • She definitely died....

  • Where is Hannibal? It's been a while since I've watched this show. Did he leave or something?

    • Watch the second episode

  • She's stunning, Mac is a lucky man!

  • The poor lady. I am rolling rn 💀

  • I watch this for a dose of sanity from US politics

  • Wish you could watch the interviews unedited.

  • Did Macaulay Culkin produce this season or something?

  • We got former Disney channel star on the eric Andre

  • "im either killin or fuckin this thing, yano what im sayin?''lmfaooooo

  • Love the addition of even flow

  • Lmao she actually nearly cried about andre shooting a rubber fish LOL

  • "Montaine Deux" My sides.

  • R 2 ! ! ! !

  • i need to get me this sequel to water like right away, what have i been missing out on all this time

  • I love how he just starts drinking peroxide for no real reason but a skit…



  • Yo Hannibal lookin mad different

  • She looks sooooo different

  • I need a Interview with Cole or Dylan Sprouse on Eric Andre.

  • I am surprised PETA didn’t have the balls to even call out Eric Andre for killing that fish

  • Lol Song thought she was here for a simple interview haha

  • That Background scared me asf

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • The thumbnail genuinely looks like a zack and cody freeze frame

  • That stutter tho

  • This is disgusting

  • If you take a closer look she had an episode like Mr Moseby had when she was having her first driving lesson with him.

  • 1:45 You can hear Eric anxiously whisper "careful" to her lol

  • she seems alright

  • idk why felipe saying Part 2 always gets me

  • I feel like this H2O2 thing is a parody of Disney ads. So much excitement!

  • I swear to god she has already been on the show before

  • I feel like this will be the final season. It’s not the same 😞

  • people watch this and find humor in it, i think finding that out is more funny than what i just watched loool


  • 1:46 she becomes London Tipton again 😂

  • How do the Agents that represent these celebrities allow their clients to be booked on this show? 5 years of inferior representation.

  • There is no way the Culkster doesn't watch this show with her, this shits not so funny when everyone knows what's happening

  • I miss Hannibal 😩

  • She’s got the most important quality of the ideal Eric Andre guest: a facial expression of abject terror and confusion

  • Still got it

  • What song was he song about Seattle? Was that Pearl Jam?

  • London where you been girl?

  • This show sucks so bad now, the magic is gone

  • Thought it was pitbull Nope, just Eric Baldre.

  • Lmfaooooooo the dude just Drank Peroxide ..... I cant with Andre

  • She seems nice.

  • this goes from 0 to 10000000 to 0 to 10000000000 real quick

  • Mountain Deux

  • Jesus Christ there's so much going on

  • This was the best way to promote Amphibia.

  • i love that almost every end cut scene is a picture of the guest screaming😂

  • She is so lost and terrorized

  • Bruh this dude is not funny

  • She didnt deny the tweet.

  • Well that escalated way too fast ... from denial of satanism to blatant fish murder approval

  • I hope she caught it!

  • Why isn’t this on hulu

  • How is his even a job?

  • man this dude funny

  • It's called editing

  • Ms London Tipton ladies and gentlemen..

  • Seattle, Home of the throwed fish!

  • Turn off

  • When did Jeff Ross start hosting?

  • Mountain Deux

  • Asian woman look good

  • Frisbee to the face.. classic :)

  • Everyone gangsta until you bust out that h20

  • For any new guests on the show: chaos

  • please cancel this show

  • if you like water then get water V.2 its better

  • Is no one going to talk about the fixing frisbee at the end💀💀💀

  • this is like icarly

  • Felipe Esparza in the house!

  • where hannibal

  • S/o to Pearl Jam