BREAKFAST | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Stu 2020.
Created by Caitlin McCarthy
Sound by Dogbotic
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  • What the holy loving fuck

  • Ummm... Okay...

  • Wow this is amazing i love it

  • Boring~ kinda meh.

  • I sort of wanted to work for AD Because of its weird shit

  • Honestly and don’t mean to be rude tho I think this video it just somthing to cry about cuz it exists

  • 33% of the comments: if only ladies were like this in _Real_ life 🙄 33% more: ladies like this deserve no oxygen last 33%: it me *[COMMENT MARKED AS GROSS: CLICK TO VIEW]*

  • How’d y’all get into my duplex?

  • Tragic life of the 21st century dopamine fiend

  • too much hype

  • Bruh

  • I've never seen a video of my spirit animal before.

  • MILQ

  • Why that breakfast has all the major food groups: Hot, discs, red, melted and the floating meats.

  • Typical reddit/twitter user.

  • She actually watches porn for the plot. Respect

  • Good one

  • ... so watching video I didn’t laugh once but AFTER 😂😂😂😂😂 laughter couldn’t be contained

  • Wtf

  • Fucking Wilhelm scream

  • So the perfect woman does exist

    • @UncleBibby I'm sure they are I'm just failing to see why me saying it's cool makes me oblivious to one of the parts of the video

    • @Joseph Grenier im saying this kind of woman is actually _incredibly common,_ it's just that society shuns them with their actions and praises them as "the perfect woman" with their words

    • @UncleBibby I'm sorry but why this response to my comment?

    • whenever women try to express this side of themselves they get shut down for “G R O S S!” by little narc dudes. didnt u watch the vid? r/transNSFW was shut down cuz TERFs didnt like transwomen discussing their libido

    • Find her!

  • Ah yes, myfirst activity in the morning. W A T C H I N G P O R N

  • Kill me

  • Vewn

  • Very good!

  • This is a goddamn fever dream

  • i am in desperate need of therapy. my life has spiraled all the way down into a hole i can't escape from

    • Haha you’re in pain

    • Welcome to the club

  • why would you call us out like that

  • What the Fuuuuuuuu 😳 🤣

  • i kinda want to dislike this but no.

  • This is terrifying

  • Break my appetite for my life- fast.

  • The thumbnail of this person look like Kirby

  • Wtf

  • Well.... That was disgusting and unpleasant

  • I didn't give you permission to film my life!

  • Disgusting.... l want more

  • *Glizzy cereal*

  • She killed her conscious.

  • Recipe: 1 Olde Oak Hotdog 2 slices American cheese 1 Squeeze r̸̲͌̚ḙ̴͠d̴̲͐ ̸̫̲͛͗l̴̝̞̈́i̴̘͋̽q̸̝͂̚ủ̶̹i̴̦͆ḏ̷̊͐ Generic Cereal Some Milq 1.Microwave until cheese melts and hotdog is fragrant. Best enjoyed with porn and cigarettes.

  • What in the F did I just watch, and why was it on my feed??? *edit: Now I get it. The comments are key.

  • is this vewn

  • she's not even using the hotdog as a straw, disliked

  • Thank god I ate dinner before watching this.

  • this art style kind of remind me of Vewn and that one korean chick who did soda city funk nice vid tho

  • ...what?

  • ...what?

  • SMALLS??

  • idk how to feel about this

  • I found a large depository of seamen on my wife's face after work. Anyone know what happened?

    • Pipe leak. Better call a plumber.

    • @Nick hey i think you made a typo its seamen its a common mistake

    • Sorry

    • To investigate further you must the sample

    • @JustanEdgyGangstar my feelings were hurt

  • Eso no es nada Yo me chingo Un plato de zucaritas Y encima pizza 15 salchichas fritas Mole poblano Sopa de codito Pozole 6 enfrijoladas Y lecherita Mientras veo vídeos del que se metió un destornillador en el qlo (Creo que eso es lo más asqueroso)

    • @Adrastos 164 conoces el agua vro? Todo bien? :/ Creo que es más barata si la compras al galón

    • @cloodi0 si pero después de chingar me mis 15 L de coca cola al día ganó la mitad de calorías que perdí :/

    • Estás mamadisimo y quemas calorías como loco cada día? ≈10000cal.+

  • I always wanted a job working with adult swim

  • I usually check my Emails or Texts first thing in the morning but yeah, no tentacle porn is a must

  • Oh my goodness

  • Awesome

  • That's part of a balanced breakfast.

  • The ongoing life of most AS viewers

  • ok

  • Wtf

  • e.